Thursday, March 3, 2011

An Ancient Form of a New Prayer Curse


Of What Am I Thinking upon This Fine, Sunny Day? As always of painting Beautiful people, of eating Sandwiches of: Salami, Prosciutto, provolone, roasted red pepper, olive oil, clear balsamic vinegar, sliced tomato, fresh basil, oregano on French Bread or crunchy Italian rolls, washed down with Dr. Pepper or Perrier Sparkling Mineral Water w/a touch of tea, followed by a thick wedge of Devil’s Food cake, or Key Lime Pie, or strawberries, all with whipped cream in gobs, as I sit watching the ocean waves crash upon the shore, knowing very well that in the not too distant future all of these wonderful memories will have been desecrated by the greedy, avarice sodden Oil vipers of the world and God’s great creation of Planet Earth and all it contains will have been destroyed by fascism in government and corporate America and elsewhere.

May God leap upon and scald those who have trashed our planet, those who hate the American working class, who wish to destroy their only link to survival, the ability to negotiate their working conditions through Collective Bargaining. May He crush the fascist, anti-union scumbags, (which unions are the only chance for the lower classes to rise)?

At the same time Bless Sweden and other enlightened not so greedy Nations which have eliminated poverty by trashing greed, limiting corporate executive salaries, sharing health care with everyone, so the many can enjoy what the few steal and hoard, where the many are awarded ample incomes, and workers are allowed their dignity, awarded college educations, paid for out of the obese, obscene, portions of monies rescued away from the greedy, evil. Bless the few who see clearly the Truth and enjoy a wonderfully Jesus-like view of life.

God bless those who followed Jesus’ vision of a Social nation of camaraderie, fondness, peace and may we see the death of bigotry and the bigoted, the envious, the Greedy, the jealous, covetous and the hypocrites, and having done so, will eliminate 98.5% of corporate executives, Politicians and those fascists which hide behind the mask of “Conservatives”. A true Conservative would never associate with such fascist, feces.

Down with greed/avarice/oil/ and corporate fascist Rule which has a strangle hold on America and other nations which have been stolen away from the Constitution, which many lawless, greedy Demoniacs ones say, “is just a piece of paper.” And may there be stricken from the Book of Christian Love the leaders of these demoniac, Satanic governors, senators, presidents, congress people and corporate pirates in states which are displaying their avarice-filled, unchristian behavior and may they be cast into the Dark, clammy, cloudy, fiery abyss and never more to emerge to soil the beauty of God’s once Green planet and never again be allowed to torture, a thing of which they approve, as do all of the scum of the earth, who rage and humiliate, slander, demonize and steal away the dignity of their fellow working citizens, who are former veterans, mothers, fathers and grandparents.

May God bless our loving, kindly, friendly, gentile, people, those non-fascists among humankind and comprehend what St. Paul and Jesus were speaking of when they said, “The love of great wealth, much money, is the base root of every evil known to human kind.” Greed is the seed, which will destroy our planet and bring an end, an extinction to Homo sapiens sapiens/us.

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