Friday, September 14, 2012

Illinois and America: God Help Those who Stay There

Holding interest rates to near zero for almost three more years is the planned coup de grâce  aimed at the middle class which are fighting gasoline prices at 9,000% profit (costs to produce and ship remain at 2.3 - 3.6. cents a gallon since before the Bush admin). Meanwhile this president, which the people elected to end the wars wastes triions on more wars and ignores the plight of the people, while he serves as the Anti-FDR and attacks the same church the Nazi's attacked, the Catholic Church and tries every venue to wreck the Constitution.


With this policy in place they have  preempted a middle class financial rebuttal, in which will cost the economy a cool $385 Billions per year, which is the figure at 5% interest would be earned on savings  yielding to savers $385 billions in discretionary income per year, or compounded $1.5 trillions each three years, which would create 750,000 new jobs and many large purchases including more building.

What should have been done was to raise interest rates on savings to that 5%, create an excise tax on outsourcing and imports equal to or exceeding the price of domestic goods of the same sort, especially clothing, thus raising the interest on Treasuries.

At Zero % interest few people are buying or investing, it is only the 1% that now have discretionary income.


With Illinois' poor math by the Governor and chair of its house crucifying professors/teachers pensions, into which the faculties have paid religiously, and the state never has, thus driving the state to owe a bill of $85 Billions to the teachers. That was for 71 years, poor judgment by the states non-thinkers

for which there is no excuse. (My 5 year old grandchild could beat such "minds" at Kriegsspiel). One of the uniquely foolish errors of judgment or selfishness on the part of the keepers of those pension's, was not to join the Judges in their  pension program for certain protection against what is now going on where the judges are exempt from pensions reform. I asked one of the "Keepers" why they did not do that, and her reply was so pitifully weak that I will not out of mercy repeat it, but it stank of fear of losing their jobs if it was moved. Thus their selfishness, if true for a handful of jobs with power endangered the pensions of hundreds of thousands of retirees.


In so attacking the pensions of academics the elected officials did not touch either judges, whom they fear, or their own pensions and in so doing have all but destroyed discretionary income in that state as several hundred thousand academics, and jobs will fade as the state slides into Third World Level of disgrace, as right now (5)-five third world nations have passed Illinois in credit acceptance and academic excellence.


The so-called “voters” of Illinois, most of which no longer even bother to vote, in lack of common sense are being driven by envy and jealousy to “get” anyone whose income is higher than theirs, and joining instead of realizing that many of the idiots who call themselves businessmen are driven by greed and a strange sort of  sadomasochistic hatred toward the very people who buy their goods and services- their customers and clients,  and  too stupid to realize that driving down income drives down the sales and  purchases which keep the businesses running. 


Well, people filled with envy and self-consuming hatred and sadomasochism have not even a dense clue as to what in the Hell they are doing, while legitimate entrepreneurs are stuck in the middle of fools and those who teach fools. Meanwhile when openings occur in Illinois colleges, universities, primary and secondary schools, only the poorest educated and qualified are applying. 


They say they cannot stay in business with such high wages and pensions. That is an admittance that they are not nearly as smart as the corporate leaders of Sweden, which minimum wage is 2.5 times greater than that of the USA at $19.00 an hour and which delivers deductible - free health care and college.

But you see, the IQ of those Swedish CEO's dwarfs that of CEO's in Illinois, by a wide margin. They are not only smarter but obviously better educated. Why? Because they pay well their professors and pension well the academics of Sweden, and they are not greedy and are unselfish thus they hire more gifted teachers and professors. By the way their academic excellence soon will eclipse new hires at such positions in the state of Illinois as recruitment invitations to the best and the brightest are being ignored.


But that is just what the politicians of a dying state want, dumb people teaching the children so the kids won’t grow up bright and enlightened and will be easier to fool. Well, until the departure of its not so bright, rather cowardly, and utterly ungifted “Leaders” Illinois will continue to be a corrupt and sick state, which has slid down to the level where even states in the deep, deep, South, and several Third World nations, have leapfrogged over them in 

desirability for a place to live, work or be educated.


Both parties seem ignorant of the realities of new voting patterns. The democrats are thus helping the Republicans destroy 750,000 voters loyalty to there own party. Why? Because the president and the mayor of Chicago have got them convinced that the voters have no where else to go with their votes. Well watch this election and see a lesson taught Democrats.


Thus clueless to the fact that in trying to destroy the unions of all workers including teachers and Professors,they are handing a few million people over to either voting third party or Republican.


On the other hand what the republicans cannot see is that several hundred thousand well paid workers are republicans. So the two parties are destroying their own bases, while wiser people are leaving the state (and many the country) in droves and what is replacing them is far less financially and intellectually qualified to either lead, follow or teach. Thus the state commits eppuku (better known as Hara-Kiri).


Meanwhile a WGN TV AM female news person asks a professor concerning the strike, “isn’t $75,000 is a lot of money…) referring to teachers who do something noble and have excellent educations, by a person of questionable IQ who earns five times what the highest paid teacher earns and for what? For making an obtuse fool of herself before millions of viewers?


Were I on that show I would have asked her “How much do you make for making stupid comments?” These are the same hypocrites who say they want the best and the brightest teaching their children, but don’t want to pay them. Meanwhile they, the dullest and the least gifted, are highly paid. 


This is all a dream is it not? (Or a nightmare if you are bright and sane.)  The MSM Media also demonizes these teachers by pitting them against the children, as though the teachers are not humans also have no children in school. Well they do have their own children in school and are trying to do what is best for them and who also have to earn a living for the sake of those children as well.


Back to Washington, which may soon experience a massive earthquake set off by the spinning their graves by the Founding Fathers at successive president who are trying to undo the miracle for they fought so hard and which WAS America.


Now it is a place where the arrogantly smirking Bernanke, who almost single handed is wrecking the economy while his amateur “President” is wandering cluelessly through a muddle of what he calls wars, which sane non-blood thirsty people call genocide. All of this while an opponent of this president who is so coveting a position for which he is ill fitted, seems even more clueless. 


Here is a nation in which some of the smartest people on the planet live, and yet  are represented by the most the scandalously treasonous, ungifted, weak, corrupt and cowardly politicians. 


So, what we have is a president who claimed his Harvard education would trump the lack of education of his predecessor from Yale, but has, instead all but put the finishing touches on the demise of the middle class, (and either on purpose or out of sheer lack of knowledge or conscience) and continues to create havoc in every arena, and much of the world while he is wasting $1.2 trillions a year on "wars" salughters would be a better description.


All this while jobs are fading, the oil companies have stolen $3.2 trillions bleeding drivers, and the states raise the taxes to waste on Sears and other ill-considered fiasco's, all of which are further crushing the economy. So here we are again with people listening to the same idiots who created this mess and seeing the same stupid faces uttering the sane stupid bromides, which sink the world, deeper and deeper into the abyss to soon a point from which there is NO return.


Did I mention that in 1941 to attract better teachers and professors the state offered a state pension into which the academics paid religiously but the state never did? Did I also mention that after the war the state offered to “The Best and the Brightest” professors with “real world experience” higher benefits and which the state still never paid into, while the professors did again, or still, religiously?


What makes things worse is self-appointed know-nothings and more who ARE appointed by people even less gifted than they, actually have opinions, be they ever so inappropriately idiotic and the voters eat it up, like so much poisoned supper sweet and deadly, high fructose corn syrup, thus committing slow suicide, which few will mourn of people whose IQ is in minus territory.

What ever made poorly educated politicians think they were mathematicians? What makes things worse in Illinois is sheer stupidity of its so called leaders in the business and political area’s with Right Wing crazies trying to destroy unions, thus if successful; wrecking discretionary income and killing retail sales, and the mid-left/right doing even worse, you have blind morons leading blind simpletons, through the dimness into the pitch blackness, sans torches or lamps, thinking all the while that they are fully in control.

Sweden here we come, thank God.

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