Thursday, April 28, 2011

Here is How To Run A Nation!

This is a Copy I shared with the AFL CIO, utilizing their base plan and customizing it to a plan I believe to be far stronger.

The recently-passed House budget bill is a scam aimed at destroying the financial status and jobs markets for the working classes of America—not a starting point for debate or negotiations.

I. Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo, want a 2012 budget that:

1. Creates jobs instead of destroying them.

2. Restores balance by raising taxes on the rich and corporations, instead of cutting them and a plan like Sweden and other European allies which caps CEO Compensation Packages at 25 times the average of all of their employees and shares exactly the same benefits with all employees as with corporate executives. And that we, like Sweden and many other nations, will pay workers enough so that there is no one living in poverty. That we create a Federal law, in which neither state nor city, nor Federal Government give tax breaks to any company or corporation, or LLC for any reason.

3. A plan that not merely protects, but increases Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and investments in education instead of cutting them. Why not include every American worker in the Senate Pensions and Health Care plans?

These Social Programs are not a part of the debt; the debt which destroyed the Clinton $5.9 Surplus is the Orwellian Bush/Obama wars which are costing Americans $1 trillion dollars a year. End those wars and you end the debt. Why not end elected officials health care and pensions instead of ours?

4)-I suggest taxing outsourcing corporations for every job they send offshore or overseas. I suggest that that tax be union scale plus 15% for every job outsourced. If no one in this administration knows how to figure that out, see me because I do.

5)-I also suggest that the Federal Goverment Subsidize oil and gas [prices to our citizens as did Iraq before the war, as does Venezuela now for their citizens and as do many other nations. In many nations not occupied by the US oil/gas prices are under $1 dollar a gallon and in Venezuela gas is $00.12 a gallon at the pump. Yes, that is twelve cents a gallon at the pump.

Common Judeo/Christian Ethics/morality teaches us that once any element which is essential to life and work becomes rare and costly it should be Nationalized and
subsidized. I dearly hope that the Hitlerian ideology of the Bilderberg's is not moving this president and the congress.

Most European nations, like Sweden and almost 100 others including China which has far greater population than do we go far beyond our Social Security and Medicare in helping their citizens having a comfortable life.

Only greed, which Jesus and Paul agree is the " the worst and root evil driving every other evil...." Usury is one such evil, at banks and credit card companies and mortgage companies and that needs to stop.

Though I have an IQ of 173, I accept that God expects us not to meddle in His decisions and our government is doing so since 2001.
We must address our long-term deficit responsibly, without balancing America’s budget on the backs of working families. Sacrifice needs to start at the top, not with the 90 percent of the population who have not benefited from the failed economic policies of the past 30 years.

PS: To learn about specific steps Congress can take to balance the budget in a fair way, read the AFL-CIO’s Principles for the FY 2012 Budget at:

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