Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fascists, Mass Murderers, False Terrorist Attacks?

As I wrote long ago and since, I shall ask my readers, who are among the most enlightened readers in the World, what they think. As I predicted long ago and since, the Orwellian Demoniacs are plotting the demise of... YOU!

I warned last month and before of the possible coming plot by members of a self-appointed, Treasonous, Criminal, American "Elite" who are having wet-dreams about gradually becoming billionaires and being rid of 270 million of the 310 million Americans living in America. How? You might ask:  Through poisoned: Water, drugs, medicines, food mustard gases, and also Uranium bombs, layoffs, and more 9/11 attacks, the stealing between 2002 and 2011 of more than $7 trillion from the Treasury, from foreclosures, bank bankruptcies, market crashes, destabilization of cities in the world including the USA, zero interest earned rates, gasoline at a 9,000% profit, are they trying to wipe out Americas working citizens?.

Destruction of pensions, Medicare, Social Security, Collective Bargaining will not only destroy the working classes, but many of the businesses which they support.

Was the goal in this false alarm of a Terrorist attack precipitated by the excuse two weeks ago that security was extremely weak in the USA? Now with the announcement of a story that New York and Washington DC were a target, are they trying to excite panic?Is such an announcement among the most stupid things you have ever seen or heard? ´Especially in light of a media report that the terrorist story was outed as a hacker-fraud.

Was the two-week-old warning about the weakness of US defenses the beginning of a predetermined excuse, an alibi, not for the foreign terrorists, but for those who govern? Has this "terrorist" event been planed and carried out by dupes hired by the American political and Oil companies and the others of the Military Medical Industrial Complex Self appointed "elites" whose pedigrees consist of, Adolph Hitler, Stalin, Mao and their Bastard Father, Satan?

If there was to be such an attack, what was the purpose behind telling everyone where it was to take place? If it were a real attack by a foreign enemy, would not the best strategy be to feign not knowing where it would take place? Was this "warning" was an attempt to panic Americans? Anyone who has ever commanded or even played Kriegsspiel, which this president has never done, knows full-well, the best strategy is to say nothing. Second best is to name the wrong places, to catch the attackers unawares. But if this is a treasonous, American attack on Sitting Duck Americans, the target will NOT be upon the places mentioned, it will be elsewhere and anyone’s logical guess is correct as to the true targets, (if any) like perhaps: Chicago, NY, Hawaii, and/or LA.

If it really is, and has been foreign terrorists, it has never made sense to anyone with an IQ above that of an Avocado, why they pick the targets they have picked in the past. Do you think the US is paying and training like Big Brother did the "Rebel Leader", Al Qaeda for missions the US has in mind?

If you hated the government of a rich and powerful nation, would you be plotting against its working people and its unemployed poor? No, you would be trying to win them over, and then instead of attacking the poor, you would be plotting against the ultra wealthy members of the Military Medical Industrial Complex; the executives of the richest corporations, the oil companies, energy companies; gas electric and more. Smart strategists would not attack working people or residential areas. Doing that is incredibly stupid and would gain nothing but drawing insulting and disrespectful jokes. Moreover if the government is realy serious about protecting us from terrorism why not do as it did in our nation's infancy, arm those of us willing to protect our people, without having to pay us?

However, if a governing self-appointed “Elite” of America in coordination with other self-appointed "elites" from Europe and the Middle East, was "commanding" these “terrorist” attacks they would try to panic, disorient, destabilize their real targets, working class Americans, by trying to kill as many as possible and continue such attacks until the working class and all of their families are dead or dying.

Real foreign warriors have no intellectually logical gain by attacking the working people. The best way to win is to destroy the nations leaders and super wealthy.

Those who endorsed the wars on Iraq under the pretext of WMD’s are now looking foolish, Recall in 2000 when I told you and I that if Saddam had such weapons, he would have done as he did before, he would have used them. So, as I said back in 2001, it is not about WMD’s, it was always about two other things: Oil and disruption of people’s of every nation, especially of the nation of those people whose leaders were behind the destabilization plots. The terrorists, are they then Americans? Well, if fascists are here in America, it is possible, isn't it?

Well, the Taliban in 2001 demanded that Opium planting, harvesting and selling it end immediately as they saw its sale and use as inhuman, immoral and displays a lack of faith in God. The Taliban enforced that ban through force of arms.  Opium is a highly addictive narcotic drug acquired in the dried latex form from the opium poppy (Papaver somniferum) seed pod. Heroin (diacetylmorphine) is derived from the morphine alkaloid found in opium and is roughly 2-3 times more potent and is therefore a highly addictive drug. Under the Taliban the planting Harvesting  and sales of opium, came to a sudden halt in 2001. someone however, liked the idea of illicit drugs and now the drug trade in Afghanistan is bringing in more than $75 millions a year to some one with high connections in America.

Those advocates of drug use for profit, destabilization, depopulation, attacked Afghanistan and renewed the Opium planting, harvesting and selling to the tune of $175 millions in Opium sales per year, since. Opium sales in Afghanistan under US dictatorship became number one in the world, coming all the way up from last place in such drug sales in just two years and made those which banned opium, the enemy. Find out who is profiting from the drug money and you have your new Adolph Hitler. Then ask yourself, who was the American who helped plan the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, and whose last name consists of six letters? Find him and you have your traitor. And, that man, deserves the fate of Mussolini, don't you think?

American workers have several natural enemies:
1)-Corporate American CEO’s who want to drive into poverty, and/or kill off 90% of our people.
2)-The last two presidents and
3)-The Fascists who have high-jacked the Republican Party and the governorship of several mid-western states and taken them hostage.
4)- And if there are some enemies exterior to the US such as the Taliban and Al Qaeda, I am certain wise negotiators could win them over with ease and convert them from enemies to allies.

In less than three years a president you and I voted for, sold us out innumerable times. Just a few days ago news came to light that in Libya and a neighboring nation, part of the US destabilization program included a deal with al Qaeda (How come they don’t have a U after the Q?). A deal with al Qaeda by the very people who were hunting them down? A deal with the very men who reputedly caused 9/11? Do they have another deal to destabilize and depopulate America? Did Obama make a deal also with Xe/Blackwater? If so, are we the targets?

Let us see what, if anything, happens tomorrow. Is the enemy al Qaeda, a handful of poorly people equipped? Or al Qaeda a handful of people recently well equipped by sinister so-called Americans? Or simply American paid, American born and raised, mercenaries?

The numbers of people volunteering for the military has gone flat. Is this questionable “Terrorist attack” a triple threat, a triple motive and is one of the motives Recruitment of many more enlisted men/women?

Most people would like to believe that if there is another terrorist attack, that it is coming from enemies outside our nation, but as Woody Alan said, “I am very busy writing the non-fiction version of the Warren Report.” Am I then, very busy writing the non-fiction version of a terrorist attack by foreign enemies, or by American citizens who have hired foreign enemies or mercenaries? I hope not, but the lies spewing from the White House these last 12 years are phenomenal. Is this yet another? You be the judge. Hey, Michael Moore read this.
PS: My call on Chicago Bears Game, 9/10/2011, Bears 33, Falcons 13.

My call for 9/18 Bears 20, Saints 37

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