Thursday, May 23, 2013

Camelot Lost...

The only problem with the Right Wing Republicans is that the wo/men of  their party, the front runners their candidacies for president, that among them is not one noble man. They are in essence the same fools who in spirit, presided over those who Murdered John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The Reverent, ML King, and Robert F. Kennedy, JFK, MLK and RFK. Those who lynched blacks, who underpaid employees, those who tried to crush Collective Bargaining, to enslave all and sundry, those haters who murdered people around the world to become wealthy. Whose despicable lives are applauded by a twisted version of Christianity, which has grown in the minds of those inbred, hypocritical, incapable of knowing sanctity, and yet somehow otherwise good people, share some of their hatred of most of the rest of humanity.

There is one way to tell a true Lover of God, it is in those who fight to protect His Creations; the animals, the pure, crystal , clear, potable, waters, equally clean air and oceans, trees and grasses. Those who wish to destroy them hate God. Dead trees, dead grasses, poisonsed

They all hate the working class and say so in their positions, they all, in not so many words pander to the murderous racists, misogynists, war mongering fascists and Anti Catholics, protectors of the cancer spreading, slave driving Military Medical Industrial Complex, Greedy, Depopulationist, voter control by elimination of anyone whose vote  betters the lives of the poor, the downtrodden, the non-white.

All these Hell-Bound criminals in white shirts responsible for all, if not the vast majority of evil doing in America, for the Wasted murders of millions, the wreckage of nations. To the world I am ashamed that so many have twisted the messages that Christianity has sent us into a series of broken ideas sent straight from Hell to America and easily grasped by the most greedy men on the planet. Each time one of them invokes the God I know, it makes me pray for a New Passover.

Isn't it ironic, that such overwhelming hypocrisy is spewed forth and God has not struck them dead on the spot?

Here is the core of the problem, we voted for a man, who showed us during his run for the presidency, a massive, fraudulent, lie, as his platform. I shall then write in a vote this time for not my old standby, Mickey Mouse, but for one of my imperfect Heroes, John F. Kennedy, the man they murdered, and whose son they may well have murdered. I recall my days of working for JFK with great pride and great sadness at losing such a fearless leader.

Even now, at writing these words I see so clearly my lifelong heroes, Jesus, FDR, JFK and a small handful of others. Where did America go wrong? When did we turn from the lofty Christian truths of FDR and JFK, to what we have now facing us?

I recall those last days of Camelot in America, and the final song of the musical, brings me often to tears, as it does right now:
"Don't Let it be forgot,
that once there was a spot,

for one brief shinning moment,
... that was Camelot..."

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