Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


"Peter Do You Believe in God"?

At age 6/7 my primary school principal requested that I be skipped 3 grades, thus graduating at age 9 or 10. My mom said no, but after I missed 22 months of school with paralytic polio. she agreed to a one grade skip having missed just over one full class year, putting me almost even. 

The Next set of IQ tests put me according to the school was in the top 1/4 of 1 percent of the highest on the planet. I could do in my head up to 5 figures times 5 figures in seconds. I could correctly join Valances of the elements joining several elements with others to create new structure in a split second. I could quote pages, paragraphs, from almost every book I read. 

I do not brag, as these were gifts born in when I was born. They grew stronger during my nearly two years abed with polio, as all I did was read and listen to the radio. I was interviewed by radio stations and tested in grammar school, and latter in college. I had 8 majors, three Ford foundation Fellowships, and to this day the only triple BA in the history of my college. I was asked to create a software Program for a Nuclear system in Illinois, which started but turned down, as I did not believe that the software they wanted me to creat code from would work within their budget.

"Peter, Do You Believe in God"? That is a question a priest asked me in primary school. When I was 16 years old, and again later in undergraduate school I was asked the same question, this time by a man who was a Physicist/cosmologist, and I was a student in his physics class
He was preparing a paper supporting the Big Bang Theory adding a new twist to it. 

My answer was no different than is had been at age 16, "No"!
"So, you are an atheist, and that is a good start if for a Physicist/cosmologist major.?

I replied, "No sir, I am neither an
atheist nor a

Physics/cosmologist major."

He answered, "what you just said you did not beleive in God..."

"True, but "Belief indicates doubt, and I have none."

"Prove it!"

"1: Thanks. First law of Physics is Matter and energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Right?" 


"2: And before the Big Bang there was NOTHING, not even space, right?"


"3: Then gases, debris, and dust gathered into a mass, entity, singularity, and formed something like a black whole, of incredible density, and then stretched, exploded, imploded, expanded, or somehow at great speed became our universe."

"Well, yes something like that, but what is your point?" 

"My point is that if the above #1, and two are correct, as you stated, than from where came the gases, debris, and dust?"

His mouth dropped speechless. 

Then I explaned to him that I believe that something like a Big Bang did Occur, but scientific logic, refutes the above. It is not scientifically possible for Nothing  to give Birth to something, or in this case Nothing can give birth to, create EVERYTHING, or even not anything. There are still many universes throughout what we call space, but to far for us to see them. Something, Some One had to kick start it all, and the above proves that, unless some with to hypocritically destroy the laws of physics, break what is the laws constitution, like a scumbag politicization.

But you must know that at this time decades later more than a dozen Big Bang Theories have been created and shot down. 

However, that is not my reason for Knowing. That is another story, which few would believe. In short as , Moses, ML KING, St. Francis, Padre Pio, Jesus and many others discovered. 

No, this is not a brag, one does not credit him/herself when what skills they have were born in them, so no credit can be given on earth by one with such gifts as all take of the credit for such gifts come from the Almighty's idea to gift him/her.

Anyway, for seven years, I prayed for St. Francis of Assisi to reincarnated, or one like him to become pope, and here he is and his words and Ideas are those I have prayed for the church to comprehend since grammar school. People do not have to be "Believers" to be good people. Many of other religions and those of No Religions can be as good as saints. We are on a road where the leaders of many governments are evildoers, and Now we have this new Pope and we have perhaps Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders, and others as mirrors we hope of FDR, the greatest President ever, and perhaps, since in his career, he introduced more elements of the policies of Jesus than all other leaders in the history of the world had in past, all combined.

But we still have a long way to go to match this line:
"...Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done On Earth As It Is In Heaven..." 

Instead we have many leaders of states like Illinois, and the leaders of nations including our own are trying to Out do ADOLPH HITLER. Pray, my friends even if you do not believe, or do great things to match the above Prayer segment.

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