Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Obama/Ryan Fraud

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The Fascist members of the GOP, who have legitimate Republicans on the run are now on the run themselves. Neither Medicare nor Social Security are subject to the debt; they know it, Obama knows it and bright, well educated people know it. Only a fool could not. Clinton served us a $5.9 trillion Surplus - Paul O'Neil & A. Greenspan had $3.6 Trillion earmarked to Social Security, instead Bush Blew it on No-Bid contracts making his friends rich and some richer.

One of the biggest hypocrites is Obama, who appointed a Debt Commission of Conservatives to wipe out Social Security and Medicare, passing the buck to underlings. When he saw the rush against reelecting him growing he backed off, but even had another turncoat, who once was a Progressive, do his dirty work for him.

The DEBT IS the WARS! $19.3 trillion and growing, while our people go jobless or work at MacDonalds at a 85% pay cut from their previous jobs as 28 million remain out of work and God knows how many are underemployed and what has Obama done to perk-up create jobs ZIP! He is too busy assassinating, bombing, droning, killing. All his hate and frustration focused on Bilderberg/ Fascist solutions as job proposals are ignored, people in need are ignored and death, dying, dignity lost puts a smile on his face.
I do now think he is worse than Bush, he is the largest voting mistake I ever made. He is a traitor to his class, to his own people, to America, and we now know why he ignores all good ideas, he cares nothing for Americans, especially for American workers. Secretly his aspirations are no less fascistic than those of many Tea Party quacks. He had a moment in time which was only paralleled once before, in 1932. He could have been, were he bolder, or smarter or actually had a working conscience, he could have been the second FDR. However, he is without honor, without courage, without the mental capacity to create, only to destroy and he is counting upon several things:
(A)-he believes that with the Evil wolves at the door - those out and out fascists who have stolen the Republican Party from the good guys in red, will scare everyone into reelecting him.

(B)-He believes that the phony Health care Plan he passed, he believes the Blacks will reelect him, forgetting that he has lost the Independents, many of the Progressives and 35% of the Liberals all of which are actively planning to vote Third Party or fight for a Primary. I will for the first time in my life join them in not voting Democratic.

Obama's actions reveal his true standing, as an atheist. If he believed in God, he would have resurrected The New Deal, in a New New Deal. He was too much the coward who has a bleak shock surprise awaiting him when, like all the rest of us he finally has to face his Maker. He and Cheney both, and David Rockefeller and others.

God Bless America and from sea to shining sea wipe it clean of fascism on both sides of the aisle. Amen

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