Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Two Liars; But Which Was The Worst?

I was just standing here painting when these revolutionary thoughts came directly from the Almighty, through me to you. You know the kind I mean.

Here is two fellows of the same sort in some ways and in others, not so much.

Two men, wild eyed with rapturous comments, by Presidents from two sides of Hell, who supposedly apposed each other’s philosophies, ideals, views of life, and vigorously so, until elected. Then the one we thought was the worst liar, who was not a very bright guy, but turned out to be the one who was the least of the two liars. You see he thought he was right.

However, the second one, the first of his race as president, never thought he was right, he merely wanted you to think that he thought he was right.

The first of the One, was aboard a ship dressed in full fighter pilot gear, in a plane landed by his co-pilot, onto the deck of a ship, and excitedly, joyfully exclaimed, "Mission Accomplished!" and was wrong/incorrect, but didn't know it.

The Other, Obama, he said the equivalent of Mission Accomplished, with the lie that combat for us was over, while 50,000 remain, killing and being killed. What he said was a lie, while Bush's mission in and of itself was a lie. Two men lying both of which gall the minds and hearts of those of spirit, truth, honor, justice and which possess an actual functioning conscience and soul.

Well, according to the God I know very well, the one which allows some to read His mind every so often to make incredibly and documented predictions. He, is not happy with either one of these fellows.

You do not need me to tell you that we are angry as is the Creator, at this turn of events, and as you may well recall, my support of Obama was unenthusiastic. Turns out I was right, he is a guy on the make, a guy whose main interest in life is celebrity, and living the rest of it as The First Black President, instead of living it as the second FDR. We may have to look well beyond my lifetime for a reincarnate FDR. However, in the meantime, humankind is on a collision course with annihilation.

After many warnings against the desecration, destruction, polluting, poisoning of Wild Life, water, air and living humans, nothing considerable has been accomplished because of the heathens who live only for the moment. The greed/avarice is insurmountable. Scientists are saying all wildlife will be gone within 50 years, all safe drinking water not long after and human’s may well be extinct in 100 - 125 years.

There is no New World to which people can escape as they did about 400 years ago when they first came over here, when their environment was bristling with hostility and repression. Here and now, there is no refuge from toxins and no one person can make things well again. The present Military, Medical, Industrial Complex is not about to cease their greed because they do not care what happens after they are gone. To them their own lifetime in the flesh is the very end. They are too greedy and selfish to care beyond that point.

Fortunately, some of us who are close enough to the Source to be certain of reincarnation know that life is not a one-time experience.

Defeated people of certain philosophies or theologies have often been persecuted, even killed by greater powers, as was Jesus. He, and later some of his followers, were persecuted by the Herodian political powers and Herodian Chief Priests. The King was in Jerusalem fearful of John the Baptizer’s proclamations, and some who thought that Rome might also find in Jesus a threat of some sort. However, in God there appears to be a lavish Irony and a Karma laden sort of justice which is inconceivable to those who allow themselves to have their souls, if they indeed have souls, to be transcended by materialism, blinding them to less physically sensual truths.

Rome back then was the heartland of Empire, which authored, wars, torture, wrecking, burning and other violence and yet ironically Rome became the Heartland of Christianity and the defeated Jesus and one billion Catholics and millions of other Christians arose from the ashes and wreckage, in a form of triumph over the injustice shown him and them. My ancestors in Rome were nothing more than pirates, but who instead of attacking ships at seas attacked nations, draining them of their wealth.

History replays it self, especially when Karma and irony have been a concerned part of the scenario. Some evil people and some good people live long lives; some evil people and some good people live very short lives. In either case, that variation in life spans does not display justice or a level playing field for the individual. So, if believers accept that there is injustice in God’s plan, how can they still believe He is a Good God? Well there is no injustice if there is reincarnation, because over the eons lifetimes of existence for each soul make right what seems unjust.

Keep in mind that it took YHVH between 4500 to 7500 years (plus some several million years of evolution) to change His tone from the harshness of the Torah, to the Liberality of Jesus’ philosophy. Therefore, how can anyone expect a common human to get things figured out in a few decades? Reincarnation appears to be the only way humans would have a fair chance at immortality. Jesus mentioned to his disciples that, "This generation shall not pass away, before I return..." Well, either he was wrong or the term "generation" was mistranslated or misinterpreted. I believe that to Jesus, "generation" meant the life cycle that incorporates the many phases of reincarnation of a soul.

Keep in mind that it took God those 4500 to 7500 years to move from Old Testament harshness, to the Progressiveness, the kindness, of Jesus'. If it took God that long to comprehend humankind's needs, and how to deal with them, is it in any way logical that a mere human can figure it all out in one lifetime, especially considering that some people die very young and others live much longer? Without reincarnation, life is unjust and evil that runs rampant is rewarded.

If there is not reincarnation, then religion is a fraud, a creation of sadistic, sleazy people to defraud the rest. A True Creator, would neither be that rude, violent or psychotic. For the injustices we all face, either there is Reincarnation, or religion is an unjust, abusive, fantasy of sadomasochistic, horror. If that were true, the gentle, loving people, a small percentage of the population at any one time period, are the real gods, and the rest are the demons. If there is no God, why place any value in morality? Because conscience is the evidence of something other than brute force being the way of all life. If we have a conscience, therefore there is a soul and if there is a soul, there is a Creator. Matter does not come from nothingness. Nothing comes from nothingness.

Here is the anomaly created by scientists, lacking logic.


*1)-The first law of Physics is Matter can neither be created or destroyed, which E=MC2 seems to prove. I agree.

*2)-Before the Big Bang, not even space existed.

3)-We are then told, then, that dust, gases, and debris converged into an Entity, a point, which density was unimaginable, and all crushed and inverted/imploded/exploded/expanded, whatever into what became the universe. However, except for one thing. If indeed, and I accept this, numbers, #1 & #2 above are true, then number 3 cannot be.

If before the Big Bang, there was Nothing not even space, then from whence came the dust, gases, and debris which converged into an Entity, a point, which density was unimaginable, from where did it all come?

We know that #1 & #2 prohibit any such thing:

dust, gases, and debris which converged into an Entity, a point, from existing. Either the model is wrong, which is doubtful, or the start point is, which I and others increasingly think is the case.

It does not matter whose theory is correct, Nothing Comes From Nothing, and something’s, come from something’s.

If you put two rocks in your basement for a jillion years, they will not change except to gather dust, because we now have matter and dust comes with it. We now have life and no life comes from no life. That is simple science, simple Anthropological, Evolutionary, Physics. Wrong scenario look for another likely way.

I became a believer because of my study of anthropology, not in spite of it. Einstein and Gödel, I believe thoroughly agree. At least the last time we saw Einstein alive he agreed.

Ehyeh asher ehyeh (Translated as, "I AM THAT I AM" in the KJV)

The logic displayed above is the strongest evidence of reincarnation of which I am aware. Reincarnation, if one is a believer makes sense. It anticipates the liberty for correction, wherein the tortured in another lifetime switch places and are free to make a decision to either continue the tyranny of abuse and become the torturers over the very souls who tortured them, or stop and convert one’s view of life. It is immediately that they learn, or fall prey to the same evil, as those hated ones who once tortured them.

Karma makes sense to a logical mind. Knowing that makes killing one’s enemies only a temporary solution. Though often people are left with little choice unless they like Jesus see the future clearly with a faith, which transcends singular existences, they then see the truth, which few have seen. Kill them and they return to plague another generation with worse weapons and in greater numbers. Destroy, with injustice, those who seem bent on peace and they seem to return and repay the complement. Karma and reincarnate evil and goodness, play out a cosmic war on the Kill-Zone that becomes a Purgatorial and Hellish battleground over the eons, right before a majority of unseeing eyes, unhearing ears, and a minority of those who set straight their own paths. Those who ignored/rejected grace have chances to correct their oversights.

America fought and thought it had destroyed Fascism and Nazism in WW II and now it is home-growing fascists and Nazi’s. The military once barred Nazi’s from service, but under the Bush administration, members of the military became replete with soldiers admitting to and wearing the symbols of Skinhead Nazi’s in tattoos and medallion’s.

The American Military Medical Industrial Complex is monumentally selfish and greedy, and beyond, and from the products they sell and actively promote, are, as well, sadistic and brutal, thus becoming the worst fascists in our history. Our great history, would reject, the fascism of the Military Medical Industrial, Corporate Complex, as well it should. In the face of it, the Founding Fathers are rapidly spinning in their graves. Save America by fighting the growing disease of Imperialistic fascism from rising again, from its place in the Hell Hitler dragged it into!

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