Wednesday, November 10, 2010

American Sports Scandalous Fraud

When MLB went to 162 games, we cut our seasons Chicago Cub's passes from 12 to four. When the NFL went from 12 to 16 games, we cut our Bears seasons passes from 16 to zero.

When the MLB created the extended and boring playoff system, we canceled our four seasons passes.

I played amateur and Professional baseball in one of the old Professional Industrial Traveling leagues beginning at age 16. I made more money per week than the parents of most of my friends throughout high school, college and graduate school, $75 a game (2-4 games a week), which back, then was like $250 dollars per game now. Sports are only, like movies, interesting when they have something to give and they are rare enough to look forward to watching or profitable in which to be participating. When we switched from Wilson Baseballs to The then MLB brand our league home run totals (and mine) leaped by 100%.

Sports have become boring, stupidly corrupted, managed and coached and we rarely even bother to watch them on free TV. When home runs were blamed on drugs instead of on the real villain, incredibly enlivened baseballs, (Steroids make takers muscle bound, slow reflexes, affect vision, eye hand coordination and reflexes). Thus players with high home run totals who did take steroids, were hitting them in spite of, not because of, the steroids.

I now have to ask the obvious questions: If as many have written only 150 - to 250 of the players were taking the steroids (which by the way were not illegal then) why do they blame only those who were successful as hitters and pitchers? Why, if it was the drugs, didn't everyone of those who took the steroids hit 50, 60, 70 home runs, and pitch as well as did Roger Clements? No matter if players did or did not take drugs the same people would be winners, those with talent.

Moreover, unless everyone was taking them, Home run totals would not have expanded from 400 per year for all of MLB in Babe Ruth's early career to 5693 in 2002. That sudden rise and subsequent fall is evidence enough that the new home run records are because of the baseballs, not the steroids. Hundreds of doctors have written about this, but the sports industry announcers and writers, idiots all, never quoted them.

The baseball authorities got nervous because of federal interferance and asked for dead baseballs in 2005/2006-2010 and ERA's suddenly dropped and so did HR's. Baseball authorities hoped that the early publicity would hurt the player's unions, but when the investigations expanded, they go nervous and some now say that prompted them to order deader baseballs.

It became such a sad state of events that we stopped even watching the games on TV because the league not the players was the corrupting issue. The phony emphasis on steroids was sold to soft-brained TV commentators and sports writers, among which high intellects and research are a rarity.

The side effects on steroids are easily available on MSDS sheets, none of which was ever consulted by sports writers or commentators, apparently. Sports are as corrupt, stupid, and imperialistic as politicians and corporations.

People are canceling cable in record numbers because cable is corrupt also and have become dictatorial and overpriced.

Neither sports, cable nor politics are pure or necessary as many families are finding out. Eighteen NFL games will be as boring as 162 MLB games and the extended playoffs.

MLB schedules should be cut back to the original 154 game schedule, and playoffs should be cut to best of 3 games and the final to best of 5 games. Only the World Series should be retained at seven games. Teams which are "wild card" should be playing only for a cash award, and not for the chance to get lucky in a few games and have a shot at the world series. That makes the entire season, in the eyes of smart fans, nothing more than a waste of energy and time and nothing more than a fraudulent money making scheme at fans expense.

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