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The dots one connects to uncover Conspiratorial evil, and in this case a plan to depopulate the world by 90%, and America, Greece, Cypress, Ireland, Ice Land etc. But only one of the many nations affected took the proper steps, Amazing!, Back in the Day, Awesome, At the End of the Day, Woo-Woo!',
Conspiracy Theory, Terrorists, Al Qaeda, Fixing Pensions”(Definition, this is the same as the Nazi's attacking and murdering the intellectuals in various Euro nations. Behibd it are Neo-Nazis, whose goal is to bankrupting them using the FED and oil prices along with asset confiscation, by Feds, States, Cities, Etc.

The dots one connects to uncover Conspiratorial evil, and in this case a plan to depopulate the world by 90%, and America, Greece, Cypress, Ireland, Ice Land etc. all swallowed the lies, hook, line and sinker, instead of sinking the liars who will drive them into bankruptcy.

But only one of the many nations affected took the proper steps, ICELAND!
GOD BLESS ICELAND A NATION OF COMMON SENSE HEROES! They did what all should have done, that is regardless of position they should have arrested, indicted and slammed them into jail for the rest of their scummy lives.

For those who think that everything happens by accident, here is the reality news, everything that has ever happened, including “acts of God” were planned, like every war, the attempted genocide of American natives and of Jews, blacks, the mentally ill, Catholics, etc. by Nazi’s was obviously planned. Obvious to some few, in the beginning, but not by a majority, because always a trusted few people, can connect the dots others miss, and can see things coming by expertly reading between the lines.

In 1994 I began seeing land purchased by “builders” bought land in western Illinois for about $2175.00 per acre, then promptly created lots of sizes from one fifth of an acre to a full acre, starting at a selling price of $100,000 - $150,00 for the smaller lots, to $300,000 for the larger lots  lot. I wrote that before another Democrat would be elected president, the market would crash by 50% at least

By November 19, 2007, I began pulling out of stocks completing my pull out by March 2008. That same day, a VP at the brokerage firm I used, asked why I was pulling out. We met serving together on two boards of directorsICELAND!

Reality is very much unlike the redundant word/fraise clich├ęs of those with small vocabularies, bee-bee brains, lack of imagination, and inferior research skills, such as:
. He told me that the DOW, which that day sat at 14,198, was going to crack 15,000. I disagreed stating that it would crash to 7500 and in mid August 2008 I was thinking of shorting at least two ETF’s (DIA, SPY both of which represent financial aspect of the DOW) I would continue selling off my holdings and all but pull out completely by October 15 2008.

He said I was crazy. I said then call me October 15 2008, which he later did saying he had lost 60% of his net worth. He asked what I thought would happen next. I said if the DOW reaches over 9,000, by late 2009 February he should short to 6500. It climbed to 9, 500 and promptly fell to 6500.

I saw the signs, and did similarly, but for lesser drops in 1981,1984, 1989, and in August 2011, and  the Monday following Obama’s reelection 2012 he should expect a drop of about 350 points. I saw the signs, and connected  the dots. The whole thing was written about starting in 2008, several times. These were not accidents, or coincidences, I do not believe in coincidences.

Now, how do I know about the Depopulation plot?

Watch David Rockefeller’s comments on YOUTUBE, and pay attention to the things he has been saying for 60 years

Put, then into mind the massive 911 frauds, where NO fighter planes were scrambled to head off the planes, which hit the buildings.

Replay the speech of Bush, his physical demeanor as well as his smirk that night

Review the world wide attacks on the wealth of every nation, on the pension robberies, at the “Austerity” Programs which hid Pogroms, all tools of Hitler to crush those he wished to starve out, or simply mass murder with gas, fire, poisons, shootings, etc. Consider all of the recent wars where millions have been killed, and seriously wounded.

Think of the simple matter of jobs creation,m so simple a child could have thought of it, for the USA is to place EXCISE TAXES of 5% - 10% on ALL outsourcing and cheap imports above the retail price of domestic goods made in the USA. That would return the 31 million jobs lost or seriously damaged since 1981, half of which were lost during the Bush/Obama era. So simple that not one single person who ran for office never even mentioned it? Is that even possible? If so, then does that, by my saying so, my makes me the smartest man alive? No, the truth is it was one of the most shining examples of conspiracy and or corruption. Either all agreed to never reemploy those 31 millions, or they were all on the take from OUTSOURCEING?

Study the lack of need for the near Zero interest on savings. If the government wanted low rates for mortgages, they should have simply created a program for those who need special.  The near zero interest on savings have killed discretionary income for the middle classes, even at a rates of 5% - 7% that would be depriving the middle class of $385 billion a year to $545 Billion a year in discretionary income much of which would have been spent and/or invested all of which would have created jobs and sales.

Instead that Program hiding a Pogrom is slowly draining the middle class, as are oil, gas and other necessities pricing them out of reality when the base price of gas/oil is rising 13,000% while production costs and shipping is still at about  2.6 cents – 3.6 cents  a gallon and in every nation other than ours which produces such products can be bought at the pump in Venezuela 12 cents per gallon, and in fifty other nations between 45 cents to 99 cents a gallon. Even while the “FED” was giving away, robbing the treasury of $85 billions a month for six years under Obama (To the tune of $1.3 trillions of YOUR MONEY! So Far!) to criminal “Too Big to Fail.” (Meaning TOO BIG TO JAIL”, meaning “This is for elitists only, as this is an in your face in full view, daylight robbery of the total wealth of every non-multi-millionaire, American citizen.

Study the corporate, as well as and both parties attacking and looting pensions the rise of CEO salaries from 25 times average salary of employees to now 500 – 1300 times average salary of employees . Keep in mind that a Golden Rule of anything more than 25 times the average employee, including benefits and bonuses, is the standard in a democracy for CEO’s has been incredibly bloated, even though, and without prosecution is indictable under The RICO ACT the anti-conspiracy law, in this way: Executives and upper level friends and relatives of the ABC Corporation, sit on the Boards of Directors of the XYZ Corporation, while Executives and upper level friends and relatives of the XYZ Corporation, sit on the board of directors of the ABC Corporation, which should be considered conspiratorial, this prosecutable under said The RICO ACT , but is not, by attitude and intent of elected and appointed people. Is that at the behest of the White House? Senate? Congress?

I could go on and on like why no one doing anything about these white collar crimes, like confiscating the hidden $50 trillion dollars of laundered money which out lawmakers choose to ignore, are hidden away in offshore  banks.

Add it all up and it matches exactly what the so called “SECRET SOCIETIES” have been covering up, paying for, over the period beginning in the 1850’s with Malthus, M. Sanger, Hitler, Ayn Rand, and now many new have been doing for 164 years and now the “NEW WORLD ORDER” pushes forward with its much expanded idea created by Hitler’s staff.

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