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Obama: A Shame Upon Harvard

Obama: A Shame Upon Harvard

If you recall I wrote in 2008/2009/2010 and again, and again and yet again, that the real unemployment figure was 28%+ and worse, therefore worse than the percentage unemployed in the "Great Depression. Here is an official proof of  purchase, because there is few left who can afford to buy anything.

Now, far worse is the moron the Republican imbeciles are trying to sell as a presidential future candidate. In a debate with him, John Stewart made him the idiotic laughing stock he really is. If his IQ exceeds that of a kumquat or an avocado, I would not believe it to be true. A pebble is a far better comparison. Given his concept, if everyone is paid less or laid off, this economy would beca
ome a worse disaster than Germany's in the aftermath of WW I. It would become the worst economy of all time, and between that and Obama's idiotic comment that we "...should compete with China's market..." there is a drought in the intellect of politicians that supports the idea of pesticide use in Wisconsin, Indiana, Maine and Ohio and other points east, west, north and south, reducing IQ and common sense enormously. We need to help these people and I suggest sending them all to the Funny Farm

I wonder into what pit and from what noodle - brained, Three Stooges training ground our last few presidents have emerged?
However, it is not just the Republicans which are whack-jobs, the greedy Democrats are bald-faced liars as well, as I have said before and often. I stated that Obama was the worst Democratic President of all time, but I was dead wrong, he is even worse than that, he is a moral coward, a warmonger, a murderer, baby killer, a part of the Depopulation Demoniacs and a new painting will show him for the deceitful fool he truly is, who has not only betrayed his own people, but also the entire middle class, and is a key figure in attempting to make America, in his own retarded words, "...Compete with China's market."

In short, that means that he wants your income to match that of the Coolie's or about $00.75 to $3.00 an hour. Who then in America will be able to buy anything? Now the Chinese, at least GIVE their workers health care, as do Sweden and almost one hundred other HUMANE nations. It would appear that Sweden gets what America's brand of Christianity doesn't even begin to comprehend.
Sweden, which took General President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s “Military Industrial Complex warning quite seriously, capped CEO pay at $65k in 1943, and have allowed it to match inflation ever since, as have the income of the citizens. Sweden as Jesus would have had it, NO Poverty. The lowest paid person makes a living wage that exceeds in proportion, that of our current middle class. In addition to free higher education, they have a mandatory, minimum vacation of five weeks. Health care is free, and here are some interesting facts about their economy and the high regard in which they hold their people of every class.

Though the Swede as a people are 15th in average worker income they are only $3400, 2005 World Dollars below the USA. However, they are charged three times less for the same or better health care than are the average American worker. For instance for far better health care, they spent $315 on doctors, hospitals and medicines 3.6 Times less than are we. The average Swedish CEO of Sweden’s 50 largest Companies $1.25-$1.8 million a year, or 25-40 times more than the average worker, which was the USA standard in the 1940’s. Given that the unions want that standard narrowed back to, the 25 times average worker.

Today the average American CEO makes 550-1100 times more than does the average American worker, and if you take into account the current American labor situation since the 2008 crash, the average CEO makes 5,500 times as much as the average American worker.

Education in Sweden, from age seven to age sixteen is mandatory and Homeschooling is forbidden, unless there are "exceptional circumstances". During the year before children start compulsory school, all children are offered a place in a pre-school class (förskoleklass), which combines the pedagogical methods of the pre-school with those of compulsory school.

Both upper secondary school and university studies are financed by taxes. Only Canada, the United States, and Japan have higher levels of tertiary degree holders.

Förskola (literally "fore-school or preschool"), colloquially daghem or dagis, is the kindergarten. Grundskola is the 1-9 grade primary school. Gymnasieskola (literally "gymnasium school") is the three-year secondary school. Högskola (literally "high school") is a tertiary school (formally translated to university college, less formally to university) and universitet (always translated to university) is a tertiary school with postgraduate education.

Historical terms include småskola ("small school") and folkskola ("people's school") for primary school and läroverk ("learning institute") for secondary school. Formerly, högskola usually meant a one-faculty school – usually professionally oriented – while universitet contained many faculties.

The lowest paid Swede makes about 50-70 times less than the average CEO. The lowest paid American makes 5000-20,000 times less than does the average CEO. There are no Billionaires in Sweden and no poverty. Better put, the thing Jesus and St. Paul found to be the worst Evil was greed and Sweden has none, or at least does not allow people to fulfill their evil fantasies of avarice/greed. Like Jesus and St. Paul, Sweden sees wealth as the “…root cause of all Evil…”

They have done as Jesus wished, eliminated the temptation of greed. Recall that Jesus NEVER forgave any greedy person he met and his only act of violence against humans was against the then richest class, which were bankers, money exchangers, and sacrificial animal price fixers. Jesus and Paul found avarice/greed to be degeneracy, despicable. I see greed also as an addictive disease from which it is almost impossible to be saved. It, like child, drug and alcohol abuse, is almost irredeemable. Greed here in America should be criminalized and CEO salaries should be made to conform to no more than 25 times that of the average worker. That is the best guarantee that CEO's will not be able to "persuade" their board members to play, the, "You scratch my back on my Board of Directors and I will scratch yours on your Board of Directors."

The Swedes view avarice in the same way, as did Jesus and St. Paul, as a virtue-eating cancer in hearts and minds of some people and its growth is faster than the STD from which it was born. Sweden like Jesus has also placed human sexuality in its proper place as minor on the scale of human endeavors. Jesus, if you recall, forgave every prostitute, but never forgave a single greedy person. A rich man asked Jesus, “Lord what can I do to join you.” “Go, sell all your possessions and give the money to the poor.” However, the man could not. Jesus said, “It is easier for a camel to squeeze through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to be redeemed.” The Eye of the Needle was a passageway into Jerusalem through which a man could barely pass at that time.

Recall the case of the extreme course of sexual behavior Jesus encountered was the Samaritan Woman at Jacob’s Well. She had five husbands and was living with a man to which she was not married. Jesus either knew of her wanderlust, or saw it clearly. He also must have seen some mitigating circumstances in her many sexual indulgences, for after questioning her, he switched his interest to the means and locations of worship.

When they parted, he did not say, as he did the other sexually active females, to, “Go and sin no more,” and she delivered to him the entire town as worshipper's. Sexual extremism is seen as a sin, but sin, as defined by the Greek word in which the vast majority of original gospels were written, Hamartia a [həˈmɑːtɪə] - means to miss the mark, err, a correctable mistake, not an Evil. Greed/Avarice is however seen as a vast Evil, the worst kind of evil in that it also leads to every other evil which ever existed.

The biggest mistake of Fundamentalism is it is diametrically in opposition to Jesus on two things, Avarice/greed and human sexuality. Those two matters are an intentional error organized religions have feasted upon in an effort to create guilt in order to extract cash. It is almost as though organized religions have never, ever, read the New Testament, or cannot comprehend it.

Today we can see one of the reasons why, some of their population are sick with twisted sexual ideas, and the rest fear women. The second reason was/is because some organized religions did not want to finance marriages and the children of their priests/ministers. Organized religion's spiritual illness and miserly attitudes toward priestly families has demented, twisted the message of Jesus beyond redemption. Their embracing of what both Jesus and Paul saw as an Evil of an incredibly near unforgivable nature, had but one source, the knowledge that they, in order to prosper needed the rich and powerful and their donations.
I would call those “donations” a fawning payoff, a 2000 year bribe, a form of avarice/greed. They claim however, that all the good they did with that money justified their greed. I say, wrong, life here is not dependent upon greed but upon love of all that God has created.

If you look about, you will see the greedy rich people, are joyously destroying everything God has created and in so doing, is destroying our existences. They are in the process of destroying the oceans, potable drinking water, the land, the air are filled with solvents, pesticides/herbicides, radiation and filth.

Those who destroy what God has created and replace it with artificial substitutes are, in essence dominated by the Demon. If you believe in and see incredible evil done by men (as we have seen) as they make our world unlivable and have nor seen the same degree of incredible good on the same scale. (These people are in the process of making the Earth unlivable and have murdered just since WW II, the only justifiable war in the last 66 years, thirty million people and have by distorting capitalism, made long suffering paupers of two thirds of the world and still their greed is not satiated, that is TOTAL EVIL.

Perfect Evil, Perfect Good. We have seen and experienced the former, on a worldwide world dominating, controlling scale for most of history, but have never seen the latter on the same scale.

High Human Intelligence, scientific law, ethics, and logic declares that among Good and Evil, if you believe, accept, that one exists, you must believe, accept also that its opposite exists, as The great Scientific Law of Opposites declares, that if there is one side of any action or reaction there is its complete opposite. If there is preeminent predominant Evil, which there is, there must likewise be a preeminent, predominant, Good, which we have not ever seen. We have seen attempts at it on a local scale (Jesus) and on a national scale (FDR and the New Deal) and those who opposed them were always the same greedy families which gave birth newer greedy families, the rich and wannabe rich, the ages old enemies of God and virtue.

Where you find the wealth, you find the evil. When any element, item which is crucial, critical to lifer becomes rare, as now is oil, water, banking, medical care, electricity, Goodness declares that it should be Nationalized. As Jesus showed us, we are all in this together and all are as Sweden has shown us all a part of the Gestalt/Whole. The greedy hate that concept and play it against the weakest minds and hearts, those who want vengeance for everything.

This president is as evil as or more than the one he replaced. He is now the War Criminal. Now you know why he did not want to go after and indict the previous war criminals, he did not because he wanted to join them. It is now easy for some, in retrospect, to see what I warned against the day during his nomination run when his Freudian slip of, “I will probably rehire Blackwater…” that he was a de-populationist, and his most stupid comment of all time, “We must compete with the Chinese," how farking stupid is that?

Even the worst football coach knows better than that. If you get twisted into playing the other fellows game, you LOSE! We wisely, did not try to compete with Japan when they were the China of their day making cheap rip-offs, we innovated and forced the world to emulate us, but now the new breed of really lazy and dumb “Industrialists”, bankers and energy criminals are too lazy, greedy and stupid to create, they are slash and burn criminals who can only profit when they fix the deck; though the creation of criminal lawmaking and criminal courts, which make the evil legal.

America has let the Demon run free and it will cost America its heritage and its population. That is the thing this president is not smart enough to comprehend. I challenge him to a debate anytime and where and rip his illogical non-ideas, to shreds. I cannot believe that Yale and Harvard, two once great schools have educated back-to-back the two dumbest presidents, with the worst commonsense in our history. They make the three previously dumbest bastards ever to run a nation as presidents that preceded FDR look like geniuses in comparison. We shouldn’t compete with China, we should compete with the high end of the world trade markets, not the low.
God bless my readers.

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