Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What Is Wrong With Barack Obama?

Open Letter to Mrs. Obama as she asks what we would like to see for the Convention for the Democratic Party in 2012:

Dear Mrs Michelle Obama, The State of the Union speech was impressive, but since we now always read between the lines, carefully study the turns of his phrases, the half truths he spreads like warm butter over his listeners, as in his comments concerning Social Security, all of that in concert with the craters, the gaps of unprecedented size between what the president says and what he does, we cannot take much of it seriously. He sounds much like a lapdog to the Corporate, Fascist enemies which fill most of both sides of the aisle.

I am the product of nearly 150 years of American Progressive families. My great, Great Grand parents of Noble/Royal Italian blood came to America before or during the Civil war from Italy. My cousins who stayed still inhabit the family castle and palace in the town of our name. For much of that time the maternal side of our family, were and remain FDR Progressives. I am about to depart that party of FDR as he would were he living today. 

My vote for your husband was an error I cannot rescind, and since I see no one on the horizon among the Republicans who is nearly as Progressive as Teddy Roosevelt, I shall vote Third Party or not at all.

This president shows no distinguishable difference to his predecessor. He has failed/Betrayed his voter base and all of his bills contain structural weaknesses, which make them easy prey to the Hun on the Right.

I tried to warn him against making this Health Care Plan mandatory but he allowed that out for the Right, thus either those who drafted this bill like those who drafted the “Stimulus Package” were either incredibly incompetent or creating bills to fool Progressives.

The real underlying wreckage of this economy and the job market is the wars, not Social Security or Medicare. That a Democrat, and one who shares black blood would betray his own people most of whose wealth, if there is any left, was created by Unionism, would allow jobs Outsourcing without strong excise taxation, is a betrayal of Blacks and Whites whose family wealth and education was a result of unionism, which is the opposite of slavery. To deny jobs is a betrayal of support for that base of middle class wealth, and is further an anomaly, a treason, no one I know, myself included, whether rich or upper middle class, let alone the least financially secure, or any person with an immortal soul within his physiology/mind, who truly accepts the scientific reality of a living creative force, cannot not support. The key phrase here is, "or any person with an immortal soul within his physiology/mind," for there are some living among us, whose souls are, simultaneously with their bodies residing in flesh, are burning in Hell in the clutches of the Demoniac. These are the Hun, the fascist/Nazi's at heart, sons and daughters of many nations, followers of the Hun, who came here before and/or after WW II.

This administration is not only still pressing the Bush Cheney wars onward, but is also threatening new wars! This is preposterously evil. Yet, this president threatens simultaneously, the lifeblood of the elderly, Medicare and Social Security. I understand why, now he did not attempt to indict The Bush administration, he is afraid of the Hun/Mafia and he knew that he too would soon be joining the ranks of War Criminals.

The things that killed our economy and subsequently the jobs market, which unemployment stands not at 9.4% but at 29%, are these insane wars and Outsourcing of Jobs.

The price of gasoline/gas/oil has more than doubled since its low of $1.44 in December of 2008 even though oil is still being brought to bear at a cost of under $00.04 a gallon and sold to us at a 9,000% profit. That is criminal. It would take an encyclopedic letter to explain all the betrayals of this administration and I have not the time. It is at this point, I no longer consider this president a Progressive or even a true Democrat. Just as one cannot represent him/herself as a Christian and a Nazi or fascist, few can be both a Conservative and a follower of the One who was a Progressive, a Socialist, and something of a Liberal, Jesus ben Yoshua.

What this President should/would do if her was an honorable man to do is ask for a Primary and let some real Progressives run against him. He has proven to be enamored of the Mega Corporations and has sold his soul to them, seemingly unaware of , or heedless of General. President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s warning about the Military Industrial complex as it is has now expanded to become The Military, Medical, Legalized Drug Addictive Pharmaceutical, Oil Addicted, Developer, Corporate, Dictatorship, Complex.

Jesus, George Washington, Ben Franklyn, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt and FDR are spinning in their graves, and The Lord God is shedding tears as this president is enabling the Genocide of the lower, the Middle and upper and middle classes, as surely as did immigrants and citizens of the late 18th, the 19th and early 20th centuries committed Genocide upon American Natives.

Some, followers of the demoniac, now congratulate this president as he continues to clasp hands with the Kings of Darkness and shows we who see through his words to his soul, wherein he exhibits a fearfulness, a treasonous, a violation, a betrayal of allegiance, to his voter base. Wherein he dons a turncoat mentality of fraternizing with the enemy. He is to me, as is tony Blair, one whose soul has lost its way, for wont of material things. I expected as much from Bush, he was loyal to those he represents, criminals of the most sophisticated sort. He simply made a mockery of those who were not a part of his voter base, those to which he felt no allegiance and those who could not properly decipher the message he was sending to his regulars.

What, I wonder was there in Mr. Obama's passing from the womb to adulthood which made him the cower and shrivel in the presence of the wealthy and powerful? Was it a lack of security because his father abandoned his family when Barack was age two? Was it inheritance of a gene of betrayal? Was it such a fierce clinging to the easiest path to financial security, that he thought nothing of abandoning his connection to his voter base, as he was abandoned? Did he learn abandonment is the best way to avoid responsibility and so his betrayal of obligations, ala his father, was of no consequence to him? Is he the epitome of a man who would use anyone, any means, any path, to feel safe? Are his only goals dynastic wealth and celebrity?

Is that why he betrayed 54 million voters? Or does he suffer from a mental aberration like the sociopaths, which feel no remorse, and would take any path to their goal, ignoring the frightful worldwide damage inflicted upon such a great many; altogether, mentally, spiritually, physically, financially even upon his own nation and people? He seeks a legacy that will doom life on Earth. A legacy that plays Kreigschpeil with surrounding Russia and China as the targets, mindful of the commercial/financial power of this pair, all the while, knowing full well that there is no such animal as "terrorism" that term replacing saboteurs which have been always among every nation. The laws to define it, were a fraud to weaken the Constitution and Bill of Rights, as did The "Patriot Act" which is the exact opposite of its title, as it hobbled the Constitution, and the Military Commission's Act of 2006, which demolished the Bill of Rights by crushing nine of the ten rights.

Whatever, his reasons, motivation, men and women of courage want nothing more to do with him, he who is so incredibly untouched by the evil he represents and casts upon hundreds of millions of living souls. I cannot but believe that he, like Bush/Cheney, is a plague in the mold of another before his time, who attracted the same hoard as did das Dritte Reich, as it reached out to ensnare the avarice bedraggled, the desperate, the lacking in vision even after the fact, for we can excuse some who lacked the complete vision before the fact. He now is the subject of my prayers, though I have grave doubts the prayers will affect one so self absorbed.

To the voters, I say, may God Bless you and bring you to wisdom over the next few years which may be worse as the Gold prices and the DOW crash again. Shall we short them; the GLD, the DIA and the SPY? I think maybe yes, but the timing is the sole concern, which as yet, I have not been given to know or determine, not so however, the failing of the markets.

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