Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Congrats, to those who think there have been significant changes in the first six months of the Obama administration, I am not seeing the "political changes" to which some refer:
We now have more troops and Mercenaries than Bush did overseas. We still have the Patriot Act and the Military Commission's Act of 2006, both of which gutted our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

We have not gone after the War Criminals; Obama refuses to make certain Executive orders that would undo much of the evil. Nancy Pelosi continues to be a loser; does anyone truly believe that the voters of San Francisco's District 8 are not perpetually stoned?

Pensions are still being slaughtered and where are the laws to make them inviolate?

Why has not this Admin set-up a health care plan that is insurance company free as a fund similar to Medicare or Social Security, paid for by taxing outsourcing Publicly traded corporations?

Why does not Obama followed FDR's approach and recover 80% of the profits of War Contractors? Why has he not capped Oil per barrel prices at, say $20.00 as did Carter (He capped it at $8-$10 per barrel) and tax the oil companies with a $1.3 trillion WINDFALL PROFITS tax for what they stole from us these last eight years?

Why has he said nothing about the increase in gas prices from $1.44 in November/December of 2008 to over $3.03 cents recently and still at twice what the price was in 2008 then?

Why has he not capped Executive Compensation packages at $2.5 million or 25 times’ average employee Com Packages? Anything more by my calculations is stealing from investors. Why do we not have the same Health care plan as our senators have?

Illinois has borrowed against my pension fund to the tune of $39 billion dollars and wants to turn it over to the legislators and judges to carve up further. My wife is paying $850 a month for health care. I can assure you of this, neither my friends, colleagues, associates nor I, will vote for Mr. Obama again. We will vote for Dennis J. Kucinich, or if he does not run for president, then we shall vote for Pawlenty if he runs or for an independent. This congress is no better than that of the Bushites.

The more I see of this president, the more it confirms my concerns during the campaign; he is in this for the celebrity and the dynastic wealth that celebrity holds in store for him. He has done a thing not even Bush did, he has betrayed his supporters.

Those who think there has been anything other than a minor change since the end of the Bush Administration must be smoking some Gosh awful weed.

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