Friday, January 21, 2011

State of The Union; Obama Style

I received an email from the White House announcing the President's "State of the Union Message."

My reply:

I am a part of five generations of FDR Progressives. I am also a retired architect with many prestigious structures to my credit in Illinois, with a scientific and scholarly legacy as well. I write to say that I will soon move over to the other side of the aisle with large donations, and as a patriarch of this family; the rest will follow, (that they have already indicated to me, and I have a large family/following,) if someone in this administration does not convert this president concerning his disloyalty to his voter base.

This year Social Security deposits were cut from 6.4% to 4.2%. Obama and several Democrats have commented on "what a burden SS is for American Business".

Obama said recently, "The costs to American Businesses must be cut and nothing is sacred..." He also rather stupidly said, "We must compete with China!"

NO! We must not. Play your opponents game and YOU lose. Even the most foolish football coach or general knows that truism. We must compete only with those who produce high quality goods Sweden, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Australia all Socialist Nations, are all successful. Becoming the skid row of the product world is not competing; it is copying the worst ideas of history.

Obama is now the number One worst democratic president ever. Easily surpassing Johnson, because Johnson at least did some good. Sweden, and the other nations I mentioned are successful while having created a nation respectful of its citizens, you are trying to create a nation like Big Brother and The Rebel chief mandated in Orwell's masterpiece

We are now  spending $1 trillion a year and Mr. Obama has rejected every jobs plan offered him. He wants cuts but ignores the $Trillions spent on the war, $9.3 trillion so far plus the $5.9 trillion Clinton surplus and the $2.3 trillion Oil Windfall profits and the $4.3 trillion Giveaway to banks and brokerage firms. President Carter capped oil at $8.00-$10.00 a barrel in its attempts to transfer middle class and upper middle class wealth to the richest people in America and hit them with a Windfall Profit tax. Oil dropped to $1.44 cents a gallon in December 2008 and has risen to nearly $3.50 a gallon since, five times crossing the $3.00 a gallon price since with no mention of it by this president. He is allowing Wall Street Speculators to drain American working class income.
I am a Catholic, but with many rabbinic friends, and with them I share a great respect for Judaism, out of which my faith grew. Both faiths hold a high regard for the not-so-gifted, the infirm and elderly. This president is no more a Progressive than was/is G W Bush. His actions, his profound and self-willed, weakness in negotiation along with his weak-willed caving on issues of importance to the citizens of America is a slap in the face to the Founding Fathers, to Jesus and men and women of honor, pride and empathy. His approach reflects that of the 1919 Chicago White Sox-a turncoat attitude and his ideas are more Bush-like than FDR-like. This president is endangering the elderly, the sick and broken, the poor and middle classes with his threats to Social Security, Medicare and his lack of interest in specific jobs programs, one of which I created, has been hailed by all who read it in any of its several publications.

He is, in my opinion a weak and non-empathetic, President and the least among the many Democrats elected in our history, and should he continue to attack Social Security, I will certainly never vote for him again. Moreover, I shall spend every penny of my comparatively modest fortune, to defeat him and his disrespectful and inhumane agenda, even if I have to become a Republican to do it. (God forbid).
If his State of the Union Speech indicates continuation of his war on the middle class, the poor, the elderly and the retired, I will change parties for the first time in the more than 150 years of my families tenure in this country. Please keep in mind though I sense this president to be an atheist, his belief is meaningless in the face of truth and God is watching.
Professor Emeritus
Peter Bagnolo, Former AIA Associate Member.

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