Friday, January 20, 2012

The Plots Against the President! Fascism Repeats Itself

"The Below sustains my research comparing the bankers, the Right Wing Nuts and Tea Party, the Military Medical, Industrial Complex as well as many Democrats, to the Fascism of the 1920's - 1940's rising out of Germany. With every word they speak, with every plan they unveil, with every "Privatization" plot they hatch, with every exposure of their inhuman Avarice, they show themselves to be the embodiment of the enemies of Jesus, Indeed the Anti-Christ!

Were Prescott Bush (G. W. Bush's Grandfather who lent millions to Hitler to build his war machine), and his friends not found to be in violation of the "Trading With The Enemy Act" having loaned Hitler millions from 1932, to 1942, until their banking firm's cash was confiscated by the Federal Government. Was Prescott Bush not also alleged to have and held until 1951 millions of dollars for an escaped (to South America) war Criminal? Was it not revealed, (if not alleged) to have tried to bribe the 500,000 WW I Vets who camped out in the parks seeking their pensions, to kill FDR, and promised that if they did he would see that they got their pensions? Did not Margaret Sanger and Ayn Rand also prove to be to Be Hitler admirers ?

And do not the fascists in Washington and governors  in many states,  sustain their evil ties with Hitler, with every "Private Sector Health Care plan" with which they raise to rip off the poor, middle class and upper middle class. Don't they now, clearly mimic that Anti-Christ? With every Wall Street ripoff, as they stole more than $25 Trillion from all of us, and within their insanely, hypocritical, depopulation ideas, they, whether or not they are aware of it, aren't they displaying, showing themselves to be the reincarnates of the entirety of the evil which grew out of the mind of Hitler? Did not Hitler NOT try to destroy the labor unions, Catholics, Jews, Blacks, lay off workers, lower wages, steal pensions and medical care, and pour huge sums of money into his own Military Industrial Complex and did he not also attack nation after nation and break up and do harm to those who protested?

What difference is there then between the Anti-Christ, Hitler, and the modern Anti-Christs I showed above? The Book below does not cover everything I mentioned in my own attempts at freedom fighting on the home front. However, the last and final likeness, is that of the laws which have broken our constitution, such as the Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act of 2006 and the NDAA - the Indefinite Detention Bill, show that even Obama who promised to rid us of such legislation, renewed the Patriot Act and added a new constitution wrecker, in the latter bill above! "
Pete Bagnolo

The below From an ad on Amazon for the new FDR book, The Plots Against the President


"The little-remembered history of the frighteningly real conspiracy against American democracy during the 1930s has never been so dramatically told. Nor has its somber warning ever been more urgently needed. This astonishing story, brought vividly to life by Sally Denton, is one that no American dare ignore, and that every true patriot must ponder."—Ronald Steel, author of Walter Lippmann and the American Century
"Denton traces today’s right-wing "paranoid style" to the nascent fascist movement that opposed Roosevelt"—Publishers Weekly
“In this tale of a popular president, resentful Wall Street bankers and wacko wing-nuts, the author has found a story whose parallels to today are eerie.”—Kirkus
“An interesting and timely reminder that economic crises threaten the survival of cherished political freedoms.”—Booklist

About the Author

Sally Denton is an award-winning author and investigative journalist. Her books include Passion and Principle, American Massacre, Faith and Betrayal, The Bluegrass Conspiracy, and The Money and the Power (cowritten with Roger Morris). She is a Guggenheim fellow and a public policy scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center. She lives in New Mexico.

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