Friday, February 11, 2011


  The President, as you know, never mentions the drain upon Americans by the 7,000% mark up on oil ,sucking $2.3 trillion and counting, from the American people, while the president makes certain Big oil will either support his run in 2012 or give him a job when he loses, which we hope he will. We hope even more that instead, the Democratic Party grows a pair and instead of supporting their version of G W Bush, initiates a Primary. 

Leading up to the low on December 2008, the price of oil fell from $5.00 a gallon to $1.44. It did so because speculators, hedge funds, and oil companies feared that Mr. Obama might just be a repeat of President Jimmy Carter. Carter when the oil companies back then tried to artificially raise the barrel price of oil from $5-$7 to $25 a barrel. He capped oil at $8 -$10 a barrel and hit them with a Windfall Profit tax. People were smarter back then. However, the voters mistook Mr. Obama as a man of honor, courage/fearlessness, all of which he is the exact opposite.

We want to talk about the $1 trillion a year for a war so that oil companies can use us as their financiers as their cash cows, and our armed forces as the oil companies private mercenaries to steal oil and then soak us at the present 7,000% mark up on oil. Jimmy Carter would not allow that and he did not. Cap oil at $25 and hit them with a Windfall Profits tax of $2.3 trillion which is what they stole from us in oil/gas costs without even counting the trillion a year costs at $1 million per solider at arms. We should bill them for the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars.

Also, we need to destroy the poppy fields in Afghanistan before we leave and perhaps do some real moral work by wiping out the drug Culture in Mexico and Colombia and make friends with President Chavez as an oil deal and stop firing probes and robotic drone's into Venezuela and remove the five military bases from Colombia and stop guarding/supporting their vile, evil, greedy, despicable, Drug Culture. We should also make a deal for trade with Cuba. We can allow then American shoe companies to utilize the once great Cuban Shoemakers in a trade agreement which puts Cuban and American shoemakers back in business here and in Cuba and reestablish trade with them.  They are a far closer trade system and they pay their employees better. We should also close the Northern Marianas clothing makers who are paying their employees 25-50 cents an hour plus rent and food housing them in tents where adult women, men and children sleep with horrific water and toilet facilities.

Right now, the vast majority of my friends and relatives and I are not only not going to vote again for Mr. Obama, but not even for Senator Durbin. Why because Mr. Obama is doing a very good job of acting like Mr, Bush and maybe worse, while Senator Durbin is supporting his actions which are way too far Right and in fact much closer to the greedy/avarice laden Ultraconservative arm of the Republican Party, which like Prescott Bush's philosophy, is much closer to fascism than to even respectable Republican policies like those of Teddy Roosevelt, who was probably the last Progressive Republican ever elected president in the USA.

FDR the last great Democratic president we have had, aside from JFK, must be spinning in his grave along with all who fought fascism in WW II.
“Greed/Avarice, love of wealth is at the base root of everything vile and evil in the world.”: St Paul

Keep in mind that Jesus was what the most ignorant Republicans  call a Socialist. He was indeed a Progressive and never in our records did he forgive the greedy, money grubbers. His only act of violence ever committed against humans was against the bankers, money changing, exchange rate and sacrificial animal, bird hawkers on the portico of the Temple.

For the State Of Arizona:
I have relatives in Arizona, and I traveled there as a child and later played professional baseball there as a teen before and during college.

Though I am an FDR Progressive, raised by a black nanny, Mr. Obama's turncoat attitude has alienated him from his voter base which is mainly Progressives. He apparently, like many politicians, is as eager to sell out as was Tony Blair. NAFTA was the worst Idea since 1929.

Next time around, 2012, it will be my pleasure to vote Third Party, because right now there is no two party system, there is only a two party Bigoted system, the bigotry is selling out to whomever has the most money or the most votes. Obama will find that he will have less votes than Mighty Mouse my usual write-in when I like neither candidate. He will not get my vote in 2012. I see little difference between him and Bush, who back to back made the worst presidents since Taft, Wilson, Harding Coolidge and Hoover.

Arizona’s problem is going to worsen as the drug dealers take over. Seems that the last two presidents highly favor Drug cultures like Afghanistan, Colombia, Mexico, etc. We should have wiped out the drug lords with full military support in all  of those Drug Culture nations instead of attacking Iraq. It would have been a lot cheaper and we would have fewer victims of drug abuse. We ought to legalize drugs limiting their use to prescription which would end the power of the drug culture nations.

Notice that Mr. Obama never mentions that in December 2008 gasoline was down to $1.44 per gallon. That was because Big  Oil/speculators, feared he would do what Jimmy Carter did, cap oil prices at $8-$10 and slam them with a Windfall Profit tax. When they saw he was a wuss, they started piling on the profits. Gas now sells at a 7,000% Mark up.

Arizona is in my prayers. This is one of the few times I agreed with a Republican Governor since Teddy Roosevelt and the War on The Criminal Trusts.

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