Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Helpful Advice To Charlie Sheen

Advice to My pal Charlie Sheen: Charlie, expand your law suite by interesting investors in both the TV Station and the Studio. Perhaps it cam be shown that the alleged hubris of two men allow them to abort a profitable show thus causing investors to lose money over an alleged personal issue? 

Was their action unilateral arbitrary, capricious, and an abuse of power, discretion or otherwise not in accordance with good business practices and is it an arrogant betrayal of investor profits over personal issues?

Cannot the actions of a few men, be viewed as a desire to satisfy a lust for vengeance, with no regard for the consequences upon the corporations and its shareholders? Could it not also be seen a series of hubristic acts, and imprudent judgments, which when played out damaged profits, just as much as if said actions were intentional sabotage against the two corporations, and causing shareholders of both corporations and those employed loss of profit as well as causing them hardship?

Why not Charlie, rally the entire set and writers of the show to create a similar show on a different network?

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