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Original OS Post Jan 7-2009
Above art copyright 1991 Peter Bagnolo No More Fairy Tales! Above illustration by author OIL, OIL, BUBBLE, BUBBLE, TOIL TOIL, TROUBLE, TROUBLE!

If I were Obama, I would ban all unessential vehicular use and sales. I would go to WW II wartime rationing of gasoline. I would end the use of ATV vehicles, non-business use of trucks. I would close down NASCAR. I would mandate to stimulate jobs and save fuel, jump-starting the remodeling market by mandating new construction to use more fuel-efficient hot water heat/geothermal HVAC, and water-cooled chiller systems ala Monticello. More use will bring prices down.

America and Obama are focused on auto fuel. HVAC runs 24/7/365, so I would focus on the housing market, which is much easier to regulate. Therefore, we should mandate R-30 insulation in walls, R-50 in ceilings for new construction and incentives and whole write-offs to those who convert and re-insulate with the maximum R-factor possible. This would produce according to my calculations 375k-500k new jobs and would reemploy those working in the useless vehicle areas above cited. I would also tax outsourcing publicly traded corporations and cap oil at $10.00-$25.00 per barrel and hit the oil companies with a $2.3 trillion dollar windfall profits tax (JIMMY CARTER when oil companies and oil futures traders exploited a gap in the market raised prices and he hit them with a Windfall Profits Tax and capped oil prices at $8.00-$10 a barrel, but then he had morals and guts, two things the Bush and Obama administration’s lack.) After imposing the caps and taxes I would nationalize oil and water.

I would cap Executive Compensation Packages (CompPacs) at $2.5 million and retreat from the current CEO salaries of 550-1100 times average employee pay in publicly traded companies, which is robbing investors, to the postwar and current Northern Europe standard of 25 times the average of all employee CompPacs CEO’s. Lastly, I would raise interest rates to 7.5%. We are rewarding those who spent frivolously and punishing those who were prudent, by constantly lowering rates and encouraging more frivolous spending and lending. Time to turn that around. I would end the IRS and have a national sales tax replace it.

I would send Fire-bombers into Afghanistan, decimate the poppy fields, and end the  drug profits idea permanently. Teach them, instead, how to plant vegetables and fruit.. Afghanistan has gone from moderate export of opium and its derivatives to the largest in the world, over $100,000,000 a year in profits and to just whom does that money go?, Isn’t it odd that the growth to millions of acres of blanket red poppy fields is invisible to American bombers?

Seven years ago, then four years ago, then last year I wrote the processing and delivery charges on a barrel of oil was $00.02+ cents a gallon or on the barrel $00.89 cents to $1.49 cents per barrel. Below is a copy of a per barrel use percentage. Below is the article republished several times and quoted twice on Major News shows


There is a best-kept secret about Iraq. Iraq sits upon the LARGEST sweet oil reserve in world. (No, not the 2nd, 3rd, or fourth Largest as has been reported, but THE LARGEST). Sweet oil is so-called because it can be drilled, processed and shipped for between $00.89 and $1.49a barrel! Yes, BETWEEN EIGHTY-NINE CENTS TO ONE DOLLAR AND FORTY-NINE CENTS A BARREL, NOT A GALLON! A barrel! That is sweet, if you own an oil company, or if you have friends who own oil companies which donated money to get you elected, or if you are president and your family owns a private investment firm which owns oil stocks, energy stocks, defense stocks, and the other investors are top military officers, oil and energy company moguls and politicians.

However, that's not why we went to war, is it? It is not that same old, "attack-Iraq-and steal-the-oil plan”, which Neo-Con Republican leaders (called "the crazies" by the Bush senior people) saw rejected by Bush senior before desert storm is it. Nor is it the same plan President Clinton rejected in 1992, right? No way! Is that why they impeached him? No, that cannot be, because that would be a conspiracy theory.

Never mind that everything which ever happened from before and including David's setting up of Uriah's murder in an ambush, so he could marry Bathsheba, to the crucifixion of Jesus, to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, to price gouging in the oil business, to the Bhopal disaster, to the Enron Conspiracy, Disaster, to the cigarette cancer cover-ups, to the vote fraud of the last two elections, to the ascension of fascists into top government positions, to the disastrous Patriot Act and the worse, Military Commissions Act of 2006, the last few mentioned, were all a part of the vast conspiracy, err, I mean, plan, to silence dissidents and destroy democracy in America in favor of the currently expanding dictatorship of the Bushites.

Remember how the Bushites tried to silence the Class-Action Law Suit Attorney's by trying to limit such suits? Well, that was because those attorneys corrected countless criminal actions which were/are ignored by the SEC, the FDA and other regulators, but brought to justice only by heroic class action lawsuit's by such attorneys, the only true white knights left in America aside from the non-mainstream and the Online News media.

All the scandals we hear about every day-they were/are conspiracies. Anything and everything except acts of God are conspiracies.

Without conspiracies, most corporate CEO's could never figure out how to make an illicit profit or cheat the public, because they aren't smart enough to make money the old fashioned way, by honest labor and brilliant planning. One does not rise through the corporate ranks because one is a genius, geniuses, are always a problem, because they do not need supporters. People with reputations as whistle blowers, or as honest mavericks, seldom get to the top in corporations. No, except in rare cases, only sycophants move up the corporate ladder. One who plays ball almost always gets the key to the executive bathroom.

They impeached Clinton over a sex scandal and lying about it, wasn't that it? I know conservatives and fascists have never been very good at sex. They have always envied Dems because Dems always seem to find better looking mistresses and have way more fun with them, so impeaching a guy because you are jealous, that makes sense if you are under 11 years of age, but dirt, cheap oil, which you can sell at 50-125 times it's cost at the pump, isn't a reason to impeach a president who wouldn't play ball, is it, Naw!

In Iraq before the "war", the so-called "evil empire", sold gasoline at $00.05 per gallon retail at the pump, to Iraqi citizens, Yes, five cents a gallon.

In Venezuela, the oil in not so sweet. Because of its viscosity, it costs a few cents more to process out the gunk, so they have to sell it at the inflated price of $00.12 a gallon at the pump, to Venezuelan citizens.

In Iran and Syria, the President's next targets, oil at the pumps is selling for what a candy bar costs in America. So, there appears to be a formula here; if you sell oil at dirt cheap prices, Mr. Bush, egged-on by his oily bed-fellows, and fellow investors, will attack you and take your cheap oil away to sell at 233 times as much at the pump. (At two point three cents a gallon, into $4.65 cents a gallon, dividing is 233 times the cost.

Yup! So why was ours selling at $4.65 and even now is well over $2.00? What a stupid question, ask the "Christian", messianic president that question! You know the fellow (GW BUSH) who when he got into Yale on his daddies "Discretionary Family History at Yale, Points for Ease of Entry", apron strings, allegedly, wrote a paper in which he said, "...the poor are so because they are lazy...” It's easy to explain America's high oil prices, Bush would say, "We have to raise the price because the American and Brit oil companies wish to protect their countrymen against deflation, while the Iraqi and Venezuelan government wants to expose their citizens to deflation, isn't that terrible, how they treat their people?" Well, that makes sense if you have a pea brain. Whoops, who else would vote for a Conservative Republican nowadays? Below is a breakdown on what comes out of a barrel of oil.

What a barrel of crude oil makes: Product gallons per barrel-the processing in America of crude oil, actually gains a bonus of 2.2 gallons making the traditional 42 gallons into 44.2 gallons. Here is how the 44.2 gallons breaks down:

Gasoline-19.5, distillate fuel oil 9.2 (Includes both home heating oil and diesel fuel), kerosene-type jet fuel 4.1, residual fuel oil (heavy oils used as fuels in industry, marine transportation and for, electric power generation) -2.3, liquefied refinery gasses-1.9, still gas-1.9 Coke-1.8, asphalt and road oil-1.3, petrochemical feed-stocks-1.2, lubricants-0.5, kerosene-0.2, other-0.3,

DEATH IN HELL, ERR, I MEAN IRAQ Now, the latest studies show that 1,5 million more Iraqi citizens died since the war began than died in the previous NINE years.

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