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I believe Democratic Party used to stand for the working class, unions and against the Military Industrial *Medical Complex. We should be looking to Sweden's approach. There is no poverty there and no billionaires. Several simple mathematical formulae will display that any amount over $2.25 Million income a year for CEO's is stealing from Investors and workers, regardless of the size of the corporation. The President of The USA makes only $400,000 and has only one VP corporations and even a College in Illinois has 9 or more. Why?

Mr. Obama acts like a coward. All of his bills have easily discovered loopholes. He acts like a Bilderberg. Outsourcing jobs is greedy and treasonous; it weakens America and Americans but he does nothing about it. he, unlike FDR seems never to have thought about embarrassing congress into action through the use of incessant, unceasing, Executive Orders.

I said before in eighth grade and since after studying architecture that abusing the earth, by deconstructing removing coal, oil and other mining ventures is much like crippling the infrastructure of a building. If you damage the structural supports, its infrastructure, the Earth will fall apart, collapse, somewhat like a building. Except that, the Earth being organic will create an organic response; Earthquakes, Tsunami’s, storm’s, cracking to outer layers and worse. I predicted that as well if your memory serves you well and you have read my writings over these years.

I can report on what the Democratic Party was once and no longer is, the true People’s Party. Materialism and greed has taken over, self-sacrifice for a cause is dead. Courage has turned to cowardice. Sacrificing for one’s loved ones, for one’s belief, one's philosophy, is gone, meaningless self-edification is King and Queen. Masturbation of one’s ego is the goal insuring the death of the soul, inviting, as have corporations Treasonous acts where only wealth is important and not how it was gathered. “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you…” has become “Do unto others before they can do unto you.”

Denial of the existence of the higher power is a denial of science and a denial of one’s own evil acts. Were I president I would ripping out Executive Orders as did FDR to protect freedom and would never have re-upped the Patriot Act, and would have repealed the Military Commission’s act of 2006, together which ripped up out Constitution and Bill of Rights. As Ben Franklyn said, “anyone who sacrifices freedom for “security” deserves neither…”

Only a coward would consent to destroy our freedoms, and apparently, America has betrayed its Greatest Bravest Generations and replaced them with despicable cowardice and materialism. G W Bush, displaying his stupidity, said, "The Constitution is just a piece of paper." These are the words of a dunce-a dunce dumber people elected.

Were I president I would break up AT&T again. I would break up all corporations over $1 billion dollars. I would nationalize oil, drugs companies, hospitals drinking water sources, and banks and as Jimmy Carter once did, I would cap oil prices at $10 a barrel and hit them with a $2.7 trillion Windfall Profit tax.

I had polio as a child as did FDR. FDR was a friend of my grandfather. I won my battle with paralysis, FDR was paralyzed all his life and he gave that life for us the middle and lower classes. I moved into the upper class because of a gift of God. I saw the crash coming a year or more in advance and shorted DOW ETF's and made a 3rd fortune and have given much of it to the poor. I was gifted by God, so I have done as FDR did, give back what I gained. I have never been greedy. Avarice is not a thing that infected my family. I am a democrat because that party WAS the closest thing to a religion/God in the hands of FDR.

DOES GOD EXIST? The ages old question, finally answered here and now, by a scientist. I have among my colleagues, relatives and friends, a minority of people who are atheists. Most of my colleagues when questioned by an intuitive person, through Freudian slip, hints and/or straight out admission leak that their lack of belief results from fear of not making tenure, to loosing it. They fear pressure from those whose bitterness because of life’s struggles has been personalized, those who would not merely belittle them but their work as well.

The Scientist Richard Dawkins is one, which comes to mind that appears to be an aggressive and hate-filled man. People, that I have met, who truly believe and those who truly do not are not consumed with hatred for others who do not share their belief or disbelief. Hatred is a sign of bitter and false belief. Those who are truly vested in their beliefs have no bitterness for those who do not share their point of view. I read an interview with Dawkins in which in one moment he was castigating God for the Holocaust and the next denying the existence of God.

One cannot blame an entity, which does not exist nor can one insist an entity does not exist and at the same time hate that entity. He gave himself away as a person holding a grave insecurity and God hatred. He acts very much like those he thinks are monumentally stupid. His philosophy can very easily be compared to a great number of Fundamentalist Religious figures of all denominations.

He acts like a man in manic fear, and under a tremendous and strenuous nervously exited panic. I feel a bit sorry for him. He constantly calls other stupid, and yet I wonder if he ever wonders how someone with a much higher IQ than his; views him. Well, if he reads this he will know. Aside from family belief and the many decades, nay many hundreds of decades of really accurate and proven prophetic wisdom, I started my academic career as should most people, questioning everything.

That began from the earliest moment of consciousness, which I can remember. Religion was one of those things, imbued, for me, with negative memories of clergy, with a few exceptions, from my very earliest days of Catholic School, which may well have fueled my later gnosticism. I suspect that my family history of just men and women and my mystical experiences, kept me from God hatred. I know why some people hide behind the fashionable mantle of Atheism. However, I was secure enough not to become neurotically for or against a thing, I could not prove either way at the time.

I was, as a scientist should be, very open minded and neutral on God and many other subjects until I had the opportunity to do thorough research. On the other hand, I was baffled by the reasons, fears, and/or delusions, of some, who do believe. Lack of education, a difficult life, paranoia, bitterness, a negative personality, hatred of people, all of these, the same experiences as drive people to a false belief in the non-existence of God, drive many to a false belief in the existence of a sort of god (in this case lower case intended) which exists only in their sadly twisted minds, a god which actions and motives are a projection of minds sick with bigotry and hate.

To me “faith” without reason, is merely superstition, posturing, or bitterness. In either case, those who falsely believe and those who falsely disbelieve are equally unscientific in coming to their posture. For many years, I crossed off incredible personal experiences as coincidences. Things my family called “The Gift.” Jung and Einstein proved that a “coincident” is a thing which Synchronicity shows does not exist. When Jung asked Einstein for a scientific answer to Synchronistic occurrences, on two occasions, Einstein gave him two answers:

A)- “It is simply God’s way of letting us know we are not alone,” and B)- “It is God’s way of helping while remaining anonymous.”

Nothing is an “accident,” nothing is a “coincidence,” if there were, there would be no such thing as science. Something, someone, is always at the heart of, and the initiator of, every occurrence, which has ever come into being. That is science. We say things are an accident when we cannot find out what happened, or when whatever happens is not the fault of those who are blamed for said “accident.”

That is the scientific way/mindset. When, after five years and 162 undergraduate hours of course study, with five majors, I enrolled in an anthropology class, I was on my way to finding truth. That class led to a Ford Foundation Fellowship (FFF) as well as other academic honors. It also led to an undergraduate position of “Graduate Assistant” in which I was on the inside of participating in and creating research methodology and systemic procedures. In one class day, I cemented a direction, which led me to embrace what I saw as reality.

My further studies at both undergraduate and graduate classes fed my thirst for knowledge and answered a number of my questions about the existence or non-existence of God. Biblical and contemporary religious stories solidified several things that smart adults did not seem to comprehend, in favor of, or rejection of belief in God. It all came down to just two days of pondering and a lifetime of researching. When in a late afternoon anthropology class, I asked, after following the evolutionary progression of hominid creatures closer to apes than to men, from Australopithecus Afarensis to Homo sapiens – (HSS), a harmless question that led to an FFF and a new path, things became clear to me.

The question and the seeming patronizing answer, were, “professor, then from whence came HSS?” Bewildered he answered, “out of the north…” an answer that led to one of those seeming fictional movie instances which went on in the lecture hall of more than 150 students in a debate which I was certain would lead to expulsion, and which instead led to the FFF. In that debate and further research, I asserted that the approximately 12 or so attempts by nature of making a more perfect being, were not conclusive in leading to Homo sapiens sapiens that we were different in fundamental and technological ways than our immediate predecessors.

Homo Erectus and Neanderthal were satisfied with the same tools, with little updating and the same housing (caves mostly) and hunter-gatherer life style for hundreds of thousands of years. Yet upon his earliest venture Homo sapiens sapiens (us) began improving tools, hunting methods, and soon planting seeds and ranching cows, sheep and other meats, as well as eventually vastly improving housing after a brief period. This all took place a relatively short expanse of time. That too meant that Homo SS had a differently structured intellect. I predicted, in 19721973, correctly as it turn out, that we would be shown not to carry the DNA of either Homo Erectus or Neanderthal. A 1987 Berkeley computer study found a similar theory and in 2003/2005 actual DNA tests proved that we do NOT carry the DNA of either of those immediately preceding sub-species.

The Neanderthal Burial in the cave site of Shanidar, located in the Zagros Mountains of Kurdistan in Iraq, which was excavated between 1957-1961 by Ralph Solecki, which yielded 54,000 years of human occupation, was a key find for me.

Based upon 192 Academic Credits, involving thousands of hours of study, including many hours at studying available DNA, (which was sparse at that time), genetic codes, enzymes, bone structure, cultural patterns etc., I came to a conclusion which implied that it would be found that Homo sapiens sapiens, would not share the DNA of either of its immediate predecessors; Homo erectus or Neanderthal. That was in 1973. In 1987, a scant 14 years later, at Berkeley: A worldwide survey of human mitochondrial DNA (MtDNA) was published by Cann, Stoneking, and Wilson in Nature magazine, confirmed by projection.

H. neanderthalensis lived perhaps as far back as 400,000 BCE. Some diehards still believe that H. neanderthalensis

In 1997, Mark Stoneking stated: "These results [based on mitochondrial DNA extracted from Neanderthal bone] indicate that Neanderthals did not contribute mitochondrial DNA to modern humans… Neanderthals are not our ancestors."

Subsequent investigation of a second source of Neanderthal DNA supported these findings. However, supporters of the multiregional hypothesis point to recent studies indicating non-African nuclear DNA heritage dating to one Ma, although the reliability of these studies has been questioned. Competition from Homo sapiens probably contributed to Neanderthal extinction. They could have coexisted in Europe for as long as 10,000 years. There was at least one cave shared by Neanderthal and Homo sapiens. The circumstances surrounding the relationship of the two types are not known however.

I CAME BY MY belief through science, because I found that the incongruities that were off-putting to me were not with the existence of a God, but with the, oh-so-obvious lack of common sense and scientific truth showing up between the lines of Organized Religions. They could not see the forest for the trees. They had little evidence and they filled in the blanks with fictions when the obvious was staring them right in the face.

Then there was the scientific evidence of the rather unformulaic, yet well engineered construction of the universe. Here is the evidence of the existence of a Creator, it is simple science and some for scientist’s atheism is a religion with as little common sense as Organized Religions. The formula I give you here is the same one I gave one Noble Prize winner and another on his way to the prize when he was killed in a plane crash.

EVIDENCE A-1 THE BIG BANG THEORY In four Simplified Steps:

1)- First Law of Physics: Matter can neither be created nor destroyed. That truth has never been challenged.

2)- Before THE BIG BANG there was NOTHING, NOT EVEN SPACE. That also cannot and never has been denied or challenged also.

3)- Then debris, dust and gases combined into a Singularity, a Point of incredible density, a sort of Mega Black Hole, which condensed, compacted and then, depending on whose version you use, expanded, exploded, imploded, stretched, was impelled from the Singularity, or the entire “Black Hole” grew in Nano-seconds into the entire universe. So far, so good, right?

4)- WRONG! Here is why and it is a blind spot to some but not to those of common sense and some mathematical background, especially to an architect or engineer.

Visa vie: If (1) & (2) are correct as they have always been and have never been denied or challenged, then from whence came (3)? That is it; there needs be nothing else. Something (God?) created the universe through scientific means. Through His creation of the science of Physics and from a distance of billions of years, just as all celestial bodies and even light are drawn by gravity or into a Black Hole, just as we grow from seeds-sperm being drawn into the eggs, just as men are drawn into the act of Sexual Intercourse, interring a female. Inert, matter, dead stones, minerals, gases, debris, dust do not come into being before they existed by their own volition. That is nonsense. If that were true, Big Bangs Would be Common. They would be happening all the time and everywhere. All of the South West of America, Monument Valley, would be creating mini Big Bangs eternally, every Nano-second all the time.

Remember one thing also, when scientists recreate anything that occurs in nature, what they are doing is not the same as the original Big Bang, because “before the Big Bang there was nothing, not even space,” but scientists are not starting with “Nothing not even space,” they are starting with everything that exists. And even their starting a demonstration of the Big Bang is evidence of a Creator, because the Hand of Living beings of great intelligence are initiating the experiments, thus the hand of man, setting the seeds in motion, just as the Hand of the Unknown Being/Intelligence had to have done.

EVIDENCE B-1 The Human Aspect of the Theory of Evolution? It would appear to me, a Ford Foundation Fellowship Awardee in Anthropology, that evolution went merrily along its way, though there are gaps we yet cannot fill, I will accept what we know so far. But that string stopped as we recently discovered at the end of the Mitochondrial DNA of Homo Erectus and Neanderthal. We, Homo sapiens sapiens, Literally the Wise Man of Wisdom, do not carry the MtDNA of pour two immediate predecessors, Homo Erectus and Neanderthal! The string ended with them and a new one began with us.

The Simple Common Sense Conclusion of Evidence A-1 & B-1? If Inert Matter Created Itself, Then Inert Matter Is God. Inert Matter Cannot Not Create Itself And We Are Not The MtDNA Descendents Of Those Who Came Before Us. If the above science (Above (1) & (2)) has been wrong all of these years, then it would have been impossible for all the things man has designed, engineered, built, constructed, invented to exist. All of our works would be an illusion, a dream, a fantasy, as sure as would the very existence of a universe and humanity. It is just common sense. Therein the two structures, the architecture and engineering of the universe, and the existence of a creature; Homo sapiens sapiens, is not the product of the string of evolution which appears to have ended with Homo Erectus and Neanderthal.

Theories are all well and good, they are necessary to try to find the truth, but using a series of unproven theories as the support of a complexity of unproven theories is simply nonsense, it is but a sadder version of the Kings New Cloths.

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