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ALL OF THE BLOGS FROM 2006 TO JUNE 2007 ARE REPRINTS FROM MY OLD BLOGSPOT: http://Bagnolosprophetics.blogspot.com Some have appeared on http:www.OpEdNews.com and other sites as well. What you will find herein are insights and prophetic announcements that in the last several decades, thanks to the Mind Of God, which the Creator of The Universe allows me to read at times, are NEVER WRONG!

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Congrats, to those who think there have been significant changes in the first six months of the Obama administration, I am not seeing the "political changes" to which some refer:
We now have more troops and Mercenaries than Bush did overseas. We still have the Patriot Act and the Military Commission's Act of 2006, both of which gutted our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

We have not gone after the War Criminals; Obama refuses to make certain Executive orders that would undo much of the evil. Nancy Pelosi continues to be a loser; does anyone truly believe that the voters of San Francisco's District 8 are not perpetually stoned?

Pensions are still being slaughtered and where are the laws to make them inviolate?

Why has not this Admin set-up a health care plan that is insurance company free as a fund similar to Medicare or Social Security, paid for by taxing outsourcing Publicly traded corporations?

Why does not Obama followed FDR's approach and recover 80% of the profits of War Contractors? Why has he not capped Oil per barrel prices at, say $20.00 as did Carter (He capped it at $8-$10 per barrel) and tax the oil companies with a $1.3 trillion WINDFALL PROFITS tax for what they stole from us these last eight years?

Why has he said nothing about the increase in gas prices from $1.44 in November/December of 2008 to over $3.03 cents recently and still at twice what the price was in 2008 then?

Why has he not capped Executive Compensation packages at $2.5 million or 25 times’ average employee Com Packages? Anything more by my calculations is stealing from investors. Why do we not have the same Health care plan as our senators have?

Illinois has borrowed against my pension fund to the tune of $39 billion dollars and wants to turn it over to the legislators and judges to carve up further. My wife is paying $850 a month for health care. I can assure you of this, neither my friends, colleagues, associates nor I, will vote for Mr. Obama again. We will vote for Dennis J. Kucinich, or if he does not run for president, then we shall vote for Pawlenty if he runs or for an independent. This congress is no better than that of the Bushites.

The more I see of this president, the more it confirms my concerns during the campaign; he is in this for the celebrity and the dynastic wealth that celebrity holds in store for him. He has done a thing not even Bush did, he has betrayed his supporters.

Those who think there has been anything other than a minor change since the end of the Bush Administration must be smoking some Gosh awful weed.

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The Bible

Reply To: The Grave Of Jesus And Family-Cameron
By Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo
Anthropologist, Theologian, etc.

Rabbi Yeshua, Joshua, (Jesus Ben Yoseph) was born in the reign of Herod the Great, sometime between 8-4 BC and died somewhere between 25-29 AD. The gospels were written: 1st-Mark's between 65-72 AD, 2nd-Matthews, between then and about 80 AD, Luke's about late 80’s AD, John's in 92-110 AD.

Because the extant gospels were not written until 36-85 years after the death of Jesus, it is doubtful that any of the writers of the gospels ever met Jesus or even, with the later writers, ever met anyone who ever met Jesus.

None of the writers, Mark, Matthew, Luke, John, were apostles, in fact no one knows their real names. Those names were added to the gospels by early church authorities to lend credence to the writings. (This is information that can be found in most unbiased bibles, like the St. Joseph New American Version, found in most bookstores.) Although it is possible, but only barely, that Mark was the Mark who sometimes traveled with St. Paul. There is also strong evidence that the writers were not Hebrews, but Gentiles, because of the many errors in Hebrew culture displayed in the New Testament.

The earliest gospels extant are copies, of copies, of copies, of copies, are in Greek, and date to the late second to early third centuries. There have been about 5400 manuscripts representing gospels found over the last 1700 years; some are small fragments, some more than that, some are complete versions. Over the course of those 5400 versions of the New Testament, there are many differences, ranging from subtle edits, redactions, and changes to major story insertions or removals and later reinsertions with and without changes.

There are also a great many errors of cultural and historical note. For one Quirynius mentioned as the governor who ordered the census, which forced Joseph and Mary than pregnant with Jesus to go to Bethlehem, has been found to be governor of Judea when Jesus was a teenager, so could not have ordered that census. There is great doubt among historians expert in the practicality of the Romans, that they would have instituted such an ineffective and unintelligent complexity of moving people around the country to “register” in their hometown. The Romans, if nothing else were not stupid and such a census was simply stupid. Moving an entire population around in that way would accomplish nothing and would have been useless for taxing purposes since people paid their taxes in the towns in which they lived, not the towns in which they were born but no longer live. If there were records of who was born where, the records would have been transferred, not the people, if necessary, but it was unnecessary back then when records were poorly kept if kept at all in smaller towns, which is an excellent reason for people to simply never go and register at all because no one would have been the wiser about their life, death or very existence.

The emphasis on Mary’s eternal virginity came about more than 300 years after her death and surfaced as dogma during Constantine’s reign. The evidence of the mentions of Jesus brothers and sisters being cousins is poor. Paul who spoke and wrote excellent Greek never used the word Anepsios, Greek for cousin, when referring to Jesus’ siblings, using instead the word Adelphos, Greek for brother, when speaking of Jesus’ Brothers, and most specifically when speaking of his brother St. James, Paul and other’s fluent in Greek referred to St. James as, “James the Just, the Brother of the Lord”, using the word Adelphos for Brother.”

Since we know little of Jesus’ life from ages 12-30, there is no evidence that he was not married, as we do know that some of the apostles were married and most probably all who worked were married.
In one of the Lost Gospels of the Nag Hammadi discovery in 1945 outside of that town, 3rd century monks had buried the Codex’s, more than 50 of them, because suddenly under the military dogma of the new convert Constantine, Emperor, only the “accepted” (canon) version of the New Testament were to be allowed to survive. The Monks, of a more democratic state of mind hid them hoping that after the reign of Constantine led by Athanasius’ purge of books, they could unearth their beloved gospels-it never was to be, not until 1945.

In correct translations, Jesus never stated that he was “The Only Begotten Son of God.” The term “son of man” was a common one to distinguish a man born out of woman of man, was human neither an angel nor a demon. God used the term as a greeting to Ezekiel and others. It was never capitalized except in the New Testament and capitalized or not, it still means the same thing, a human being born of a man out of a woman, nothing more. For other uses, see Son of man.
The phrase son of man is a primarily Semitic idiom that originated in Ancient Mesopotamia, used to denote humanity or self.

In Akkadian, son of man is: ▪ ameluti
In Sumerian, son of man is: ▪ DUMU.LU.ULU.LU (?)
In Hebrew, son of man is either: ▪ בן אדם [ben 'adam] ▪ בן אנש [ben 'enosh]
In Aramaic, son of man due to spelling variants and morphological shifts is either: ▪ ברנש [barnash] ▪ ברנשא [barnasha'] ▪ בר נש [bar nash] ▪ בר נשא [bar nasha'] ▪ בר אנש [bar 'anash] ▪ בר אנוש [bar 'anowsh] ▪ בר אנשא [bar 'ansha'] ▪ ברה דאנשא [breh dansha'] ▪ (and a few others)

Ancient Semitic literature
The most common use is similar to that of the English word "human." For example:
1QapGen. XXI.13: MT שיא (Gen. 13.16)

ואשגה זרעך כעפר ארשא די לא ישכח בר אנוש לממדיה And I will multiply your seed like the dirt of the earth which no son of man (בר אנוש : [bar 'anowsh]) can count. (Aramaic)
In the Hebrew of Genesis 13:6, the word translated as בר אנוש (son of man) was איש (man).
Book of the Laws of the Countries
This is the oldest general discussion of mankind in the Aramaic language, and we can see that ברנשא bar nasha is used in a general form for humanity:
Bardaisan, The Book of the Laws of the Countries, p. 559, lines 11-14:

כינה דברנשא הנו דנתילד ונתרבא ודנקום באקמא ודנולד ודנקש כד אכל וכד שתא וכד דמך וכד מתתששעיר ודמות This is the nature of the son of man (דברנשא : [debarnasha']), that he should be born and grow up and reach is peak and reproduce and grow old, while eating and drinking and sleeping and waking, and that he should die.
Story of Haninah ben Dosa
Similarly we can see in the story of how Haninah ben Dosa was bitten by a snake while praying to God:
y. Ber 5. 1/26 (9a)

כד הוות נכית לבר נשא אין בר נשא קדים למיא חברברא מיית ואין חברברא קדטם למיא בר נשא מיית When it bites the son of man (בר נשא : [bar nasha']), if the son of man (בר נשא : [bar nasha']) reaches the water first, then snake dies; and if the snake reaches the water first, the son of man (בר נשא : [bar nasha']) dies.
Here we see that it is not only a method for referring to mankind, but as a way to piously refer to oneself.

Here is a quote directly from a Hebrew translation of their Old Testanment concerning the use of the word Almah which Christians use to describe Mary as virgin in the prophecy of Isaiah:
Judaism reads the verse in Isaiah 7:14 as:
"Therefore the Lord Himself shall give you a sign: behold, the young woman [ha-almah] shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanu-el". [1]
Judaism affirms that [ha-almah] ("young woman") does not refer to a virgin and that had the Tanakh intended to refer to such, the specific Hebrew word for virgin [bethulah] would have been used. This view is often disputed by Christians (see below), and has been a point of contention between Jews and Christians since the formation of the modern Church. Jerome, in 383 CE, wrote in "Adversus Helvidium" that Helvidius misunderstood just this same point of confusion between the Greek and the Hebrew.

To those of faith the words and deeds of the true Jesus, Mary need not be a virgin and Jesus need not be “The Only Begotten Son of God” for us to hold him in reverence any less then we hold Abraham, Moses, Isaiah, Elias, Elijah, David, St. Jude, St. Francis, St. Teresa, or Mother Teresa. Paul felt the need to convert Greeks and other Gentiles who would accept nothing less than a god that the tact of elevating Jesus to the rank of God was born. In the 3rd century, the argument began about Jesus eternality and Godship, supported by Athanasius and opposed by Arius, whose assessment of the situation was more logical, and saw Jesus as Messiah, appointed to adopted son of God because of Jesus’ piety and courage.

Judeo/Christian views of property, bankruptcy and the Jubilee Year, were being trampled upon by conservative business men of the era, which bytheway was the real reason for Jesus’ hasty execution-he was reexamining Moses idea of socializing the land and the people. You probably know all this and it is on one of my upcoming books which shoots down the idea of religious persecution of Jesus. Everything is always about the money. The execution of Jesus by Rome and the Chief Herodian Priests, was no exception, and was not about theology. Religious Arguments far exceeding those of Jesus were always brewing in Israel among the argumentive rabbi’s. Jesus’ execution was as much about the money as it Bush’ attack on Iraq.

Funny how Americans accept socialization of government, of schools, police, fire departments, city services, the military, but of not necessary products like fuel, water, housing, medical care and other personal necessities? It is about the money, avarice, and contempt for the masses and for the God these fascists claim to serve-hypocrisy.

Moses deeded to each Judean Peasant a few acres of land as “Social Security” on which to grow enough food for the family and allow some excess to be sold. He wanted them healthy for many reasons, one being he might need them for combat. Both Romans and some Herodian officials were Practicing Fascism, before the term was defined and coined in modern times. They were confiscating land breaking the bankruptcy laws initiated by Moses. They were also commercializing the land, in violation of his ancient concept. They were also outsourcing labor to scabs and selling it to rich Greeks and Romans at prices out of the reach of peasant Jews. (Sound familiar?)

There was aside form the 7 years-bankruptcy forgiveness policy, I the 7th application of each 7 year’s of forgiveness of bankruptcy-the 50th year, was the JUBILEE YEAR or as Jesus called it, THE YEAR OF THE LORD, in which all land confiscated or bought for debt had to be returned to the family from which it was taken. The Romans, my rather brutal ancestors, rarely if ever crucified mere minor leaders alone. When they captured Spartacus they crucified him and 6,000 of his officers-mass execution was their means of ideas-nullification through forced attrition.

Among Jesus’ followers, none but he were executed. His speech on the portico after his attack on the profiteers there earlier in the day, sealed his fate. The turning point was his mention of the YEAR OF THE LORD disguise to mean THE JUBILEE YEAR in the New Testament. Apparently, some Herodian Priests were buying and commercializing land against Jewish Law, they hypocritically claimed they could own, but not work land. Therefore they had to get rid of Jesus before his next opportunity to speak, the next day or there might have been a riot turning the Zealots to assassination of Chief Herodian Priests instead of Romans. The Romans agreed with the idea of eliminating Jesus in a hurry because many lower level Roman officials were joined in the land commercialization scheme thus were “skimming’ on the take to Caesar, a no-no for sure. Rome would only tolerate corruption at the top.

The article in Time magazine referred to a Darrell Bock, a professor at the conservative Protestant Dallas Seminary, whom the Discovery Channel had review the film recently, asked a question which disqualifies him as an expert: “Why would Jesus’ family or followers bury his bones in a family plot and then turn around and preach that he had been physically raised from the dead?"

Why? If Block knew enough about Jesus he would have known that Jesus’ family and Apostles, save for James, His brother, who was assassinated, and Peter who was crucified, were ouster sized from any part in the later church by Paul and others who did not want the power of James The Just, Brother of The Lord’s huge following (8,000 parishioners at His Messianic Hebrew Church) which did not depict Jesus as “Son of God” but as messiah/prophet. In addition, apparently the burial secrecy worked, because it took 2000 years to uncover the switch. Jesus' family and only a few apostles were sparsely present in the Acts and other books, which followed the four gospels.

I am A Roman Catholic, descendant of both Duke Bagnolo, Leader of the Albigensian Heresy and St. John Leonardi, canonized Saint. My Grandfather was L. Onofrio Iuzzolino, visionary, Prophet and true Christian.

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Please watch for my new novels:
and the book on my art
All due on the market before the holidays

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Many communities lacking well-informed, properly educated citizens and employees on the mosquito control issue, have fallen into the trap of spending unwisely and possibly placing their constituents in grave physical danger. According to reports, it is alleged that the surest means of eradicating mosquitoes, if they are a radical health danger, which they are allegedly not always, is to seed standing water, ponds, leaf and wood chip piles and other mosquito dwelling places, with bacilli, sterile male populations, oil-water cover, and natural Pyrethrum; all of which kill larvae effectively. Spraying for adult mosquitoes is reported to be widely ineffective, killing less than 1% to 7% of adult mosquitoes. Moreover, it poses grave threats to health and ultimately to life, even among humans. There also appears to be no public assessment by unbiased medical toxicologists as to what the tolerance level of individuals is for such toxins. Increasing the dosage of the adult mosquito killing toxins would probably make them more dangerous to humans than they are already. Moreover, it is said that, after a time, the mosquitoes become immune to the toxic poisons used to kill them, while humans only become more vulnerable to them.

It has not been publicly advertised or to our knowldge investigated: If or whether the chemicals used in spraying for adult mosquitoes interferes with medications people may be taking; or if the chemicals may cause adverse drug interactions; nor if they may pose extreme health hazards to certain people with allergies and other afflictions; nor if these chemicals represent, in addition to certain immediate symptoms, (which some victims may not recognize as resulting from pesticide applications), certain long term mental, body-health altering lifetime illnesses; nor has advertising or public information been delivered concerning the effectiveness of applications for adult mosquitoes and/or the personal dangers and symptoms that may result from applications for adult mosquito spraying; nor has the public been informed of the odds against being infected by each disease the pesticide companies claim to be carried by mosquitoes since 1999 in Northern Illinois, or the number of deaths since nationally state by state. One wonders what the medical profession has to say about the above and when they will begin to look into the problems cited here.

If public information ios accurate, in 8 years, 670 have died nationally. Of a population of 320,000,000 x 8 years, that is less than 84 deaths nationally a year for the entire nation. That is considerably less than the number which have been afflicted or died of asthma and a number of other ailments, nor has spraying for adult mosquito populations changed that, nor have those who profit from it informed the citizenary, town by town, state by state, why they risk making tens of thousands ill from pesticide spraying for Live Adult mosquitoes. Are they guilty of using fear tactics to panic some communities into spraying for Live Adult mosquitoes and not mentioning such small numbers of deaths and the generally mild nature of some of the diseases known to be associated with mosquitoes in Northwestern Illinois and the risky side effects of spraying? For instance, those profiting have not proved to have effectively reduced mosquito populations by spraying for adult mosquitoess, nor ever refrained voluntarily from spraying in communities where the odds are even greater against anyone dying or even becoming seriously ill than the national odds. In Illinois in 2003, one person died of West Nile making the chances of dying of West Nile that year greater than 15,000,000 to 1. In 2003, the epicenter of the disease has moved west with most cases appearing in western states. Why, then must 15,000,000 in Illinois be placed at risk because one person died in 2003? The answer $$$$$, there is lots of it in spraying for adult mosquitoes and more when chemicals rather than natural sources are used, and even more when the companies spraying makes their own chemical, witch's brew.

Since it has been alleged that pesticides are heavily implicated in breast and ovarian cancer among women, and pesticides are alleged to be implicated, in the proliferation of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, and that perhaps spraying for adult mosquitoes is, by and large, ineffective, killing less than 1%-7% of adult mosquitoes at each spraying, after which it is alleged that the adult mosquito population then increases exponentially), and that the products in use appear to affect and cause a variety of human negative reactions and that a number of communities of well-informed government officials, who truly care about their constituency, rather than merely as tax-cash-cows, seeing this information have discontinued spraying for adult mosquitoes completely. It has been alleged that spraying for Adult Mosquitoes, is primarily a profit-making venture and no more than a cosmetic, placebo, gesture, and if so, is therefore unnecessary and preys upon the weaknesses and fears of those not properly informed to make sufficiently well informed decisions about such matters.

Since drug application by the oath and law of those administering drugs, weigh the benefits against the dangers, it is our contention that such has not been done in the case of spraying for adult mosquitoes and if it were there would be no spraying for Adult Mosquitoes and that therefore citizens cannot make an informed and safe decision about such matters. Present your local mosquito control board with FOIA requests if your state has such measures, otherwise petition municiple or county authorities for contact information about those who are getting ill from the spraying, contact those people and form a powerful voice of reason in stopping the useless contamination of water, air and human vessels with pesticides.

The inducement of fear, found so effective by the current administration in Washington to selling scams to the severely, poorly informed public, continues to be a factor in selling every kind of snake oil for every single poorly perceived and worsely researched fraudulent End-of-Days, scenario. Is it now true, as some are claiming, that in the last five years Europeans and the Chinese have surpassed Americans as the best educated and unformed citizens on the planet? Well, at least more so than 54,000,000 who voted for the current Anti-Christs and his followers here and in Great Brition and in the low art of panic-peddling.

PS-While we invite knowledgeable persons who do not work for or are associated with pesticide companies to post non-toxic comments, we are certain that negative comments concerning this blog will appear and past experience has taught us that such comments are usually from those who may profit from use of such chemicals or of uniformed sycophants and puppets of same.

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The planned destruction of FDR’s legacy, Social Security, through Privatization is yet another Corporate-Welfare scam. More than 90% of those who play the stock market lose money, those who need it most would be prime targets for wealth draining frauds and most of the rest would lose money in the market.

The government would be better served by signing everyone up at a gambling casino. The efforts of the Harding -Coolidge-Hoover era to turn America into a feudal economy seem in great danger of finally succeeding, in the absence of FDR.

"Privatization" is merely a scheme to grant windfall profits to brokerage houses and Mutual Funds through transfer fees, management fees and trading fees. If we can spend a trillion dollars on a war, we can invest the same amount in free medical coverage for every living soul in America. The money can be earned by heavily taxing companies that “outsource” and granting tax credits to those which have the best salaries and benefits. If all companies have the same outcome/income, the playing field will be even for all. Outsourcing is a form of betrayal of the American worker, which weakens the family and therefore the nation-it is thus a subtle form of treason.

At the root of the outsourcing, the attempts to scuttle Social Security and medical benefits, the introduction of toxic chemicals in everything we eat, drink the air we breathe, the products we buy, is a planned obsolescence of …. American Workers and their families.

It is a monstrous and treasonous selling out of God’s people to the avaricious. It is a massive plan to kill-off, at an early age, those who earn wages, press those who survive into a military which will take part in eternal warfare ala George Orwell’s Prophetic book 1984, and since few will be able to survive either toxins or war, they will die young neither needing Medicare nor pensions. Is this the legacy of the hypocritically and blasphemously named “Christian Right”? If so, of them, Jesus would say, "Get thee to Gehenna-Thou pawns of the avaricious rich and usurpers of My Name!"

Social Security should have been bolstered by the 5-6 trillion dollar surplus, which, instead, this administration has plundered and fed to their war machine-contractors and the wealthy.

I say, in response to the Orwellian reality facing the greater part of the population, we join to LOWER the retirement age to 55 and TRIPLE the benefits by taxing what is needed from corporations which outsource, Arms Dealers and the salaries of anyone making over $1.5 million a year in salary and benefits, at the same time, reducing CEO income to less than 25 times the average of individual Social Security income.

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Are the Homerun records really the result of steroid drugs?
Or does it have more to do with mechanics of the game like ball/strike calls which are far worse and more frequent in the Big Leagues than they were in my decades of lower level Organized Baseball?

One thing is clear, only a fool or a blind man would have trouble understanding the simplicity of strike-zone architecture, perimeters/parameters.

More interesting is trying to deduce a reason for the bad calls. First, it is important to note that there are only a few reasons for frequent bad calls: incompetence, error, or planned. I eliminated incompetence as the cause, because the solutions to that are simple and straightforward-re-educate, retrain, or fire the incompetents. I also ruled out calls made in error because when the bad calls are made they are made consistently throughout a game or series.
In my studies they favored the home team 5.6-2.25. This could be interpreted as trying to patronize and encourage the hometown fans fraudulently in an effort to boost revenue, especially because revenue sharing is being resisted by the union.

Steroids can make a person stronger, but they cannot help a person hit major league pitching more squarely or with greater frequency, nor can they help a pitcher place his pitches on demand, on the spot more often ( a t hing once known as "control", now called ”command”). However, a livelier baseball can cause a hitter to exceed the old record for homeruns by 21.7% and increase his home run frequency from one homerun each 21+ at bats to 1 every 6.5 at bats-(Barry Bonds), without any need for “performance enhancing drugs”.

Is there a formula built-in which allows for umpires exceptions to an apparent prejudice in favor of the home team, such as for or against players in the League or team doghouse, (Was Sammy Sosa thus singled out?) or for players who are “Hot” or teams in financial/attendance trouble. If what I am theorizing is true, then that would explain why the league refuses to use an electronic strike zone to call pitches. Doing so might well remove game outcome control from the league. (although, as we have seen, electronic devices can be rigged or hacked). Meanwhile people blame the umpires, who it would seem, appear to never get fired for incompetence-if my theory is correct, they cannot be fired or the “Outcome Manipulation” concept, might be exposed by the fired umpires.

The sharp increase in power numbers is due far more to the liveliness of the SuperBall-baseball, the increase in teams in the leagues, thus dilution of available talent, and the lowering of pitching mounds.

The emphasis upon attacking the players for steroid use is a smoke screen hiding the real fraud and the need for an asterisk covering the following periods: 1961, 1987, 1991, 1994-2006 all of which were tied to an earlier core of sinking or growing revenues. The above 45 year era was initiated when owners became aware of the mortality of the game because of several strikes, historical past, sagging revenue and burgeoning salaries-salaries which were originally bid up by owners.

Thus, if my theoretical evidence is correct, the major cause of player performance enhancement is not drugs, but owner/league outcome manipulation of games, managers and players in an effort to boost fan participation and revenue.

Neo-Con businesses often bring surreptitious corruption to whatever they undertake-witness the Bhopal disaster, the No-Bid contract corruption in Iraq, the oil prices in America at $3.00+ a gallon while in Iraq before the war prices were $00.05 a gallon (5 cents a gallon) right now in Venezuela right now 12 cents a gallon, Iraq, 15 cents a gallon, witness the war in Iraq and the number of Neo-fascist/Neo-con businessmen and politicians under indictment and that is all just the tip of the iceberg.

In baseball, like all other avarice-based ventures, the employees always carry the burden of the blame-they are always slandered as bums who take drugs and “impugn the integrity of the game”. Non-living, non-human things like sports, corporations, and other organizations, do not have integrity. Integrity is a human quality, not a corporate one, of which only living creatures with conscience and intelligence people are so endowed.

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Written 10-12/12/04-Emailed Posted 12/14/04-post occurrence posting, 12/28/04 Transferred to BBB when old blog Bagnolosprophetics was dissolved.
“Last night I had a very odd dream-I hope it was just that. You may recall that on December 10-12, two weeks before the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, known by the scientific community as the Sumatra-Andaman earthquake, which occurred at 00:58:53 UTC (07:58:53 local time) on December 26, 2004, I wrote about a nightmare in which I was diving off the porch of a hotel, which was no longer a distance from the ocean but at the edge of a beach. I dove from the 2nd or 3rd story porch straight into the water and breast-stroked for the depth, deeper and deeper I stroked. The water was a light olive green and the sun was lighting it up and as I swam deeper I began to see bits of debris bubbling by me, wood chips, bits of cloth and then larger items beach chairs, bits of furniture, but the more I stroked down, the more I began to realize that the water was much deeper* than I had expected. I tried to turn back to the surface but an enormous underwater tide was churning the water, preventing me from turning, I was being twirled and sucked downward out of control, making underwater somersaults. For the first time in my life I was unable to overcome water. I thought that I would drown because I was powerless to turn back to the surface and my deep breath of air was expiring rapidly, and prayed and also asked my mother to help me, flailing and stroking in vain, my prayer went up, “HELP, MOM, I AM DROWNING!”, Linda woke me up and said I was doing breast strokes in bed and yelling for my mom and my guardian angel. I told a relative about the dream and she said she’d had a similar dream the same night-same description of the hotel, but she gathered her kids and ran to my room down the hall where a light was on inside and she saw me under the light and then she said she felt safe as the door slammed shut a the wave went over the hotel but we were unharmed. No one else in the hotel was alive. A week or so later the Tsunami struck. The images of that dream are as vibrant today as almost two years ago. We saw a duplicate of that hotel on TV in the Tsunami reporting more than a week later.

EMAIL OF 6/05/06
“The dream I had last night was not as devastating as the other in 2004, but the water was the same olive green color, the debris was the same, but limited to wood chips and bits of cloth-, and in this one I was not drowning but nonetheless concerned as I swam and did awake as from a nightmare-I had the sleeve of my tee-shirt in my mouth when I woke up, in the dream it was a bit of colored cloth which whipped by and caught in my teeth. The dream was not as vivid, so it may have simply been the bit of Prosciuto and Provolone sandwich we had as a late dinner, or maybe there is some other explanation, maybe it is a premonition of a storm not quite as bad. I am unable to decipher it, maybe because there is nothing to it because it did not strike me as strongly.
Let’s see what happens, I am at a loss to explain .
* This had happened once before in real life about a mile off-shore in Miami beach outside of my hotel, when swimming with my cousin Bobby who lived in Boca Raton. We were searching for a sandbar and I made three dives to find it, on the third dive, or more than 20 odd feet down, I dug up a handful of sand from the bottom, came back and showed it to Bobby and as he and I tread water discussing where the bar which he had promised had gone to, he was facing the beach and I the ocean’s horizon, I saw pretty far off circling shark fins so I told him and we turned and raced to shore. I think we set a world record, I hit the beach scraping my chest and forehead about fifty yards ahead of him. I looked out and still saw the fins-they hadn’t even noticed us, thank God. We fell on the beach laughing (I was 18 years old. What did I know?)

TODAY 06/20/06

Strong waves hit Central American Coast
Tuesday, June 20, 2006; Posted: 2:46 p.m. EDT (18:46 GMT)

Large waves caused by a Pacific storm began crashing into the Mexican resort city of Acapulco on Sunday.

MANAGUA, Nicaragua -- Large waves generated by a storm 2,000 miles away battered Central America's Pacific coast Tuesday, destroying homes, hotels, restaurants and businesses from Peru to Mexico, civil defense officials said.
There were deaths no reported, but hundreds of people were evacuated from coastal communities.

AHEAD: for 2009/2010 and beyond, I see a new Hitler, rising up from the ashes of what was once a Great Democracy, and a leader overcome by Avarice, fatuous desire for celebrity, dynastic wealth and a lifelong cushion of luxury to the people he betrayed, his own race.

My dreams further display a world aflame, and hammered by Storms, Tornado's, Tsunami, Hurricanes, Blizzards, Earth Quakes, Mega Lightening Bolts and Volcanic Eruptions, and above it all I see a fluttering of thousands of huge wings belonging to armies of well armed angels.

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Friday, June 09, 2006


I had a dream and it may come true. It was about America-America, with tanks in her streets, rolling by my house, bumper-to-bumper. They weren’t looking for Terrorists, they were looking for dissidents. Corporate Mercenaries not American soldiers were driving them, they were bounty-hunting Americans who supported candidates which wanted to make the BILL OF RIGHTS and the CONSTITUTION unassailable by any newer law, and to reject the PATRIOT ACT, and to pass legislation granting large tax incentives to corporations hiring American workers with full benefits for their families, maintaining the traditional American Standard of living. Doing otherwise weakens Americans and therefore America, and is thus treasonous and also because …we are a nation of the people, by the people and for the people…which shall not perish from this Earth….

When Lincoln said the above, he was echoing something the entire world cherished-a nation of knights in shining armour-knights full of honor, chivalry, truly men of Justice-men of God without billboards announcing their self-declared sainthood. We are not a nation of the corporation, by the corporation and for the corporation.

I dreamt the mercenaries (Who were allegedly present in the aftermath of the Katrina disaster to keep order and, according to reports and interviews with the mercenaries, they were granted 007 lethal force and arrest authority, as I predicted a year before in my newsletter and to columnist Tom Engelhardt, and about which he wrote. (Not about my dream but about the mercenaries. See attached letters exchanged on the matter below.)

However, in my dream, the arrival of the mercenaries had a far more sinister meaning. In the dream it appeared that Neo-fascists took control and feared losing the 2006 elections and were trying to convince the administration to impede dissident voters and activists, or stage a terrorist attack or threat, declare Marshall Law, cancel the elections in 2006 and 2008 and take over as dictator seize and sell off the assets of American citizens. In the dream the mercenaries would then begin assassinating dissidents, writers, actors, artists, and America would become a lawless Vigilante nation where men killed with impunity where bombings occured daily and the Hell that the Administration brought to Iraq, would be brought home, destroying any who opposed their delusion of messiahship. America would become the South of the Post-civil war era and the Iraq of today. Toward the end of the dream the angel who was moderating it pointed WASHINGTON DC and declared in a loud voice, "Yonder sits the Anti-Christ, because good men do nothing while fascists steal Democracy from them and their descendants!"

We prayed for many years for the conversion of Russia and it finally happened. Please now Pray that good men and women in both parties support those who reject avarice and fascism and that those of such prayerful mind win election in 2006/2008. Pray also for the conversion of those Americans who wish to destroy that which all that good men and women of both parties cherish. Pray that all of our freedoms, our Sacred Constitution and Bill of Rights, and our inclusionary love of our fellow creatures, freedom of religion, freedom of the press unfettered by corporate interests, freedom regardless of race, gender or political belief, and to defend our Sacred writ, prepared at the inspiration of God, by our Forefathers, in Philadelphia 220+ years ago are reinstated and preserved forever.
Post Note: Once more for the record as per my now defunct newsletters said in April, May: the Duke U. Lacrosse team: Not Guilty, fraud. Prosecutor will be found to be framing Duke players, holding back exonerating evidence, wants to run for higher office. God will strike him. Lose job, be disbarred, maybe criminally prosecuted and sued. Boys innocent, Matter will be decided before Summer-June 21st 2007.

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Thursday, June 08, 2006



To: Tom Englehardt Columnist-TomDispatch
Hi Tom:
Do you have any problem with my publishing my letter to
you and reply on the mercenary threat? Please let me know. I will be
publishing my original writing about it as well and that will
probably be up sometime this week.

"Tom Engelhardt" wrote:
Pete, Mine's not much of a letter, that's for sure... but I don't mind...

Pete Bagnolo, wrote:
Thanks, Tom

Pete Bagnolo, wrote:


Tom, Professor Pete Bagnolo here, author of the so- called
"prophetic" novel, LOST SEASONS, which calls out the administration's actions
even before they were elected. One of the things which I now see as
extremely frightening is the ... army of an estimated 25,000-40,000 mercenaries working under contract, allegedly being paid with uncounted blocks of hundred dollar bills stuffed into duffle bags to ... protect executives in Iraq, ....
It is my belief that they will soon be brought home to work what the
administration calls "elections" next year and in 2008. They
may also be utilized in "crowd-control", and "investigations" and to
oversee those picketing for unionization or against striking unions.
Please expose the potential use of these people as bounty-hunters
... in domestic matters.

Professor Emeritus Pete Bagnolo


On 8/21/05 11:06 AM, "Tom Engelhardt" wrote:
Pete, Thanks for writing in. These mercenary armies in Iraq,
elsewhere, and at home are much on my mind as well. Appreciate the
nudge. regards, tom

Pete Bagnolo, wrote:
Pete/LindaBagnolo wrote: TOM: RECALL BELOW.

On 9/12/05 "Tom Englehardt" Wrote:

Thanks, Pete. I'll be writing about this tomorrow... tom

Pete Bagnolo

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


1)-In 2004, freedom lovers found that 34 percent of Americans questioned, said, "The federal government has become so large and overarching, that it poses an immediate threat to the Constitution and The Bill Of Rights and is attempting to intimidate ordinary, dissident, American citizens." Freedom lovers could not believe it, so they removed the word "immediate" and resubmitted the question. This time 77 percent of Americans asked agreed with the statement.

1A)-On both sides of either major ocean, it is only a little overstated to say that we preach individualism and competitive capitalism, and practice No-Bid contracting and perversion of Free enterprise.

2)-February 25, 1913, an Amendment, XVI was added to the U.S. Constitution, which authorized Congress to levy income taxes on citizens to pay for the operations of government. That year income taxes ranged from 1% on incomes of $20,000 to 6% on incomes above $500,000, and the highest total tax was about 7%. Now, 86 years later, the average individual pays nearly 50% of his or her income in taxes of one form or another. The federal income tax is only half the penalty as we all know there are myriad other taxes, daily, weekly monthly, annually and the vast majority of those taxes are paid by those in the lowest income groups. All taxes combined should range from a flat 10% of anyone making over $125,000 per year, to a flat 99% of anyone making over $1.5 million per year, with no deductions other than medical ones.

3)-America’s tax laws undermine the country's prosperity by not imposing strong enough or harsh enough penalties on blind, unbridled, ambition and avarice-the only evils that God, the prophets and Jesus are unwilling to mitigate. Although many taxpayers face mandatory tax rates and often must pay more than federal taxes on the same income, the wealthy politicians and industrialists can take advantage of special deductions, credits, preferences, shelters, and loopholes to minimize their tax liability. The result of this double standard is a tax system that does not recognize virtue, but instead recognizes avarice-greed, as worthy of reward. This thinking must be changed by application of the words of wise prophets and statesmen. We must understand that avarice is a mentally and physically debilitating and apparently contagious disease, and those found practicing it must be penalized and if out of hand, like those giving and accepting no-bid contracts, must be placed where their Blind Avaristic Ambitions can do no harm to anyone, including themselves. Our national and tax laws penalize virtuous behavior, reward anti-social avarice and also violates the fundamental constitutional principle of equal treatment under the law, wherein the highest laws of God punish anti-social avarice and reward virtuous behavior." There are two areas in which unlimited profit must be rewarded and rewarded well-that is on luxury items-on those let Americans make as much as their greedy hearts desire, and may God bless them in the effort. The other is through obvious giftedness of, the intellect (teachers of high intelligence), in all of the arts, and in sports, because these are gifts from God, while greed is a damning gift from Satan, the one gift horse into which mouth men should look.

4)-The Governing have violated our most sacred constitutional principle of equal and fair treatment under the law by arbitrarily implementing policies of taxation that are unequal, unfair and overbearing. They impose heavy penalties on the working class and reward those which are most avaricious, when it should be claiming immense portions from the income of the sinful and evilly avaristic. Our Government is seizing nearly one half of the individual income of the working class, while mere pennies on the millions of dollars are being claimed from the avariciously wealthy. Although a mandatory tax is needed to fund the operations of government, we believe that the existing governing bodies should cap out any individual’s income at $1,500,000 annually and incomes below $125,000 annually should be taxed at a flat 10% excluding medical costs, and the tax on avarice should escalate to 99% on any income above $1.5 Million annually. That is certainly fair. We believe that the present burden on the working class amounts to nationally enforced slavery, and must be eliminated in a nation of God, and that virtue must be rewarded and avarice punished as severely as murder and rape, for it is the only evil of which God, His prophets and Jesus offer no mitigation."

5)-Most families pays taxes on their income. They save some of their after-tax income into the form of stocks, bonds, capital gains, and dividends and interest, and the corporation pays corporate taxes (on behalf of the family as a shareholder.) Then most families pay taxes again when they receive dividends or capital gains. When a family is lucky enough to save even a few thousand dollars a year and leave a taxable estate, the savings are taxed again. American families should be enabled to become corporations and entitled to all the write-offs for all its needs to function and prosper. Only then can it accrue wealth like a corporation. As it now stands the family pays the burden of taxes for the rich and avaricious AND for the corporations of the rich/avaricious no-bid contractors. Therefore, both the rich and avaricious and their corporations can prosper in billions while the American family is most often is crushed financially unto death.

6)-“Socialized medicine” is a catchword of the avaricious who want the poor and middle class to continue to pay their way and that of the rich/avaricious billionaires who receive “Socialized No-Bid Contracts”. Do we call our tax supported Military, “Socialized Military?” Do we call our tax supported Police and firefighters, “Socialized Police” and “Socialized Fire fighters”? Do we call our tax-supported schools, “Socialized schools”? Do we call no-bid contracts to contractors in Iraq and New Orleans, "Socialized Pork-Barreling No-Bid Contractors"?
In any event, the costs of ordinary medical care are well out of the reach of 47,000,000 Americans. Private insurance arrangements are financially unaffordable to meet the contingency of unusually large medical expenses for another 20,000,000 Americans. The Fastest-growing segment of bankruptcies in America is from Medical debt for millions of Americans. The insensitive comment that 90 percent of all hospital bills are paid through third-party payments does not reveal that 67,000,000 have no third party payments available to them.

7)-Milton Friedman, supposedly said, “Direct government spending is less than 15 percent of national income in Hong Kong versus 40 percent in the United States. Indirect government spending via regulations and mandates on private individuals and businesses is negligible in Hong Kong but accounts for around 10 percent of national income in the United States." He apparently was unaware that Hong Kong has no army, navy, Marine Corps, or No-Bid contractors to support and that what law enforcement they do have is subsidized by main-land China, and in the past, in Friedman's day, supported by Great Britain and in a pinch by the USA.

8)-Some say that Social Security is a big problem. At its current rate, it is the highest tax for 70% of taxpaying households. Today, Social Security and Medicare alone cost younger employees a tax rate of 7.65%, higher than what millionaires paid when the income tax was born in 1913. Note: The payroll tax rate for Social Security and Medicare is 15.3%, for the employers are justifiably requested to match what their employee’s pay. Therefore, I say End Social Security as it is presently funded, by taxing at 99% everyone making over 25 times the now average Social Security income of those now receiving such income and pay out the 99% to retired people making under 25 times the current average Social Security income check as a quarterly bonus.

9)-There should be capital Punishment for only two things: being a Lobbyist and taking money from one.

10)-The abandonment of self-restraint in the present administration has ignited an explosion of multimillion and multi-billion dollar NO-BID contracts and a tearing down of our freedom, and our sacred Bill of Rights and Constitution. The number of pork-barreling U.S. government contractors has burgeoned since 2001. It is down this road that nations go from freedom to being spied upon, to being tyrannized from within by their own government."


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Monday, August 21, 2006

Recall, I predicted four years ago and several times since, and then last time in late winter/early spring, 2006 that Cheney and Rove would be indicted. Rove’s indictment was reported a few months ago and then dropped, according to news reports.

It is my belief that the indictment was not ‘dropped’ but sealed for the last three months and there can be a few reasons why this has happened, but the reason foremost on my agenda is that Rove’s indictment is sealed because he is cooperating in the Cheney investigation. If that fails he may still be indicted, but I believe that Rove made a plea bargain to avoid a trial and conviction. Look for a Cheney indictment in the not-so-distant future.

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Monday, August 28, 2006


There is Katrina, still a disaster, there is still Viet N-, err Iraq, I mean, there are tens of millions of people, most of which are children and the poor, without health insurance, there is outsourcing of jobs to Asians, while Americans starve, there are benefit cutting, downsizing and the destruction of the Bankruptcy Act which was originally designed by God and given to Moses, in Torah, and then, perhaps worst of all, there is The Patriot Act-which is a subversion of our national heritage, of our Constitution and Bill of Rights-sacred documents designed by an act of God, through men-our forefathers.

Flag burning does not indicate disgust with our Constitution and Bill of Rights, or the rejection of our national values as designed by our Forefathers, it represents a disgust with the despicable actions of those who have attacked our Sacred National Documents, the Fascists who have kidnapped the Republican Party and designed the Patriot Act, and the spineless Democrats who voted with them and for it. Although I disagree with such antics, flag burning is an act of protest against the actions of men lacking consciences. I more disagree with the acceptance of treason in the form of the Patriot Act.

Rather than create a law to punish pranksters, who burn the flag, we should create a law which imposes heavy criminal sentences upon anyone who even suggests altering our perfect and sacred Constitution and/or Bill of Rights, especially against such despicable legislation as the Patriot Act, which is a crime against God and country-an act of treason. Here is my suggestion: repeal the worst idea since the abolition of alcohol-that of the treasonous Patriot Act. We should make it a crime to even suggest anything which contradicts our Sacred Documents or is sold as enhancing them-nothing can enhance them because they were inspired by God Almighty.

Down with flag burning laws, up with punishment of those who accept the Patriot Act and anything like it. Repeal the Patriot Act and reject fascism-we had enough of fascism from Germany during World War Two.

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Thursday, October 05, 2006


I worked at this place once. Well, I’m getting ahead of myself, so, bear with me. Even into my middle aged passages I was naïve’, thinking that if you exposed corruption it would end. The 1940’s movies I saw as a child, thoroughly corrupted my expectations, because there in 60-90 minutes the heroes would solve personality, love, technical and/or world problems. I thought that was how things worked in the real world.

Anyway my Grandfather said, “If you offer a logical and intelligent solution to a major problem, and the recipient of your solution treats it with ridicule or hostility, or offers you a perk of some sort, forget the solution-the fix is in, corruption is underlying, money is passing from one bank account to a strong box, Pick up your toys and run don’t trot, away.

Therefore, back to, “I worked at this place once,” and the guys who ran it were slowly killing people with chemicals-cleaning solvents, all sorts of toxic crap. I brought the solution (no pun) to their attention, actually based on deep research, I solved the problem at less than 50% of the cost they now had. They first offered the panacea, graft, to forget what I knew, then when refused, they attacked me and my supporters in every way possible, including framing, discrediting, slanders, questioning my sanity, etc. I won every battle despite the overwhelming odds, lawyers, herds of not-so-bright supporters, approval seeking sycophants, and those who shared in the graft. More and more the chemicals they were using came under scrutiny of the FDA and a few were banned. This brought additional pressure on them. It was alleged that they had bought everyone they could and my inquiries and subsequent events forced them to buy more supporters just to shut them up. It was further alleged that soon the problems which had been in place through three management changes, and the loot were wearing thin and could not cover all those who needed to be bought off, so their corrupt practices ended and they used my solutions sans crediting my authorship.

I recognized that my premonitions were not simply a battle against corruption and avarice of that place and time, but were cosmic reincarnation of the entirety of the events of the 1930’s and 1940’s which would return and sweep across the planet, emanating from the nation which defeated the Axis Powers-The USA which was once the White Knight of Justice, the one bright spot in the world, would become what they had destroyed. Therefore, I began to write and talk about that but until 2002, no one of my audience got it. Now many of them do. Life on Earth is an ancient Cosmic war-the Hindu’s were/are right. The Unenlightened, will always outnumber the Enlightened, because most the Enlightened move on and it takes eons and many lifetimes (1,000, according to the Hebrew God of the Old Testament) to attain and comprehend Enlightenment, as God intended. Purgatory and Hell are here on Earth, made by fools, by whose actions and words, have caused us all to suffer. That is the greatest pain for the Enlightened-living through what they knew from the beginning, could have been avoided, but few would heed their warnings. .

Now, with the final realization of my decades long battles, my long premonition, slow as I was to grasp it is meaning, I understood that the cosmic crisis would play out by/for each person individually, in one lifetime or another, until finally, they would either get it or run out of time-they would eventually either fail or succeed. They would know that the stupidity and idiocy of Homo-sapiens, would focus on Satan’s supplanting of the most important thing Jesus’ ever experienced, the all-important Rejection of the Temptation in the Wilderness, replacing it with the emphasis upon sexual behavior-a Satanic transubstantiation, thus perverting the most important message of God, which is the avoidance of shameless self-promotion, of the chase after dynastic wealth and the greatest evil which gives rise to, and underlies, all the rest of the Seven Deadly Sins and the Commandments, the Evil of Avarice. Instead replacing it with a focus on sexual behavior, (thus demeaning one of God’s gifts to humankind), and in one stroke both destroying that gift and ignoring the constant warnings of God against Avarice.

Human sexuality was not merely a gift of great joy, a slice of heaven, but also the reliever of self-doubt, and stress. In its absence men used to prove their worth, attempts at material, financial success. This in the face of the truth that the only thing of value a man possesses is an empathetic and moderate heart, a reflection of his soul. Thus tinkering with politics is, while making men feel like they are doing something, futile because the same events play out repeatedly throughout time.Having the courage to openly oppose evil, at the cost of one's peace and even life, is the only means of stopping evil and eliminating culpability. Peeking out here and there in the New Testament and the Old, are a few tidbits of truth, thoroughly misinterpreted and even then, misunderstood, which other religions, more ancient ones, knew and are also losing in the mad dash for fame, wealth and privilege.

Now and forward, my focus will far less on politics and onto what I do best, for what it is worth; thinking, writing and painting-none of which are all that great.

Stay tuned; there is more to come.

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