Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Open Letter to Senator Rand Paul

This is an open letter to Senator Rand Paul on his attempt to destroy unions:

Dear Senator Rand Paul::

I have supported many of your petitions, most in fact, but not this one. American CEO's have on average the lowest IQ among more than 30 professional leadership positions and industries but through corrupt systems make more money than most of those, which are much smarter.

In the northern European nations, Sweden, Denmark and Norway, minimum wages are $19.00 and hour, more than twice ours. Their top 50 CEO's earn $1.8 millions a year and their other executives make considerably less.

In a shocking comparison the top 50 CEO's here in the USA make $25+ millions a year not counting incredible bonuses for them and their other executives, which make up to 60% as much as the CEO's, thus stealing HUGE amounts of cash from shareholders, employees, and the IRS. Now many other nations are considering laws to crack down on the corruption in CEO's/Boards of Directors relationships, thus preventing CEO's and their buddies which are Board members from stealing from Shareholders, Employees and the IRS, as well as end their black mailing of governments  over tax breaks in all 50 states, thus stealing even more billions from working class people.

Now perhaps a US bill can be passed making the decisions on executive compensation to be solely in the hands and votes of employees and shareholders, which would be true justice. And perhaps some Attorney General will find a conscience and go after the CEO'/Board of Director's shell game and indict thousands of them.

Corporations in many nations outside of the US are forbidden by law to steal from share holders because they have long known what apparently the US politicians do not comprehend, that Boards of Directors of are now much the like Mafia, as one hand washes the other and many CEO's or their underlings sit on boards of those CEO's and other executives, who sit on their boards, thus are open to, but are not so far charged with conspiracy under the Conspiracy Mob bill, THE RICO ACT, but they not only should be, but are candidates to be so charged. They have become Economic Terrorists, just as have many elected officials. The current status of most CEO's is fascism, whether or not they are smart enough to comprehend their treasonous actions. As JESUS and ST.Paul said, "Avarice/greed are the root seeds of every evil..."

In Switzerland Boards of Directors may no longer vote on CEO and other executives salaries perks or bonuses, those decisions are now in the hands of share holders.

$100's of Billions of US dollars are stolen from shareholders and associates corporations each year by corrupt boards and CEOs conspiring to rape corporations and THAT IS WHAT IS making them NON--competitive.

What this shows is that CEO's in the nations I mention above, which are doing very well as are their employees and they are much, much, smarter and less likely to whine as US CEO's. You are calling for a serf/royalty economy in this exaggerated bill which is unpatriotic.

What you are advocating will remove discretionary income from American workers, which would certainly damage our economy. You bill is almost as bad as OUTSOURCING, which is to most Americans because it weakens American workers incomes and destroys morale and destabilizes our nation and has cost American workers since 1980 more than $33 trillion and has cost our economy $40 trillions. The CEO's you speak of have tax dodges in offshore banks as well as hidden income totaling more than $35 Trillion more dollars. Want to be competitive? Then cap CEO salaries at the same level as those in Sweden etc. instead of allowing them to continue stealing even more from the once and near dead middle class. CEO’s are stealing from employees as well, by $10s of Billions each year.

I am disappointed in you. I thought you were a patriot for all to admire, plainly and clearly I was wrong. You sound in this matter like a Club of Rome, Bilderberg, Tri-Lateral Commission, anti-American worker supporter of "austerity" for the working class and steal all they can from the corporations.

I suppose many whose intellect is lacking will buy into this idea, but in my book it is treason, and it is placing you in the same category similar to that of the Present Administration.

I am startled by this email. In the years since 1980, more than $150 trillion dollars have been diverted from the US income tax by corporations and CEOs while the salaries and benefits of workers have raised only $1.50, there has been several $100 billions of increases in income for Executives, and you want to make that difference larger? This idea approaches depopulation through starvation. It sounds also like NEW WORLD ORDER, and A World Of ONE Nation.

Did you know that American workers are being offered much higher paying jobs in several nations, and many are accepting those jobs, some of which are in Russia, China, Brazil, and many others?

Let us out an end to avarice which has effected every branch and layer of government, as so many are on the pay role of Secret Societies many of which are filled with "royalty" which minds are insufficient because of centuries of intermarriage and hoarding in Hell bound avarice.

American CEO's have on average the lowest IQ among more than 30 professional leadership positions and industries, here are some of them:

Physicians, Professors, Architects, Engineers, Film and TV producers and Directors, scientists, Mathematicians, Generals, High School science teachers, College and professional Football coaches, professional gamblers,  Hedge Fund managers, Brokers, Senators, etc.

I will now have to reconsider supporting and defending you in my articles and blogs. This makes me very sad.

Professor Peter Bagnolo,

Rand Paul
Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo

See the video the Union Bosses DO NOT want you to see. Viewer discretion is advised.

Dear Professor Emeritus Peter,

I want to talk to you about a problem that has:

1. Crippled America's competitive edge;

2. Forced countless companies overseas;

3. And polluted our political process for nearly half a century.

And my One Page Bill will reverse it all...

Click here to see the breaking video.

Watch it now before Big Labor shuts it down.


Rand Paul
U.S. Senator (R-KY)

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