Friday, September 23, 2011


Social Security, and Medicare, are annuities not a part of any debt. The wars are the debt, which have ruined this nation as they ruined The Soviet union. As we won by outspending Russia on Arms, now the last two Presidents have allowed the so-called "Terrorists" to outsmart them and to thereby win, by tricking the foolish president's and the more foolish congress, now over run with Fascism, to foolishly spending $1.1+ trillion dollars a year, $19.3 trillion over 11 years and in the process destroying three nations, thus causing pain, suffering and death, Diaspora and depressions worldwide to tens of millions of humans. All of this growing out of a Fascist insanity dividing our nation as Fascism did Germany in the 1920's-1940's. 

The so-called "Terrorists" set a trap to ruin America by sending it into a Depression and eventual bankruptcy and perhaps revolution. They tricked the hierarchy because they had an agenda and would listen to no-one outside of their circle. The foolhardy politicians are not smart enough to lead and and not humble enough to those God Blessed with greater intellect, more common sense and better ideas, the American people. The "Terrorists" set the mouse trap and the mice bit and spent their nation into the ground. Obama is a stubborn, arrogant person, as much so as was Bush. The evil ones sucker punched the politicians into blowing trillions and wrecking the greatest economy that ever was.

When President Clinton Left Office, there was a $5.9 trillion dollar Surplus, now we have a nearly $20 trillion deficit,

I place that deficit, the destruction of those nations and our economy, thus causing pain, suffering, poverty death, Diaspora and depressions on the heads of these entities: G. W. Bush, Cheney and their entire WASP Mafia, President Obama, the Fascist Congress, The Military, Oil, Medical, Industrial Complex. However, I am not alone in this sentence I lay upon all of them, after my prayers recently, I Had a Dream in which I climbed up The Mountain, and there I saw the Mind of the Creator, and He showed me a scroll and upon it were carved many names. Those who names were encrypted in an inscription, thereon. He said these were people, men and women, who, while their empty bodies walked the Earth, their souls never left Hell. There were more and their souls were headed to Hell; they He said are Fascists who hypocritically, present themselves by making a sacrilegious shame of the names of the Bostonians who rejected taxes.

Now, their greed, their hatred and their aspirations of massive depopulation/genocide not just of Islam, but of American Citizens, Jews who follow the Old Testament charitable ideals, and Christians, who dare to truly follow Jesus’ as both care for the poor, the lame, the ailing, while the Fascists want to let them die and suffer.

The oil companies, on gas, oil and electric costs, are draining those who work while the Democrat Obama does nothing. What would I do? I would do as Jimmy Carter did, I would cap oil prices. Mr. Obama hates Mr. Chavez, but Mr. Chavez and even Mr. Saddam Hussein; apparently cared more for their people than Bush or Obama does for us. In Iraq before the oil war, gas sold at the pump for five cents ($00.05) a gallon, while at the same time here, oil was $1.50 a gallon. After the war to steal the oil, here it was $5.00 a gallon.

In Venezuela, right now gas sells at the pump for twelve cents ($00.12) a gallon, ours sells here at this writing between $4.50 - $5.00 a gallon at the pump. What would I do if I were president? I would Cap oil at $25 a barrel and Nationalize the oil companies and indict their leaders and after the trials deport them and revoke their citizenship. I would deport them to Iraq, or Afghanistan to the Hell they created.

What a barrel of crude oil makes:
Product gallons per barrel-the processing in America of crude oil, actually gains a bonus of 2.2 gallons making the traditional 42 gallons into 44.2 gallons. Here is how the 44.2 gallons breaks down Gasoline-19.5, distillate fuel oil 9.2 this Includes both home heating oil and diesel fuel), kerosene-type jet fuel 4.1, residual fuel oil (heavy oils used as fuels in industry, marine transportation and for, electric power generation) -2.3, liquefied refinery gasses-1.9, still gas-1.9 Coke-1.8, asphalt and road oil-1.3, petrochemical feed-stocks-1.2, lubricants-0.5, kerosene-0.2, other-0.3

The people are thrown out of work while the Democrat Obama does nothing. He has no jobs Plan. However, I DO HAVE a jobs Plan! In addition, it, unlike his inept idea, in that my plan will actually, work!

We We have lost over the last 20 years some 31 million Jobs. As for the almost 31 million Americans out of work, I would place an excise tax on all jobs which were Outsourced: Union Scale Plus 15% for each job that is outsourced. . I would then ban the executives who created the weakening of our economy, including Mr. Bush and Mr. Obama from ever being involved in politics or government again. 

I would also dissolve the concept of the Corporation. It is the large national and multinational Corporate chains, which have been a part of the Depression. They have put out of business more than 2.5 million neighborhood stores, offices and factories limit and diminished the possibility of local controls. Entrepreneuring is now just faded dream.

I would create a change in the operation of the Supreme Court. It would become a tenure process, with a three-year trial run, followed, if the judge is satisfactory by a 3-year tenure, to be renewed for six years or canceled to a maximum of 12 years. I would stagger the tenure dates by 4 years. If they can, and have eliminated tenure for professors and teachers, which should the Supreme Court be treated any differently?

I would also make Lobbying a Capital Crime, for both Lobbyist and politician. I would make it impossible for anyone who enters politics to end their terms of office any more wealthy than when they enter their term of office. I would end Social Security and Medicare have every single person in America who was born here, and is a citizen, be enrolled in the same pension and health care plan as the congress, senate and president. I would disallow any person who has not served in the military to be allowed to run for any national office. I would also create a draft in which all those who favor a war, regardless of age or condition be drafted trained and sent right to the front of such battlefield should go to war.

There is much, much more I would do. Will you join me, or are you happy with a fascist congress and politicians who live like royalty and never have to deal with what we do every day some of which have been have been trying from day one to sabotage the Obama administration?

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