Sunday, January 15, 2012


Please read: Winner Take All Politics
BY Paul Pierson and Jacob S. Hacker

 I see the far Right Fascist's as using other issues which affect only 1,000th of our citizens as a means to to divide, distract and ignore the reality that they have stolen $25 trillion dollars from us and now they want our pensions, medical care and savings. They continue to send jobs over seas and offshore where they pay 25 cents to 50 cents an hour, and in some areas manufacturers pretend that their goods are being made in the USA which they are not. This area, like the Northern Mariannas, is the garment capital of the USA and it used to be located in actual states of the USA. Those who follow such paths are traitors to the nation which protected them during many decades of their lives. Their contribution of gratitude? Simply to betray our people. They have become the Satanic evil of greed and their attitude is, to Hell with the rest of the USA. These kind of people need to be brought to justice. But before we can do that we need to actually have some justice, which in the last 30 years, especially during the Bush/Obama regimes during which we have had NONE! During WW II such people would be tried and then shot as traitors or in the 1950's and 1960's sent to jail for life and later became imprisoned under the RICCO/Racketeering Act. No longer, now they are the self-created, immunity cloaked, "elites".  The top 1% of Americans have seen the income rise 485% since 1980. The top 10% have risen in income 256.8% since 1980.

Since 2001 top 1% have saved each, $46 million per year in taxes while 99% have paid the vast majority of the share the top 1% have refused to pay. The bail outs and the CEO and other executive Compensation Packages have sky rocketed from roughly 25 times average employee Compensation Packages in 1947 to 500-1100 times by 20014, to 5,000 - 11,000 times average employee Compensation Packages.

Anything above the 25 times times average employee Compensation Packages is clearly stealing "legally" from Stock investors and employees. Average CEO Compensation Packages have gone on average thus from $65,000 in 1949, to $5 million in the 1980's to $65 million in 2006, to $125 million in 2011. Meanwhile as their income has soared average working class income has dropped from $51,000 in 1995 to $42,000 in 2006, to $38,000 2011. (This figure includes factors which the Bush/Obama administrations have ignored; the fact that we are counting the losses of those still unemployed and those still underemployed.)

Now the following nations have surpassed us in middle class income: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Great Britain and more than a half dozen others. Our poverty level since 1980 and especially under the Bush/Obama realms has dropped into 3rd world status and our elected officials and corporate executives have joined those of Mexico the most corrupt nation on earth where the leaders and richest people are protected by the military and are constantly changing residence protected by upgraded weapons provided by Bush/Obama. The authors of the book I recommended says that today there is no longer a substantial enough number of people of the Middle Class, to maintain it as a real differential, not enough to fill out a class. It is now a tiny segment, which is, like a small atoll, not large enough to be considered an Island. It is instead, a coral rim of what was once a lagoon, on what was once an island which sunk.

The only means of to stopping this detruction is the following:
Laws and Constitutional Amendments which, like Sweden raise the minimum wage to theirs, $19.00 per hour including free health care sans deductibles and free higher education. Moreover, heavy excise taxes must be levied upon outsourcing of jobs, like union scale plus 15% on each job and forbidding of American Companies to manufacture anywhere but in the USA. And an end to all wars and closing of at least 50% of the 900 US military camps around the world and allowing them to develop in freedom from our imperialism.

It is time for good men and women to ignore all other issues but the ones I mention above. Everything else now is only a smoke screen by the right to divide and conquer. There are NO other issue until our economy is regained. After that we can look back into other less Nationally challenging and wide spread matters Right now 250 million people are affected by unemployment and underemployment issues. Let us solve that first or there will be no other issues ever.
These days are the prelude to their trying to Kill-off off the Upper Middle, Middle and lower classes and depopulate the planet by 80% - 90%, that is why they are attacking other nation to bring down upon America a 3rd World War. This Depression was planed and so was the Stealing of $25 Trillion to cushion the Depression for the Self-Appointed “Elites”.

A dream I had in 1974 explains quite clearly what is unfolding. The start of the dream was a view through my bedroom window in Oak Park Illinois, a line of bumper to bumper Nazi tanks and helmeted Nazi Soldiers peeking out of them heading north. Their line of tanks went as far as the eye could see in both directions. It reminded me of the movie Red October, but in which Americans and Brits were killing off everyone as they initiated creating the Second American Revolution, with the high tech weapons of America's military, against the puny weapons of the Upper. Middle, Middle and lower classes.

The battles were followed by what appeared to be a new Passover, in which, all of the corrupt Politicians (about 95%) most bankers, Corporate Executives, weapons makers, oil company executives, drug companies and all the rest of the Military, Medical, Industrial Complex were eliminated by The same Angel of Death which directed the first Passover. Following that the Earth opened and falling into Bowels of Hell were those among the rich who betrayed their people and their nation. Hell was bursting with the rich, and the more corrupt clergy of every religion.

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