Friday, November 12, 2010


Necessities like oil, water, medical care, pharmaceuticals banks are no longer ethical entities for profiting, they are profiteering blackmail entities. We must nationalize these entities. Common morality and ethics are gone from every business, church and nation.

There is now a group of morons whose main goal is to reduce the world population by 85%-90% and the ball was not dropped after Katrina it was thrown away. 9/11 showed the fascists in America, who controlled the government at the time that disasters could be staged and that true disasters could be elongated. Special Anti-Constitutional Laws (Patriot Act. Military Commission’s Act of 2006), banking to reduce withdrawals to under $10k at a time and deposits of cash were have made keeping cash difficult thus the planed rape of $21.3 trillion was carried out with ease by Bush and continued by Obama.

The sudden need/use of massively rich Mercenaries is that their small high tech armies will assassinate all people of conscience, meaning all Progressives and will protect the Boys Plus Oprah’s Billionaires Club from everyone else. The real terrorists are Corporate Executives, Organized Religions and elected Officials of every nation. They are all agreed on killing the rest of humankind off hoping to start over with a base population of 25 million living humans on all of planet earth, 95% of which are to be drone worker/military goons.

Killing off Medicare, Social Security as well as all medical coverage will rapidly reduce life expectancy by 45% and the goal of the Evil Billionaires Club will easily carry out their plan to reduce population, salaries and medical care and what will remain will be a few hundred thousand amoral, evil monsters directing slave labor and armies of about less than 25 million world population in less than five decades-50 years. Plagues will be introduced into the population; poisons disguised as medicines, environmental laws will be forsaken to hasten the huge number to die, 5.75 Billion humans. Water will be polluted/poisoned in most urban centers; Chicago, New York, LA, etc.

It will take twenty five – 50 years to clear up/clean up the 5.75 billion bodies, mostly through massive fires and then evil will reign until The planet goes powerless from Sun Storms destroying electric power on earth and then the world of humankind will virtually end.

It makes no difference if we have a pretender at Progressiveness like Obama the traitor, or a fool like Bush as president, democracy is all but over. Next will be a system of self-appointed, Evil “Royalty”, it matters not, for ethical humanity is all but dead. My advice as one who is move to the least polluted nations, invest heavily in arming yourself and in large tracts of land and live off the land as much as possible.

Eric Arthur Blair, alias George Orwell, was allowed to read the Mind of God as Einstein and I have also admitted to, but none of us can stop what is coming. “The New World Order” means exactly that, beginning humankind over again starting at population 25,000,000 living people and ending shortly after that, as plagues and loss of power destroy the remaining 25 million people.

That is the short version; the long version is coming in my next illustrated novel, THE UNIVERSAL TRAVELERS AND WHY THEY WOULDN’T STAY HOME AND WASH THEIR DISHES. Watch for it first as an Ebook.

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