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By Line: Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo
President Obama’s “economic stimulus program” is not a continua­tion of the Bush administration’s bank bailout packages, it is an escalated New World Order, transfer of all of the wealth of the American people who make less than a seven figure income, (but even many above that seven figure mark) into the hands of bankers. It is, as I have been saying since 2003 the largest swindle in the history of the world and it has been escalated by a third term of office by not exactly a Bush-like president, but one whose ideals are closer to those of Cheney and Hitler. Hitler, however, did not seek to impoverish his own people of Germany; it was aimed at his enemies. Cheney and Obama, however, in addition to bombing certain nations into the Stone Age, are carrying out a simple task. Men who were trusted have stolen form those who elected them, everything those people owned or in which they took pride.
The immorality of the Obama plan makes one’s head spin. Harvard educated, he embodies the worst of the class of 1949-The Forty-Niners, who foisted upon America Planned Obsolescence, and way, then some. He is planning the slow genocide of three classes of Americans. He is a heart and soul of the Bilderbergs/Little Boys Billionaires Club, which allegedly includes one little girl, Oprah. The plan is relatively simple: Make health Care impossible to maintain or be afforded, take away means of earning, allow banks and other businesses to steal their depositors blind, wiping out savings in short selling sprees, bankruptcies, escalation of the price of precious metals, which were once a stable place at $35 an ounce to place one’s cash-at $1500 and ounce, no longer, reducing income and driving oil/gasoline prices out of sight, further draining the upper middle, middle, lower middle and lower classes daily. The lack of proper health care, the self-off losses of confiscated properties in bankruptcy, the drain of high cost fuel, banks literally stealing from depositors, Wall Street doing the same, stripping away of Social Security and pensions, will send tens of millions of Americans into bankruptcy, and many will be homeless and die off.
All of the above including the fall of the stock market and the reimbursement of the banks and brokers, the draining of the Treasury, and all of the above were aimed at once thing to transfer YOUR money into the possession of a virtual handful of Billionaires so that they could ride out your demise in high style. The ultimate goal of Homeland Security is their eventual local assistance in wiping out, YOU!
Low interest rates are dwindling the savings of those, which the crash missed. Instead of receiving 5%-19% interest, you continue to receive less than one percent and that will not improve they want to drain your cash and cannot do it if interest rates are high. The low interest rates are killing off American savings by the trillions.
The goal of the New World Order? To be rid of all people of/in the following categories: Those on welfare, Pensions, those invalided, those with long term illnesses and those whose IQ’s are below a certain number, a number by the way which exceeds that of our last two presidents, when averaged.  To protect the entire illicit drug dealing nations and which through your physicians, the drug companies and hospitals hope to addict every living person to drugs, to make them slaves for a period before eliminating them. That is why they wish to eliminate law suites against doctors, drug companies and hospitals. They will also then have to kill off all of the lawyers who pursue such cases. They already have in place a national Eminent Domain law, which allows a wealthy man to confiscate your home and lot to build upon it his own home or development if it will bring in more taxes. Mosquito spraying will become a spraying of live mosquitoes, which are living hypodermic needles to inoculate you with deadly diseases. These will be followed or preceded by Terrorist Attacks created by the American Government wherein thousands of people are assassinated en masse’. You will, and are, quite literally becoming canon fodder.
The nation and soon the world population will fall to less than 10% of its current population, the nation from 300 million to 35-30 million, 95% of which will be drugged out slaves serving in the military and the others will have all of your money ands property.
The Obama policy solution to the perceived crisis is now the further cause of it. This will escalate bankruptcies and a collapse of the Americans standard of living. Thus the Bush and Obama bank bailouts were intended to inject cash transferred from your savings to theirs to ensure the payment of “inter-bank” debt movement and consolidation, visa-vie, large sums of cash transit throughout the banking system, from big banks to hedge funds, to offshore banking “store rooms” and back to the banks, this is money laundering at its utmost, money stolen from you and your Treasury and now in private and some corporate hands.
The government and the media continue to lock onto their fantasy of “inter-bank debts” in which names of the real creditors are seldom mentioned and which legitimacy is never questioned. Multibillion-dollar transfers are conducted electronically from one financial entity to another. Where is the money going? Who is collecting these multibillion debts, which are in large part the consequence of financial manipulation and derivative trade? In addition, to whom do all of the drug profits from the many drug nations in which America has an ever-increasing military presence, of which ownership even Senators like McCain are completely ignorant.
In Ghetto neighborhoods across America, the federal government has a secret. It is the forced drug addiction of homeless, bankrupt, mentally ill, and chronically ill people who are jobless, which numbers are growing. The government tells them that they need medication, which is free, and they trade acceptance of the drugs for food and lodging until they either expire or are commissioned as suicide drones in assassination attempts.
There is subtle evidence that some large financial institutions are trans­ferring billions of dollars into their hedge funds and associated financial interests to buy up real estate by the millions of acres.  It is not by accident that there are now drugs store on virtually every block city by city. More and more of you suffering under the pummeling by drug companies in and effort to make every American into a neurotic addict beholden to their doctor or druggist.
Combining the profits of illicit drug sales, oil/gasoline and loss of citizen property and cash, who is grabbing all the profits of the government bailout money? A handful of David Rockefeller’s Bilderbergs?
The New World Order has constituted as a powerful means to acquire wealth, your wealth to destabilize our economy. The immediate goal? The deliberate confiscation of cash and property serving it into the hands interests of financiers, leaving all whose net worth is less than nine-figures, in, unemployment, poor health and nationwide poverty. Talk about pillaging, the Huns never had it so good and a Democratic president is leading the charge.
The drain of $19.3 trillions of dollars of citizen savings and state tax revenues has crushed the economy but has accelerated state by state, city by city, the planned annihilation of the American Dream, making this the ideal time, if they are not asleep on the job, for China and Russia and affiliates to attack America. This was all a part of the destabilization plan which drove NAFTA to disrupt every state possible filling them with drug dealing, low-ball, job stealing hoards overwhelming the first Southwest then the rest of the nation.
The result, the plan is the illegal confiscation of life­long savings, pension funds and tax rev­enues to finance the bank bailouts. We are seeing the government-protected criminalization of the population, and the financial system.
The monetary system, the financing of a mammoth U.S. budget deficit through dollar denominated debt instruments has been decapitated because of the incredibly low interest rates, which are benefiting no citizen and destroying the savings of every American household.
What we have dealt with in this chapter is one central aspect of an evolving process of global financial collapse. While the finan­cial apparatus has not collapsed, the Great Depression of the 21st century is by no means over. We can expect a renewed wave of bank failures, mergers and acquisitions in the years to come.
Financial Disarray; Can it Be Turned Around?
I said this in 2003, and every year since and if you go to this URL you can find some of them you can wander through my articles and find my solutions, the only problem is no one wants to hear the truth and the government certainly being behind this movement isn’t at all interested, but for the record one more time here is what needs be done.
It is a simple strategy taken from the works of FDR and Jimmy Carter, with a poke from Jesus philosophies, the earlier directions of Imhotep, Moses, the more recent works of Brazil’s 35th President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, assisted by the fact that Brazil has kept its own nation out of wars since 1870. That alone is a savings of trillions. He is succeeded by Dilma Rousseff  won Brazil's presidential runoff on Sunday, making her the first female president of South America's largest and most populous country.
Here is the plan and I really do not care about the cost or the views of economists, even if it matches the $4.35 Trillion spilled to the Banks by Bush/Obama. I saw the crash coming and prospered immensely from it, however profiting from the devaluation of the dollar is exceedingly more difficult.
1)- Present to each family with a net worth of $1 million dollars or less $50,000 - $100,000 to do with as they wish. This will rocket start the economy.
2)- Cap oil at $25.00 a barrel, levy upon the oil companies profit of $2.3 trillion dollars since 2003 a minimum Wind-Fall Profit Tax of $1.5 Trillion.
3)- Utilizing the Mosaic Law, restore to each family from which homes were confiscated either the homes or their equity in those homes.
4)- Utilizing a system of reverse transfers, refund the savings of each family lost in 2008.
5)-Hunt down and prosecute the Criminals who stole the missing $1 trillion missing from the Treasury, as well as the $280 million American stolen from the bank of Baghdad by armed mercenaries or troops in 2007.
6)-Restore the Savings and Loans concept.
7)- Raise interest rates to 6% and interest earned to 5% writing off the differential.
8)- End the wars, all of them. Burn the poppy fields in Afghanistan and destroy the drug crops there and in Mexico, Pakistan, Colombia and all other nations where we have bases. Hunt down and kill all those involved; and indict the politicians who profited from the drug land occupation. Close military camps in Colombia, and prepare for a war on Mexico to wipe out the entirety of the Drug Cartel there.
9)-Repeal NAFTA and ship back to Mexico all illegal aliens. Allow them to return only if they first apply for citizenship and agree on threat of permanent deportation to accept only wages and benefits at union scale or above.
10)- Pass the Union Shop Scale Law for every industry, wherein not paying union scale wages and benefits is a federal crime whether or not the workers actually belong to the union. Set wages by industry with only start up companies immune to the law for their first three years of operation.
11)-Make it a federal crime, jail time minimum of 5 years for any entity serving, city, village, town, County, state or Federal government, to borrow against pensions/benefits funds or not fund them. Make it a federal crime jail time minimum of 5 years to fail to fund pension or benefits. Make it also a federal crime jail time minimum of 5 years to privatize any pension or other benefits.
12)-Standardize Gold again at the $35 frozen rate, which made the dollar standard before 1961, to prevent any attempt at devaluing deflation of the dollar and which was a safe haven against the greed of corporations and other entities which seek to steal the wealth of American Citzens.

Trouble is, Bush and his father before him were the originators of all of this horror, including the fraud of Terrorism . Since FDR died we have had NO real president.

Jesus said he would return within a generation. On strictly material, flesh and blood terms he did not. To those with the Gift, he has been here many times. Once long before his birth in Israel I believe he was Imhotep, the architect, engineer, physician, healer miracle worker. In each of his returns he was murdered or ignored. He appeared again, in spirit within the heart and mind of a rich man with compassion for the not so gifted, the poor, the world weary, the outcasts, as Jesus was an outcast himself. He came in mind and Spirit to a man, as FDR-Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Why do I say that? FDR put into law, more of the wishes, philosophies, hopes and dreams of Jesus than any world leader in history. He took care of the poor, he, very much like Jesus, treated those gluttons of avarice, as the criminals they were. CEO's whose mammoth salaries heaped upon them from board members (also CEO's, or wannbe's) upon whose boards the CEO sits, a mutual, criminal, conspiratorial, plan to raid the treasuries of corporations, thus stealing from employees and investors/shareholders, until under Bush they found a better Plan-Raid the Treasury itself, cause a crash with over spending by protecting the practice of evil through two laws Bush passed which destroyed the Constitution (The Patriot Act) and the Bill of Rights (The Military Commissions act of 2006). 

Obama is no enemy of the Far Right, he is a member of their club. He is one degree of separation from Bush, as Satan is one degree of separation from Beelzebub. Greed, fascist Avarice has infectedand it originated with several sources; children of fascists who came to America after the war, from people with the foresight of a donut hole and the IQ of wart whose chief goal is to Marry into wealth and privilege and then cheat and to hang at the mall the rest of their lives and sort through and buy ring tones and shoes.

My prayers are that God sends a Second Passover.

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