Monday, April 26, 2010


The Above Loose Quote From The Then and Now Still Dead, Douglas Adams, Is Relevant Here.

Death is a horror
toward which most people turn a blind eye. I wonder if people were better adjusted when there were neither hospices, nor “Retirement communities. Back then people lived with death and accepted it and an ultimate and expected the end of their days. Clinging to life is a comment on the deep down doubt that we actually do live on in our souls after death. It is to me, proof that people in reality believe in nothing and that the 10 Commandments and the vicious carrying out of punishment for minute infractions is simply a form of hatred and retribution for ever having been born and has nothing to do with believe in an afterlife.

Desiring to stay alive when everything points to letting go, is a panic that this death is indeed the end of the consciousness of a human being, that we are no more than dead leaves, or insects and we have no more souls than do they. That when physical life here is over, we are over.

I blame the Organized Religions for this Fiasco of Fear. They have so mucked up God, life, death and earthly rule, that people are insane with false expectations and more false beliefs.

Life is real very simple. Organized Religions have made simplicity, a complexity that make people fear death.

Death is also really very elementary: There is no Hell, the souls appear from the repeat performances of humankind, to just re-migrate to earth, which is Hell and Purgatory combined; Hell for some, Purgatory for others. Heaven? It is not here on Planet Earth, whether it is birth on another planet, a spiritual existence or part of a transitory soul, is not a thing we know much about. Some of us simply trust that there is from our spiritual communications, that God has shone us signs such as Synchronicity and have the faith of Einstein and Jung who asked Einstein his take on that phenomenon, and whom Einstein answered on two occasions with the following pieces of wisdom:
“It is simply God’s way of letting us know we are not alone.” and also later, “It is God’s way of helping, while staying anonymous.”

My take on it? One can find hope in two places; oneself, in reciprocal communication with God, and oneself in the manifestation of Synchronicity. Of one thing some of us who studied Anthropology and physics are certain, The idea of inert forces creating themselves and the universe out of nothing are a farce. The answers are in the science of physics itself and they are quite elementary, except to those whose prejudice, whose childhood and psyche were hopelessly broken by negativity or abuse or depression, which no drugs can fix;
Here is reality unfettered by lunacy:

I found myself often speaking aloud about, “where’s the science which hooks this life thing together?” Why did no one pose this sequence;
1)-The first Law of physics is “Matter can neither be created nor destroyed…”
2)-Before the Big Bang, there was nothing, not even space.
3)-debris, gasses, and dust merged into a Singularity, a point of immense density and imploded, exploded, expanded, to fill space into a Big Bang (which is no longer in vogue).
4)-Hence, if 1 is true and that has never been denied, and 2 is true and has never been denied, wherefrom came 3?
End of story.

Big Bang, like Evolution, is. Was a theory and my prediction in My Ford Foundation Fellowship Recipiency year, (1972-73) that in Homo sapiens sapiens (HSS), would not be found, (when the technology allows), to contain the mitochondrial DNA of either of our predecessors, Homo Erectus, or Neanderthal. The 1987 Berkeley computer study showed that to be the probable case and recent actual mitochondrial DNA applications of both and HSS showed my projections to be correct. We do NOT carry the mitochondrial DNA of either. Therein and the newly debated, outmoded Big Bang, is slowly being replaced with a multitude of ideas.
We still have theories and no proof of them either being factual, or yet provable. Thus we are constantly replacing Theoretical Physics, where it should be, right next to my own creation called Theoretical Theology, both of which are subject to phantasmagoric and creative projections. Are some of value? Yes! Are they provable, NO! All three; theology, atheism and Theoretical Physics Theoretical Theology are religions of sorts. All three, Atheism theology and science will continue forever, unless God Himself appears disguised as Einstein and informs us of the truth... Or vice

Tired theologies embraced by some, mostly biased theologians, and all too few scientists, are in my mind of little substance or significance. The real arguments which daily circle the globe in both scientific and theological circles and those biased to either and those whose unenlightened minds are not locked in stone as are many scientists and religionists, do not comprehend that the real answers are not forthcoming, because they are asking the wrong questions. The question of God, immortality and the soul is NOT “If,” but “How.”

The goals of my students, as hinted at by me, should always be solely to LEARN, and not simply to have their improperly researched prejudices supported.

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