Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"Ich bin ein FDR Progressiv Americaner"

I have been an FDR Progressive all of my life. I am wealthy, but have never been greedy, nor hate mongering and unlike both candidates, though I have an IQ of well above 170, I kneel to pray at least three times a day.

I think it would be a far less stressful and a far better world, if everyone would mind their own damned business. If we do not make discrimination by race or religion or age, why are we making them by gender?  If we are granting rights to Lesbians and homosexuals, as we should, why is Romney picking on polygamists? By so doing he is slandering all of the prophets of the Old Testament including Moses, David, Solomon, Jacob, Joshua, etc. And why pick upon the poor drug addicts, why not help them? I am sick of both parties and their constant need to make someone seem a lower on the scale of morality, just because there are broken does not mean they cannot be fixed.

Just because they have a higher libido does not make them immoral. Just because they have no libido does not make them gay. Just because they are guy does not make them evil. Just because they stay home and properly raise their children does not make them someone to hate. I would prefer mothers to stay at home and properly raise kids rather than being materialistic and greedy and working in the most evil system ever conceived, People-hooded Corporations where once wonderful mothers and father are driven out of greed or fear to become corporate higher officers which to me in this era, are far more evil anyone either party seems to comprehend.

These people who attack others constantly are indeed sick in the mind, and that includes both parties. Romney and Obama are equally to blame for infringing on the rights of others, including the religious beliefs of Catholic Church, my own religion, which itself needs a rather complete house cleaning from top to bottom. It needs to comprehend that Jesus was and remains a Socialist, and yet most of the hierarchy are Conservatives. One cannot truly believe in Jesus and be a conservative. It is like a frog ruling African Elephants, a Nazi Ruling Communists, like a demon ruling God’s angels.

People should run on the issues. 75% of Americans, especially better educated, smarter Americans want ALL of our troops to come home and stop interfering in the political struggles of other nations, and yet 78% of Americans want the wars, which are wrecking our economy back home.

Why has neither candidate suggested an excise tax on outsourcing and imports? A tax high enough to make all goods and services coming to America at least equal to or above the price of Domestic made goods and services?

Why has the president and congress not gone after Big Oil as did Jimmy Carter when has costs only 2,6-3.6 cents a gallon to produce and ship, and cut the price to under a dollar a gallon? WHY?  I'll tell you why, because those in high office are greedy and care nothing for their nation or their people. They car, both candidates about making themselves the center of attention and creating great wealth for themselves and their  friends.

Neither one of the presidential candidates believes in God nor that is the mistake that is the worst. If I a scientist with an IQ of 173 on even a bad day has found the scientific path to belief, and neither of these two poor excuses for a president has such an IQ to match, why don't they gain humility and allow the rest of the world respect for boundaries and let them keep their own oil and minerals.

By the way, I served my nation ion the military, I am a card carrying Progressive, I have pity upon the disadvantaged and am ashamed that this is one of the only nations which greedy sons of bitches make profits from the misfortunes of others, and I believe that the USA should Nationalize all Oil companies, all banks, all potable waters and unlike more than 97% of the other nations of the world are the only one which profits over the misfortunate and seeks to rob its citizens and thinks that is a good thing, which does not have lifelong non-deductable health care coverage. If any American President had any balls, they would arrest and disown and deport all Corporate CEO’s, and reduce the size of any company doing more than $1 billion gross business. Confiscate all wealth of more than $10 millions and give it to the poor, the homeless and cap CEO Compensation packages at $2.5 millions, the hundreds of millions executives steal as bonuses, and perks are nothing more than stealing from investors/stockholders and employees, and that in my book is a capital crime.

I also think that Just as Obama went after Osama bin Laden, he ought to go after The Bilderbergs, the Tri-lateral Commission, The European and American Banking Families, the Nazis and fascists now living and prospering on their message OF hatred of American Working class people. Such people who outsource and want to be rid of pensions, Medicare, collective bargaining are fascists need to be hunted down, arrested and indict under the RICO ACT and then once convicted, their wealth taken away and distributed to those in need and then the criminals should be deported, and banned from ever coming back.
Professor Peter Bagnolo, PE

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