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Obama lowered payments to Social Security, as a gift to the Robber Barons of the Right, his new best friends, thus weakening Social Security. Why not, they have  not offered him the same Judas Priest soul buyout for which they snared the not hard to snare soul of Tony Blair? They didn’t have to because his price was lower, because he had already sold out before the election.

Some people ask, “Why do they sell out?” Will, they do so because they see that those at the top never go to jail, never even be indicted? They also do so because they never see God or an army of angels come slay the war and peace criminals.

Obama was my worst voting mistake by far. However, since the voting periods of 1932-1944, with the exception of 1960, when we narrowly elected JFK, we haven’t had much of a choice, have we? The quality of life began its decent the day FDR died, and has been accelerating ever since, like the speed of a falling body, 32 feet per minute, per minute Ad Infinitum. In my defense, he did not fool me, I chose what I thought was the lesser of two evils.

While the working people took tremendous financial beatings and the criminal Wall Street robbers went unpunished, this president wants to deflate the dollar and continue trying to compete with economies which workers are in virtual poverty, while a handful become wealthy. (Mr. Maddoff was only punished so severely because he stole from those who were stealing from the rest of us, the Super wealthy.) You will notice that none of the Wall Street thieves including those whose goal is and has been the draining of funds from local, state and federal dollar sources have ever been indicted. Stealing your tax contributions by the trillions. Every tax advantage and every tax law has been broken by the self-styled “elite” without penalty, while minor criminals are shot or sent away for eons.

The pieces have been sliding into place for decades. Small laws here and there like how much cash you can draw out of the bank or deposit without having the feds on your backs.

Right now, by plan, there is literally no place for the working class to make a profit on their savings, if indeed they have any. If you are getting 1% interest on your savings, you are lucky. Gold is at $1500 and ounce so buying it is readying yourself for a complete financial meltdown, hurrying the next shoe to fall. Gas is nearing $90 a barrel and your home has depreciated by 35%-50%. Medical Care is skyrocketing. If truly, this nation really wanted to compete with China, they would be turning those investments around. Medical costs should revert to the cost levels of the 1950’s 1960’s, gold would return to the $35 an ounce standard of the same era and would serve as it did then, as a stable, safe place to park cash when the market is dangerous. Already everything or almost everything is beyond the reach of even the wealthiest middle or upper middle class families. You are being crushed financially. The average working class family has, since the war began, lost 60% - 80% of its net worth. The stress, investment losses, unaffordable health care, low pay, few to no benefits, is killing millions, as planned by the wealthiest people in America, beginning as far back as the day FDR died. When he died, the beginning of the end of the middle class began.

The Obama plan is much like the non-plan of Bush, to destroy the middle class income and benefits levels, including their housing values. His plan will have our working class making less than those of China and all of the Third World Nations. This is a plan made by a megalomaniac, a celebrity wannabe, who is willing to throw our people to the dogs. He is proving what many have suspected, that Harvard has been slipping since the eras of Roosevelt’s and Kennedy’s and hugely.

To devalue the dollar, is to devalue the American people, to crush them and drive them financially below the labor forces of China, Malaysia, and the offshore Third World slave markets. To do that he must “eliminate” the entirety of the US work force, and that he appears willing to do. This means the actual deaths of tens of millions of Americans. All of the equipment is in pace to do that: Mosquito There is not consistency in Obama’s plan because if there were he would place a cap on the price of a barrel of oil at about $7.50 and hit them with a Windfall Profit Tax, ala Jimmy Carter. That would drive down the costs of American manufacturing considerably more than de-unionizing the labor markets.

People wonder why if things are as bad as they seem to be to Mr. Obama, he even wants to compete with China. It is not the way to turn about the US economy. It is akin to Colt wanting to compete with toy gun manufacturers or Ferrari wanting to compete with Hyundai.

The 2008 crash was planned or used to their advantage by some as a way to drain the Treasury as well as all Americans. Therefore, that the very wealthy would share a huge profit stolen from us, so they could ride out the coming doomsday reality on the luxury of having sucked out all of the wealth of the working classes. These demoniacs have planned for the working classes. How? The plot is not at all difficult to unscramble, by allowing or forcing the deaths of those are elderly, without affordable healthcare, or savings, or Medicare or Social Security and investment at best now, being tricky, seeking to short precious metal and the DOW indicators like Diamonds and Spyders, etc. may be the best path to follow. Bush and Company drained the citizenry and the Treasury of the Clinton Surplus of $5.9 Trillions and spread the debt of $19.3 trillions among his supporting cast of corporations. The powers of Empire have taken back one third of the Maddoff profits returning $7.2 Billions to the wealthy and they are hot on the trail of the other $14 billion. Yet no one of them has returned the several Trillions Wall Street players robbed from the Upper Middle, Middle and lower classes. Not penny one.  Right now the “government” are asking you to return some your stimulus pittance. There is only one reason for “trying to compete with China,” and it is a stupid one. I learned this from my grandfather and coach Tony Lawless at Fenwick, “once you start playing the opponent’s game you have conceded to them…”

Only fools try to mimic an opponent in an effort to beat them. Once the opponent has drawn you into that mode, you will be devastated. Who knows this reality; General George S. Patton, Julius Caesar, General MacArthur, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Babe Ruth (Swing upward hitting the bottom half of the ball), most Nobel Prize winners in science, most successful inventers, coaches (George Halas, Vince Lombardi, Paul Brown, Don Shula, Tom Landry, Bear Bryant, Earl “Curly” Lambeau and Chuck Noll). I could go on with this list for Pages. Barrack Obama is currently the winner of the most ill awarded honor of all time, the Nobel Peace Prize. That, I believe will be his legacy.

Harvard normally does not produce a great many fools, but in our era, it produced two, GW Bush (Graduate school after riding his family’s coat tails at Yale) and Obama. Obama is not the first Person to have a good academic record and follow it up with failure. 90% of the world’s billionaires became so since 2007, most since 2009. Why? Just as baseball went from 3,000 home runs a year to 5696 in its Home run era, one knew immediately it was because of an inequity, a falsehood, because such anomalies only occur when there is fraud, specifically the stupid economic waste of the most unqualified president to ever take office, GW Bush listened to a cabal of evil minds. He blew President Clinton’s $5.9 trillion surplus and another $13.4 trillion to boot and 95% of that money went to Millionaires and to scammers and war criminals. They stole from and shut out the entire working class.

Obama is playing China’s game and China is laughing up their sleeves about. He and his Rightwing “Debt Commission” whose total knowledge/intelligence of how to get America back where it was before the Bush Horror, is minus nil. They are blinded by avarice, envy, and a hatred of unions, the great American work force and all people who do not suffer from the disease of avarice. They will go down as the most stupidly inept group since Adolph Hitler’s reign, and their goal is very similar to his. Their goal is to beat China at China’s own game by remaking America, whose population is five times smaller than that of China, into mimicking China.

The intelligent player plays to his own strength and his opponent’s weakness. China’s weakness is high quality. Their strength is cheap, toxic products and a huge cheap labor force, about which despite their reputation, they are serving better than America is serving their own. Instead of trying to destroy its vast labor force, it is trying to put that force to 100% employment, and their economy is booming.

Brazil’s President, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, is leaving office with an 83 % approval rate. In eight years this “Socialist” which businessmen feared, has turned Brazil’s economy around, crushed the drug cartel, raised his nation to third/fourth in oil production and has made his people among the best paid with the best benefits in the world, and even the businessmen are happy. Brazil rose from the ashes of America, and they have 100% employment and American workers are flocking there for Brazil’s great pay and benefits and their realistic valuing of skilled workers.

Sweden, while a small nation, also has a booming economy and highly paid workers with high taxes (52%), which buys them, free higher education, a strong pension and early retirement. They are happy and so is their workforce and they have capped CEO Compensation so that unlike America where a corrupted board of director’s system allows Executives to legally steal huge sums of money from their employees and investors, by playing musical board chairs, with other CEO’s, in a “you help me steal and I will be on your board and help you steal,” “system.

Just two of the successful nations that played to their own strengths; a solid work force and a reliable, well made, high quality, innovative products and services, while America plays China’s game, which will end in utter failure for America’s people and the nation. The difference between Obama and Brazil’s President, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, and Sweden’s leaders? High intelligence, experience (Obama has none) and a respect and loyalty to those strengths, which are their people. We are not Obama’s people, because he has no “people”. He abandoned his race, religion and his country, its people and all intelligent pathways.

“Stay the course…” he recently said about his poorly advised carrying out of one the biggest lies to his voter base. Only a fool “stays the course…” of a draining, death dealing, money losing waste of lives and the total destruction of the US economy and nation. Who does such things? Fools, and men who seek dynastic wealth and celebrity. It, in reality, is the road to failure in life and after life, horror.

Enough of that, what would a bright, experienced, intellect do to right America after seventy years of stupid and ill advised administrations?

1)-It really is quite simple if you are not tied to a corrupt goal of selfish outcomes. These wars are benefiting only the following people: The drug dealers which are tied to a cabal of madmen in politics, the military arms and ordinance dealers, politicians, and war criminals. In tenure within our government and growing these last 70 years are the worst criminals in world history. (and please recall that the greatest booms in our nation have come, not during but after exiting wars).

By leaving the sadomasochistic wars created by a Confederacy of Dunces, a union of fools, in a copulation of/with mad sadomasochists; will be abandoned here and abroad and $1 trillion a year will be saved.

2)- Raise, not lower, taxes. Raising taxes allows the two trillion dollars in dormant savings to gain interest, at anywhere from 5%-20% and create a booming economy, as people will invest and/or spend their new wealth, instead of keeping it where can do no good.
In our history, lowering taxes always led to depression, raising them always led to an era of plenty. It allowed the wisest middle class savers to have extra cash, which they put into circulation immediately.

3)- Eliminate mercenaries immediately, instead form elite forces within the military to do those jobs, mercenaries are a waste of money and cost more than 1,000 times the same number of military men/women. The mercenaries are simply former military. Pay them a little more to stay and develop the elite forces needed.

4)- Saving energy is a bad idea. Eliminating energy is great idea. Next, replace Forced Air HVAC with Geothermal HVAC powered by home electricity generation/creation from the Sun. Both are free except for labor. Place cost caps on all HVAC Geothermal contractors because new technology vendors will begin to gouge if given the chance. Offer subsidies to go in that direction and make the use of oil, gas, and derivatives illegal.

5)- Go after with zeal equal the money lost by the working people, to that of serving the so-called “victims” of Maddoff. Millionaires and billionaires are not victims, unless greed makes one a victim and getting back their money is no more important than getting back ours. In order to qualify for funds like Maddoff’s, a person needs, to have a net worth of at least $1.5 - $2.5 millions. That is NET worth, wealth above obligations and ongoing bills.

Wall Street’s treatment of every investor since the DOTCOM era has been no less criminal. I reported several “analysts” and brokerage firms on my way to tripling my net worth in the DOTCOM era, who would tout a stock one day, and as their clients bought, the analysts were busy planning a subsequent negative report, and they began shorting (insider trading) a few days before the call which caught most of their investors flat footed and they lost their shoes, while the analysts who originally touted the rise and subsequent fall made a two fortunes and drove most of his investors out of the market.

I reported several and one stopped the practice after I confronted him with the evidence by telephone and another resigned to “Write” and was never heard from again. Neither these nor the massively well known huge banking an brokerage firm which is still rolling along cheating, stealing from investors, were ever prosecuted. Why? Because they were stealing from us, not the billionaires, who were their confidants and confederates. Maddoff as I said cheated the Wealthiest of people, and that is the only reason he was nailed with such a horrific sentence. That sentence was a Corporate Mafioso warning, which stated, “ We are the only ones allowed to cheat people without prosecution, and cheat the dummies.” That word is a common description of the average investor to analysts.

If you want to understand the make-up of Stock Analysts, simply eliminate the last four letters of the second word of the above (their) title.

6)- Right now the middle, upper middle and lower classes pay 96% of the US income taxes which supports all government offices. The wealthiest people pay the remaining 4%.

To return to equity return to the Graduated income tax. The formula is simple. Make it a 50/50 split. Moreover, make it a Capital Crime to NOT balance the budget. Eliminate all property and sales taxes and have a flat fixed National Income Tax which includes all current state and local taxes, but at a much lower rate of taxation which cash is distributed to town and cities and villages and states nationally, which can never be raised. Once a percentage is in place, that percentage should never go up, ever. Percentages are stable, as prices go up revenue follows, as they wane so does revenue. There is never a just reason to raise the percentage of a tax, never. Those who try to do so should be sent to the death chamber because they eventually destroy as they have done recently a nation and its people.

7)- And lastly, reenact the draft, and make war subject to referendum, not by state but by popular national vote. To that add one caveat, only if our nation is attacked by massive bombing, not a few buildings here and there which most architects have proven were sabotaged, which as such my first comment after the lower portion of the buildings collapsed was, “The remainder of the buildings was below the center of gravity and with no other proof, I will state that I believe there was sabotage, a bomb within the foundation.”

The idea of “terrorism is a LIE! There is nothing more or less than there has ever been of that which we called “sabotage.”

 ("In some ways she was far more acute than Winston, and far less susceptible to Party propaganda. Once when he happened in some connection to mention the war against Eurasia, she startled him by saying casually that in her opinion the war was not happening. The rocket bombs which fell daily on London were probably fired by the Government of Oceania itself, "just to keep the people frightened." -- George Orwell, 1984.”)

"The size of the lie is a definite factor in causing it to be believed, because the vast masses of a nation are in the depths of their hearts more easily deceived than they are consciously and intentionally bad. The primitive simplicity of their minds renders them more easy victims of a big lie than a small one, because they themselves often tell little lies but would be ashamed to tell big ones." ---Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf

"Such a form of lying would never enter their heads. They would never credit others with the possibility of such great impudence as the complete reversal of facts. Even explanations would long leave them in doubt and hesitation, and any trifling reason would dispose them to accept a thing as true. Something therefore always remains and sticks from the most imprudent of lies, a fact which all bodies and individuals concerned in the art of lying in this world know only too well, and therefore they stop at nothing to achieve this end." ---Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf.
This is the worst affront to the Almighty, since Adolph Hitler's war, and the most massive robbery in world history and some fools on both sides of the aisle are equally to blame for it.

“What do they think is going to keep them from joining Hitler and his staff in the bowels of Hell? I believe that many members of this congress who worked for the support of this war and some who, supported the continuance of this war, will encounter in an unwelcome visit from an angel in black, and it will not be a visitation to complement them on their lack of conscience or honor. The God they ignore is not ignoring them and very soon, He will face them with His own brand of Justice, a word they do not comprehend. He will send them a fate, similar of those who have also blasphemed and it will be God-sent not man-sent, God Made not man made, and God Determined not man determined, because there are not enough good men of honor in Washington to do what must be done-bring them to justice, to law, to trial and to sentencing and incarceration.”

Item number One: The anthrax murder weapons went only to Progressive and Liberal Democrats.

Item number Two: The so-called “terrorist” attacks were always, only against working class people. There were never attacks on those, (politicians, industrialists, partners of war goods/ordinance derivatives funds, etc,) who were the creators of the attacks on Iraq, or bombings/mass murders of Muslim civilians. The terrorist attacks focused on frightening every day people, not on the sources of pain for those who were attacked by the Bush administration.

Item number Three: There are multiple witnesses including Paul O’Neil, a life long Republican who served several presidents, who state that the attack on Iraq was in the planning stages long before 9/11.

Item number Four: As I said just before the war began, “There are no WMDs in Iraq. The premise that there are is false and contrived.”

Item number Five: I predicted that the opium crops once Bush/Cheney occupied Afghanistan, it would rise to number one in illicit opium production/sales. It has.

Item number Six: Do you really believe that a multi-millionaire, billionaire, who once along with 19 members of his family was an investor in Bush Senior’s Carlyle Group, which investments pay an average of 38% return annually to their investors and always seem to know when a war is one the horizon and well in advance of that war, buy up or invest in Military ordinance and arms companies, is now with all his money, and who is hampered by being stuck on a dialysis machine is running about hiding in ditches, caves and on mountain tops? That someone as rich and ill as Osama bin Laden would make himself a target and run about hiding? Would you?

He was a friend of both Bush and Cheney and an investor, now he is the enemy of Bush and the USA. And he supported Obama's candidacy? Was not that to hopefully for McCain to make Obama seem like a Muslim Terrorist to voters? The wars on Iraq for oil and spite, on Afghanistan for drugs and an oil pipeline and because a presence in both countries as well as in Iran and North Korea, if you have ever played the ages old war game Kriegsspiele, you know are the most strategic positions for a war with China and Russia. You should also know that that war would reduce the world population by some 90% the goal of The Bilderbergs and Little Boys Billionaires club of which Oprah is rumored to belong along with Bill Gates and David Rockefeller among other millionaires whose goal it is rumored to be to decrease the world population by 90+%. He was responsible for the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

You would also know that Obama, for whom I voted, lied to all of us about the wars and is actively and rapidly pursuing the goals of Rockefeller and Bush. PS: Long time Liberal Senator Richard Durbin, who initially was against the war, is now an avid supporter of this policy and of helping screw over the working class. In my defense, he did not fool me, but I erroneously thought he could not be as bad as the McCain/Palin absurdity. Well, we shall never know if he is or is not, but he is neither a Clinton money saver nor an FDR people lover and he lacks the moral courage of FDR and JFK. That is probably why the Right Wing dictator enthusiasts have not impeached him.

Post Note
"Therefore, the top 1 percent of individual filers paid 40.42 percent of the individual income tax burden during 2007, paying $470.3 billion, which is only 9.4 percent of total tax collections in this country for that year."

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