Friday, October 29, 2010

How To heal America Rather Than A New Passover?

The fascist Right wants to end Social Security and Medicare so they can profit by the demise of these aids to the middle class and the poor. However, so vast is the greed now infesting the government and industry that massive evil has crept up from the bowels of The Beast, to seduce all humans in its hideous death grip. Avarice/greed has burst anew, upon America at every level and since the beginning of the 1980's has never been surpassed.

Jesus, the Prophets and every man of wisdom and whose souls have been touched by the Almighty Spirit, know that unbridled, avarice/evil is the most despicable, hateful, disgusting, degenerate thing to which one human can perpetuate or initiate, a thing worse than abortion, murder, for in the words of St. Paul, "Avarice, the love of wealth is the root of ALL evil!" All things horrific about life have as their common root, Greed.

Thus, The debt as I predicted in 2006 would be by 2010, is $19.3 trillion, including the $5.9 trillion Clinton Surplus which Greenspan and O'Neil planned for Social Security, was blown by Bush, $2.3 trillion stolen from Americans by Big Oil which Obama ignores even to this day, the war at $11.1 trillion on the wars, of which debt Obama extended. What we need is a Social Revolution. For the solution to healing the present hateful, spate of avarice, see the below.

Allow the South and Texas to secede, seal all the northwestern states into one large state, and the rest of America will show up for elections as Progressive. Allow all government spending to be subject to referendum and here will be the result. The south will go broke engaging themselves in civil wars and overspending on defense. Let them opt out of Social Security and they will soon be Gone With The Wind, as will Neo-con Fascism.
PS: Right now tax Outsourcing Corporations, LLC’s and Independent Outsourcing Contractors Union scale plus 15% for each job Outsourced. Cap CEO/executive Comp-Packs at 25 times average employee Comp Packs, and cap top wages at $2.5 Million.

Friday, October 29, 2010




I wrote this originally when I was in primary school, seventh or eighth grade. Between 1996 and 2004 I wove it into a theology book, a book of prophecies, called The Quest for Gnosis, now at some 430,000 words. It recreates all the dreams and thoughts; most of which have come about since then. This was Chapter XVII.

The World to Come?

"I agree with the premises Paul Horgan extolled in the runaway best seller, The End of Science.

"When I was a child I had a dream, which I shall never for, get, so vivid was it. In it a man with great wings, he looked like an angel, came down and without speaking he drilled my mind straight through the eyes with a glare which first made me shiver with fear. Then the glare softened as if he recognized me. He pointed at me and then swept his hand across the horizon and where a landscape of tree, grassy plains and mountains once stood now there was only these sound and sights:”

“A voice boomed from the sky and it said and showed the following,

‘...Not only will science end in the same way that superstition did, but the motivation to do science will wither away and the sources of energy and power to do science will fail, as the Earth falls into a new Dark-Age and a new kind of Passover is launched. The sources of physical energy and power: electricity and sunlight, are part of a paradigm that work only because the Universal Source which created them allows them to continue to operate, that license is now revoked. The moment a new paradigm is in place, the success of the old will be forgotten and abandoned by humankind if any survive.

‘Earth will become darkened and cold as all power lines are compromised. The world will become darkened and colder resulting in loss of most of life sustaining power, heat or air conditioning, refrigeration, spoilage and anything needing electronic power. It will remind people of the Movie, The Day The Earth Stood Still, which loss of power lasted under and hour. Here it would last until the present generation of fascist greed is completely wiped away. Whether the men and women of justice will also be eliminated I do not know, but I hope not. The world will become a vast graveyard; the animal kingdom will grow, while most of Homo sapiens sapiens will go extinct. Billions will die. The fumes of the dead and dying will draw scavenger beasts and sicken the living and there will be no to go hide, to escape it, except to the cold north. The ravages of global warming will be undone.’

‘Armies of armed crazies will loot, rape, pillage and murder, rescuers will have to be local and people will arm themselves in civil war, the marauders against the good people.”

Sound crazy? Was it just a child's nightmare? Will something like this actually occur? Maybe, or maybe not, but I would not rule it out. A similar process has been ongoing for the history of mortal endeavors. However, I believe that the Sun may suffer a geomagnetic storm in which ElectroMagnetic Pulsing (EMP), caused by either a tremendous burst of charged particles or a nuclear war. They will pressure the magnetic field and crush, blowout all power systems on earth.

Was this dream prophetic? Was this young boy recovering from Paralytic Polio in touch with a world beyond our own, tying into messages sent via Tachyons? Tachyons are hypothetical particles, which travel faster than light and back and forth in time, perhaps carrying above and beyond the quantum, messages back and forth to those sensitive to the transmission of those messages whose minds are enabled to translate the messages. In reality, the gift of such mind speed with the ability to unconsciously translate the coded messages is the essence and the scientific explanation of how a prophet knows what is coming or has come times before his birth. Everything about this universe and some of the creatures upon it is scientifically constructed. All phenomenon’s are explicable through science, including gifts of God."

*The above story has nothing to do with the "Apocalypse of St. John, or anything related to with the fictional "End of Days," which is a misinterpreted, mistranslated, intentionally or otherwise, scare tactic, used by those unfamiliar with idioms, customs, Prayer Curses, or Archaic Languages. One cannot properly translate a 2000 year old language, using modern versions of it. The languages of today, whether, Greek, Aramaic, Hebrew, or Coptic, or French are not the same as those of archaic times. Thus translating with a modern version is amateurish and unprofessional. Nevertheless, people who should know better do it all the time, resulting in abominable results.

God Bless

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