Friday, November 12, 2010

Why FaceBook Friendship Rules Are Silly

The foolishness of the friend request system employed by Facebook is mind bogglingly silly. Facebook continues to send us requests for suggested friendship names, and then when we make the request they tell us that we may not request friendship from those we do not already know. I am already a friend of those I know, I want to make friendships with those I do not know, as do most people who are not paranoid.

I do not need Facebook to contact those who are already my friends, now do I? How silly is this rule? Why do they have that rule? Is it so they can have a larger list of those they wish to exploit, our friends? Is that not hypocritical? Greed/avarice is a terrible Crime, one shared by industries and governments. Turn that around Facebook.

Do you go to a party and not knowing many people who are present, then become anti-social by refusing to converse with them? No, of course not, instead you introduce yourself. Most of my friends classmates, sports colleagues, models, former artists, email, write or call me weekly, some daily, I do not, nor do they need Facebook to remain friends in contact

My friends believe in expanding their circle of friends and should that they/we should be making new friends on Facebook and other such social systems. We all should be International friends, to knock down the barriers which divide nations, states and cities, in order to put an end to stupid wars like those in which we are now involved. THAT, should be the goal of Facebook!

One other matter about Facebook is not only foolhardy but is dangerous. That is the rule allowing children 13 years old and under 18 to be members. THAT, can bite Facebook on the rump. It is dangerous for those under 18/21 to be members on Facebook. The minimum age for membership should be 18/21.

Do/should adults hang out with children? They should not! I say make the minimum age on Facebook 18/21 and make people prove their age! I do not believe that healthy minded adults want to hang out on Facebook or any other social site in which children are members, watching and reading what we say, do you? Wake up Facebook your friendship rules are selfish, exploitive, uncivil and potentially dangerous.

If we make a friendship request and those to which we make that request do not wish to accept a new friend they can either ignore the request or say no, and that will be respected. However, that should be their choice not Facebook's. How many agree with my friends and me about these matters? In fact if someone makes a request for friendship and for some reason of our own we do not wish to honor it, after two weeks the request should disappear from our site pages. What do you think?

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