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The Halls Of Hell Are Lined With...

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An article inspired by and quotes by F. William Engdahl, RE: Obama’s Geopolitical China ‘Pivot’: The Pentagon Targets China” and many of the sources I list at the end of this article I expose many interesting details which are ultimately, tied by many other writings to display in my terms why the sudden crash of Trillions of dollars kicked off the World Depopulation Plans, beginning with Destabilization of The “American Dream”. More however, to depopulate America and the world.

My revelation of the plans for your family heritage’s non-existence in future is happening NOW. The idea behind the attacks on Mid-eastern nations, including Iraq, had nothing to do with any of the reasons/excuses given for attacking her and any number of nations since. It has to do with the dissolution of the current world population of approximately 6.25 Billion people to the size the entities involved see as ideal, 500 million, or more to the point eliminating about 88. +% Of the current population.

They began by stealing trillions of American dollars and allowing the most evil among them, the home builders, the appraisers, the banks and other lenders to overcharge the poor and middle classes and cheat them out of billions of dollars with impunity.

Did you know that Former Secretary of the Treasury Paul O’Neil convinced Alan Greenspan to deposit $3.6 Trillions of the $5.9 Trillion Clinton surplus, but was turned down by the Cheney influence on Bush and they blew the entire surplus on Corporate Welfare for their friends and No-Bid contracts? There was at least on Republican whose mind and heart were in the right place!

Why did all of what is wrong happen? Why are war criminals like Obama and Bush and their present supporters and followers free to walk the planet and mass murder with no repercussions? Because they are to collect as much money as possible while the following plan unfolds: The plan is to destroy those of little wealth, position or consequence (in their estimation, not in ours), at first by subtle means like the pretense that Social Security and Medicare, pensions, Collective bargaining are somehow “Unsustainable”*1(In a way it is unsustainable, unsustainable to the profits of criminal corporations who lust after a covet that money which they can then steal) and a drain upon the economy, when in reality, the wars, the criminal elements which have infiltrated our government, the banks, the Builders, appraisers, Corporations, are typical of what is Unsustainable. Taking away the discretionary income of the upper middle, middle and lower classes including their health care is paramount to “Letting them die”, and is more like “Killing them”. That is the goal of the Tea Party, the more that become homeless sans money, and medical assistance the more will die and faster. The estimate is that directive will kill off about 80% - 90% of the elderly, poor, and lower middle class, as well as many middle class people out of work and/or under employed. Initiating illnesses with vaccines, drugs in the water supply, incompetent physicians, illicit arrests and prosecutions, tainted food, medicines and drinking water will kill off the rest. Note that the artificial increase in gas/oil, which currently costs 2.3 to 3.6 cents, a gallon to produce and ship is now being sold at close to 9,000% profit, and yet the president does NOTHING about it and I highly doubt that his opponent will either.

During his administration Jimmy Carter capped oil/gas at $8 - $10 a barrel and hit the oil/gas companies with a Windfall Profit tax when they tried to scam the nation by raising gasoline prices from $7.00 a barrel over a trumped up non-emergency to $25.00 a barrel thus thwarting the criminal effort. The same criminal effort occurred since The Enron fiasco and has been all but ignored as banks are busy trying to drain the public and following the Bush, Obama, rob-the-treasury scam will be more bankruptcies with no arrests. In this era no one will be investigated or indicted unless the US attorney’s and FBI grow a pair. At the same time people who saved their money are being scammed by the Obama/Bernanke fraud of
Near Zero interest earned on savings, which at only 5% interest which would net savers $385 Billions of discretionary income which would go into the market place spurring sales new jobs.

Moreover, no one of either party has even mentioned setting excise taxes upon outsourcing jobbers and imports. The taxes would raise money, and would place costs upon outsourcing and imports equal to or higher than the same products made domestically. Don’t you find that odd that the government would turn down such income to return the 31 million jobs lost since the 1980’s? How can you beat that? Why don’t they do that? Because they do not want to restore those jobs, what good are jobs to dead people?. Those jobs have been sold off overseas to bribe African , far Eastern and middle-eastern nations to do business with us to undermine Russia and China’s relationship with them. Many of those jobs at $20.00 - $25.00 an hour with benefits went to Mexican workers because of NAFTA at $5.00 - $8.00 an hour sans benefits,

This accomplishes several vicious goals; it wrecks unions (and quality of work and products,) lowers along with quality, the bottom line for the American corporations who import and outsource, wrecks and destabilizes American lower to upper middle class lifestyles, saves the companies cash mostly not handed on to investors, stock/share holders, and is stolen away by CEO’s as “compensation” and bonuses. Criminal and easily worthy of being a prime target for indictment under the RICO ACT for conspiratorial, racketeering, criminal activities against both government office holders and corporations.

Do you really believe all of this coalescing at once was an accident, a coincidence?

Engdahl says:
“Breaking the String of Pearls
Significant Pentagon and US actions since that 2005 report have been aimed to counter China’s attempts to defend its energy security via that “String of Pearls.” The US interventions since 2007 into Burma/Myanmar have had two phases.

“The first was the so-called Saffron Revolution, a US State Department and CIA-backed destabilization in 2007 aimed at putting the international spotlight on the Myanmar military dictatorship’s human rights practices. The aim was to further isolate the strategically located country internationally from all economic relations, aside from China. The background to the US actions was China’s construction of oil and gas pipelines from Kunming in China’s southwest Yunnan Province, across the old Burma Road across Myanmar to the Bay of Bengal across from India and Bangladesh in the northern Indian Ocean.”

(Professor Peter Bagnolo: note – It is my belief that the above follows a similar road taken by both the Bush and Obama regimes to destabilize the American economy. To what end? Ask the The Bilderbergs, the Tri-lateral Commission, the Club of Rome, the oil, gas, Military Medicare-(1) Industrial Complex, Rothschilds, David Rockefeller, Cheney, Bush, and Obama and the rest whose ultimate plan is crushing the middle classes, their income sources, thus breaking unions and Collective Bargaining, pensions, medical care, and the Nazi born and bred “Austerity” ideas. All aimed at depopulation and destruction of the American Dream. See more and as I have said many times, “what the Military Medical Industrial Complex and the Mass murderers they put into elected  office, do unto others, is but practice for what they will do unto us…Let Katrina be a minor example”.

In short, spending our hard earned money, and sending so many jobs overseas assures American workers that their jobs, their children, their grandchildren and the rest, are a human sacrificed to make the world safe for Americas greedy corporations and YOU are expendable and will continue to be, until the last brick in the structure of depopulation world wide is tightly in place and China and Russia are added to the growing list of those who agree to follow in lock step, though in truth do not know what the Hell they are doing, and that alone will making them accessories agreeing to also depopulate their nations. 

I say it again, as I did years ago, that Obama's renewal of the Patriot Act will eventually bite everyone in the arse. Watch for a movement to dump or audit the FED and watch that be followed by the FED legally allowed to arm themselves and have complete police powers-FEDERAL POLICE POWERS. A private yet government army well armed with military ordinance as Obama and his pals along with Bush and his have recreated 1984 and your Demise.

America cannot completely depopulate because they might need us if Russia and China do not fall into lockstep. There will be no building of jobs, and it is not by accident that out of more 50,000 village, town city, county, state and national elected and many more appointed officials NOT ONE has offered to create excise taxes on outsourcing jobs and importing goods. Your lives and those of your descendants are the sacrifice not for some distant greater good, but for the long term plan of depopulation (2) by 90% of the world. What we need are two things: FDR, and Scaramouch. 

Engdahl further, says: Forcing Burma’s military leaders into tighter dependency on China was one of the factors triggering the decision of the Myanmar military to open up economically to the West. They declared that the tightening of US economic sanctions had done the country great harm and President Thein Sein made his major liberalization opening, as well as allowing US-backed dissident, Aung San Suu Kyi, to be free and to run for elective office with her party, in return for promises from US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of US investment in the country and possible easing of US economic sanctions.

The US corporations approaching Burma are hand-picked by Washington to introduce the most destructive “free market” reforms that will open Myanmar to instability.”

 (My notes: And here, in America the NAFTA bill did exactly the same thing, as planned.)

F. William Engdahl author of, Es klebt Blut an Euren Händen  (FinanzBuchVerlag)

(Added by Professor Peter Bagnolo:

Do you want to read more on this? Just Google it. Promise to read as much or more than I do, okay? Then you will be surprised by nothing I say, or nothing period.

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