Saturday, April 26, 2014


Today the question of what the rank and file of Americans thinks about Bush, Obama and Snoden came up on Brookings. Here is my answer.

What people think is of no matter, unless they are well informed which most are not. All that matters is truth and justice, which in our era of treason by two consecutive presidents is long lacking.

Obama and Bush have certainly broken the constitution and in a Neo-Nazi/fascist manner have declared war on the middle classes at the orders of several "Secret Societies".

Snoden should knighted and decorated with honors for his honest courage and Obama, whose hypocrisy and violence around the world and here in the USA, needs to be checked, and perhaps impeachment of Obama and a belated impeachment of Bush should be begun?

In the words of Abe Lincoln: "We the people
are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution."
PS: I voted for Obama in 2008, but not in 2012.

I have been an FDR Progressive all of my life, and I ask forgiveness for my voting error. Under this president we are seeing attacks on Catholicism and most of Christianity, upon the Constitution and Bill of Rights, outright lies about everything, the attempts to provoke and divide American citizens as well as the insulting and childlike attacks and taunting of the leaders of many nations including Russia,

Russia is a nation we should be befriending, a nation which is tied to China, to India and many Euro nations, now including Germany, and a good many Asian nations are in the process of cuddling up to Russia, and The Pope is casually turning his back on Obama, whose disrespect of our spiritual leader, a true man of God, is verification
of the strategy (and a sick one at that), of "Divide and Conquer.”

This "Divide and Conquer.” Is aimed at all Americans: middle class, black, brown, yellow, red, Christian, gay and straight, male and female all targeted against each other in an effort inspired by the Depopulation Nazi's in order to destabilize America as Obama and Bush have down elsewhere all over the globe. Any number of Euro and Asian nations, which previously interested in American friendship, are moving away form the WW II Japan and Hitler inspired sneak attacks and nations being "Set-up" framed, are silently moving toward closer ties with Russia and therefore India and China. which combined with their Nuclear power and the ability among them to put 500,000,000 pairs of boots on the ground.

To meddle with them by an egomaniac is shear suicide. If the president is suicidal, perhaps he was abused at one point in his life, and like Johnny Ringo is out for revenge. "REVENGE FOR WHAT?" YOU MAY ASK AS DID Wyatt EARP of Doc Holiday of Johnny Ringo, "What makes him do the evils he does? Said Earp. Doc Holiday's reply was "revenge".

“Revenge for what asked Earp, and the answer from Doc Holiday was:
"For Being Born."

Do you want America and most of the rest of the world to be depopulated in a Nazi like Holocaust - genocidal fashion, but of all nations save a few billionaires, because of one more sick world leader, who is fast pitting every nation against every other and every people against each other, creating envy, coveting, avarice, massive violence and mass killings and framing of people and nations, because of one sick mind, whose employees are too cowardly to correct him?

If what Obama is doing is such good things with horrific bills like the TPP why has he hiding it from Americans and even our allies as well as our own elected people? And still a greater question is, why are they doing NOTHING about it?

People used to ask when I was a boy, and even today still do, “Why did not the German people impeach Hitler? Well, ask yourself why Bush and Obama have not been impeached. People here are as foolish and cowardly as they were in Hitler’s Germany.

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