Friday, April 1, 2011

Apocalypse Now! Why You Are Meaningless To Self Appointed Elites

In answer to a question by email... NO! The story below is not confirmed, it is a projection of the combination of Tea Party (who look more like fascists every day), the war mongers, the Bush/Obama desire to betray the elderly, the poor, the ill. Bush believes in God, but is wrapped in great error about what that belief entails or means. On the other hand I do not believe that Obama believes in anything other than his ego, his secret desire for dynastic wealth and celebrity and in my mind that lack of empathy, or humility, of love of his fellow humans, his betrayal of his voter base, makes him the other side of the coin he shares with Bush. The story below is a warning a wake-up call, but not yet an actuality, but it is a part of an agenda never made public. Call it a prophecy which can be avoided, but probably will not be avoided because of the lack pf faith and empathy of the self-appointed "Elite." 

Everyone is flabbergasted at the lack of repair, reconstruction, and/or creation of Infrastructural renovation in America. They are likewise angry and confused that presidents, governors, legislators and congress are seeking to wipe out Social Security, Medicare, Health care, and to “wipe out the debt.” Well, the debt has nothing to do with Social Security; we fund that along with our employers. The debt comers from the wars, which they avoid speaking about, and the oil prices, which have together ruined the economy. The only people asking why we are constantly at war and why toxic waste fills the air, land and water and little is done about it are America’s working class and America’s men and women of higher education.

Why does the government want to stop the lawsuits of unlawful death from medicines and doctors? Drug companies and physicians or distribute toxic drugs and then cover it up, or get careless and they become immune to justice? Why did the government do next to nothing when New Orleans was all but destroyed? Why are corporations leaving America and the very wealthy are relocating to homes far from the USA, in or near the jungles of South America, or in Dubai, or the South of France, Tuscany, etc. Why are government, corporations, and their upper echelons of “self-appointed” Elite” people allowed by the courts, the FBI, President Obama, to get away with war crimes and to steal from our treasury (so far some $21.5 Trillion) and all with no repercussions? It is because they know America is going to be betrayed and all but demolished by its political officials and they-corporate fascists. They will be committing mass suicide, but are in denial about that. They are so because they are driven by an evil power to show everyone, God included their destructive addiction.

Now, in addition to B61 “Low yield" Thermonuclear Bombs and rockets aimed at Venezuela, just south of us, and Libya, as well as several other Middle Eastern nations, Russia, China and whomever the Hell else has anything they desire. This is clearly warmongering, oil coveting, and behavior. Apparently, if this projection is true, the Bush/Obama degenerates are aiming some of those WMDs right at… at YOU! They will test those "Low Emissions Atomic Bombs, somewhere, like in Libya, to see if the emissions will not be too great. The "Low Emissions" B61 Bombs still emit 67% of the radioactive materials, as did the bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They want to test them because if they emit too much radioactivity that would mean that after they nuke us they cannot return, which is why they have built homes elsewhere.

The reality of the how and why, is so horrific that no one would believe it. However, the fear of politicians (and it may be a valid fear if people decide to go down fighting rather than submitting to being slaughtered) is that revolution would break-forth and that is what the Corporate and Governing Fascists/Mass Murderers fear most. That is why the Federal Government has kept this secret from the vast majority of its citizens.

Only the wealthiest and a few of those in Congress and the military are in on the plot. This secret is a True Apocalypse and is coming soon to your local nation. One thing though, it is NOT going to be initiated by God, but by Corporations which president Eisenhower named the Military Industrial Complex, which now own our presidents and other politicians, and the Bilderbergs. Is that why Obama has ignored oil/gas prices and why BushBush pushed for higher oil prices? Was that done to drive the working class down into poverty and perhaps into revenge giving them an excuse to slaughter civilians?

Why was $21.5 trillions in debt allowed to, and continues to build debt? Why are a few corporations stealing and storing water and food in impenetrable fortresses outside of America?
The story is long and terrible. It is based upon plans were/are allegedly, all a part of the Malthus inspired insanity, eaten up and applauded by a M. Sanger, and born of the Bilderberg nightmare, which was apparently accepted by both Bush and Obama. What is the secret plan? It is to radically reduce the world population by 90%, one nation at a time including and beginning with the most populated cities/states with the highest population and greatest welfare expenditures.

The book of the Catholic New Testament, St. John’s Apocalypse-the badly misinterpreted, mistranslated and intentionally misapplied story which has been converted into an entirely fictional End - Of - Days fiasco, was leaped upon by the hopelessly ignorant and those who want a world of under 100 million people, preferably 25 million, mostly white survivors. How sick are they?

That would be a reduction, using today’s population total, by 5 trillion, nine hundred Billion people. Why? Well, you see, the very richest people are feeling crowded by the poor, the working classes and the Nouveau Riche. Water is heavily polluted, toxic and potable water is running out, "Elitists are trying desperately to corner the potable water market. The truth is that all natural resources are running out of stock going extinct.
The enemy says there are too many people, too much welfare, too many sick people, too many uneducated people, too many stupid people for the taste of the self-appointed “elite” and far too many smart people trying to stop the most avaricious rich people to ever inhabit our planet from succeeding. The rich "Elite” wants forests full of wild game to hunt and no crowds to bother them while hunting. They also want to add, among their prey, humans as the most prized prey of all, ala the Richard Connell book and the film; The Most Dangerous Game - Criterion Collection: Staring Joel McCrea, Fay Wray, Leslie Banks, Robert Armstrong, Noble Johnson, Steve Clemente.

You see, as their twisted logic goes, monogamy and marriage* are unnatural and the most beautiful women are always attracted to hunks and not fat, balding, old, rich, people and the gorgeous women marry the rich for the money and find younger lovers for the sex. The fat greedy rich people hate that and hate the younger hunks that get in their way and steal “their” women. Now, with cloning available, the rich do not care if every creature goes extinct, because after they wipe out all the people they can reconstitute all of the extinct creatures and with DNA available they can also create the perfect female; gorgeous, sexually incredible and adventurous, and anything else they wish.
They can also be rid of the pesky, annoying, (to the evil folks) prophets which the Creator keeps sending to remind those avaricious rich that they are going to Hell in a hand-basket filled with maggots which will be feeding on their living remains forever. Once the evil people at the top of the economic ladder face the finale', they will have everything! (So, they think).

The Nazi's original targets of annihilation were Catholic nations, Jewish strongholds and dark-skinned nations. The USA has picked up on that and added most of the middle east, China, Russia and any other nation that might stand in their way, (added to the original specifically targeted American cities of, LA, Chicago, NY, Ohio, New Orleans, etc.) is now most of the Continent.The wars in the Middle East, the ugly, lame, response to the Katrina disaster, were a prelude to population reduction plans, upon which both Bush and Obama have agreed. The Malthus inspired demoniacal nightmare was and grew out of a similar plan by Hitler. The idea for America was the decimation of Big Cities and other cache's of high welfare, high minority presence. The plan was altered to a massive conspiracy to destroy the working class and reduce population through unemployment, destruction of massive numbers of people sans resources through starvation, cutting welfare, health care, privatizing and with holding water, massive inoculations of toxic drugs, addicting the population to harmful drugs from birth.

The only way to end the insidious war on working people is to fight back with greater force, more dedicated members, elected officials and to find a New FDR. Eventually all of the above will lead to more than 125 million dead Americans and that is only the beginning. The slaughters in Iraq, Afghanistan and New Orleans were just batting practice for the initiation of nuclear wars by "Low Yield" thermonuclear weapons like the B61-11 bombs, now strategically place all over Europe and aimed at Russia, China and the Mid-Eastern nations. Well, it does not matter if you call yourself a Democrat or a Republican, you will not be on their “Save” list, you are simply doomed by them because you will have outlived your usefulness. They will only save the most beautiful females and/or their genes, the greatest scientists, artists, writers etc. in short 90+% of all living beings are scheduled for annihilation, and every other American will be included in the end of the pre-planned their own days.

Finally, fascism and Nazism have riddled the Republican Party. Do you think that the Democrats will save you? NOT! Why not? Because they are also riddled with greed and fascism. When the fascists come to the end of their days, when they are dying, hating the loyal Americans, who are loyal to America and to American workers, they will think of the words they have ignored:

“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you…”

“Whatsoever, you do unto those the least of your brethren you do also unto me…”

“Greed/Avarice. Love of wealth in the root cause of every evil and is in and of itself the worst evil of all…”

“Materialism/avarice is the downfall of Humankind.” I could go on, but instead just pick up a copy of both Testaments, especially the New Testament and carefully do what I have done, read it and pray, as you do, that you are not searching for things to justify your own brand of evil.

One more thing, thank God for those He sent to warn you of what is coming. Take action, but not as a Democrat or a Republican, but as a man or woman with a soul/conscience. Lastly, is this story true, or is it a segment from my next book? You decide and let me know. (Hint, my next book is a Sci-Fi, humor adventure story, not an Apocalyptic 1.) Let us look at the hatred being stirred up against honest American working people in governmental jobs. Do they prefer people of less skill and experience? Is that the sort of person we want doing critical jobs? Not me, I want well-trained police, firefighters, clerks, record keepers, construction licensors, health department officials, workers, and more.
Many of those who call themselves “Conservatives” are not even close. Good American Conservatives are not greedy, hate filled people; they are merely people who are more careful. Fascists pretending to be something they are not and thus damaging the good name of real Conservatives are puking upon the title “Conservatives”. Good people do not try to split the country they try to unite it. Those whop seek Civil war are trying Hitler’s theme of “divide and conquer.” Conquer whom? Our own people? Those Corporations who outsource jobs are weakening America by elimination jobs. That is treasonous, stupid, hateful, and prejudiced against our workers, some of which fought in wars to protect our nation. I believe those who wish to destroy the working wage, are a Fifth Column of fascists who wish to destroy from the inside our nation. They are closer to being Terrorists, like al Qaeda than real Americans are. Those who hate American workers and are out to destroy their middle class status know nothing about balances of economy and may indeed be criminals guilty of Racketeering, Collusion, Conspiracy and attempting to destroy our society.
Think about this: None of the so-called Political Conservatives, or the Corporate CEO’s, want anyone to have a pension, or Social Security, or Medicare, or be able to negotiate in Collective Bargaining, nor do they want to increase the minimum wage. If they have their way, everyone will be in poverty and no fewer than 10% of the population will have middle class buying power. Thus, the gross national product will drop by 90%. That will mean without the above protections, the average life expectancy in the US will match that of other Third World Nations in the 1950’s of about 38 years to a maximum of 54 years in the year 2000.
The population under such conditions would drop within 25 years to 60% of its present level without the attacks on America by politicians. Some of them seem eager to provoke workers to fight, if that happens we will see a nation divided and thus easily defeated. Who will fight for a government that is trying to destroy their lives? What does it take to wake people up? What more can anti-American workers do before people will rise up and Recall things like the governors of Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, Maine and other such states, which are mimicking fascist pre-WW II Tactics and strategies? Hitler’s first diatribes were against the unions. Wake up America of die of lack of nutrition, medical care, poverty and diseases of opportunity, which attack and maim or kill those lacking healthy diets and medical care.

Lastly, most pensions come after a career long, lifetime of contributing to it, including Social Security. Pensions and Social Security have nothing to do with the debt. In Clinton's administration we had a $5.9 Trillion Surplus. What has caused the debt is Bush's now Obama's War. Fascists want Social Security ended because they are greedy and want people to turn their money over to the morons who did not foresee the crash and who blew it completely, instead of having it locked up safely in Social Security.

The war caused the debt of $21.3 trillion dollars, 15% of which came from the $3.2 trillions Americans have spent on oil/gasoline. The oil companies used our tax dollars and our fighting people for their own private profits. We donated the war to them and then they stole further from us with the Racketeering, Collusion, conspiritorial 13,000% profits on oil & Gasoline. We paid for the war and the confiscation of oil with national tax dollars, thus WE the American Citizens should own the oil companies and the oil profits, but instead the oil companies drive us into insolvency and the president and congress stand by and do nothing.

I say we now own the oil companies paid for by the $21.+ trillion debt and we should form a protest and nationalize Oil and indict the oil companies and the Republican and Democratic War Mongers, for racketeering, collusion, Conspiracy to defraud and either exile them all after confiscating their personal wealth, or send them all to the gas chamber. What do you think?

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