Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Charlie Sheen’s Roast Wins Social Media Battle

 Charlie Sheen’s Roast Wins Social Media Battle

As I predicted, Charlie Prevailed, blowing away Two and A Half Men, which this week crashed 30% and I predict will continue a fade-away until its early demise, last season. There is better and far funnier stuff to watch.

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The Roast of Charlie Sheen, which aired the same night as the Two and a Half Men premiere, garnered about 400,000 tweets through the night, while Kutcher’s show earned only around 150,000, according to social media monitoring group Visible Technologies.

Social TV analytics platform Bluefin Labs also released numbers for the discussion on multiple social networking sited including Twitter, Facebook, and thousands of fan forum micro-blogs.

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The Roast of Charlie Sheen won the night, accumulating 148,000 total comments, from 98,000 unique authors, according to Bluefin Labs. In comparison, the new season of Two and a Half Men scored 92,000 total comments from 75,000 unique authors. Two and a Half Men didn’t even come in second place overall for the night when it came to social media: Dancing with the Stars, which also premiered that night, beat Men for the night.”

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