Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Speaker Boehner wants to grow the economy, he says, so does our disappointing president. Here are a few easy ways to do so. All you need to understand them is have minimal IQ a thing politicians seem to lack.

Privatization in Focus:

1) AMTRAC nearing bankruptcy with infrastructure near collapsing, out of sight fees, and filthy conditions abounding.

2)2)-Postal Authority, Nearing bankruptcy and with out of sight costs and charges. Return of the economy?

A simple matter, but first why/how. The Bush admin squandered the $5.9 Trillion Clinton Surplus after vetoing the Paul O’Neil/Greenspan plan to place $3.9 trillion into Social Security and added to the debt an additional $9 trillion on the wars for the fictional WMD’s.

End the debt? Easy, stop warmongering and save $1.1 trillion a year at the very least.

Fire all of the Mercenaries, more Privatization which cost five times what regular army people doing the same thing would cost.

Recreate FDR’s plan for rebuilding the Infrastructure.

Stop laying off government workers and stifling their collective bargaining. Simple math reveals that for every person loses his job or takes a pay cut, their spending per person of approximately $45,000 is lost or lowered. So 20 million put out of work or having to take a lower paying job damages the many companies with which they spend or invest. 20 million time $45,000 equals a loss of $9 trillion in sales and the economy is thus devastated.

More layoffs, cutting of wages, cutting of pensions, Ending Social Security and Medicare, will expand the Depression and create a a gross loss of $2,900,000,000,000 and a complete collapse of the American economy and would cause 120,000 Americanbusinesses to close in bankruptcy.

Right now there sits idle in bank accounts $9 trillion at near zero interest. Raise interest rates to a point, which allows 5% interest earned at banks by depositors and that will pore an additional $450 billion into the economy each year. Surveys show that 90% of that money would be spent on autos, second homes, and new homes and home upgrades which would thus generate 2.7 million NEW jobs.

Add to this maximum tax credits and grants for Geothermal HVAC, Wind Mill HVAC, tripling wall and ceiling insulation. We are indoors, home and offices, 24/07.365 and in travel vehicles an average of only 1.5 hours per day. This would reduce oil consumption within 10 years by 67%.

This plan is a plan only the most Intellectually challenged, or brain dead would not comprehend and fail to put into practice.

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