Saturday, June 23, 2012

An Open Letter to Senator Chuck Schumer

An Open Letter to Senator Chuck Schumer on his unrelated email to me as he did to many of you. Before I begin: 
        A solution to the 31 million job losses since 1980, is very simple thing to create and it is not just because of my gifts, it is a thing anyone with an ounce of common sense might conclude. Please read this link. I will sign anything you send me that will help those who are less fortunate than I. Having said that concerning his email to me below, I now add that in my family's history of promoting Christian views of compassion, as displayed in FDR's  Progressive legacy, I am now forced me to make a very difficult decision: I will neither be supporting nor advocating Mr. Barack Obama for any office, especially not for the presidency. I will vote third Party in 2012, because I do not believe his opponent is of much value either.
         Obama has betrayed all who voted for him, he has made a mockery of the Constitution and Bill or Rights and is not someone whom I even like at this point. I firmly believe that his anti-Christian, attacks upon my church, his callous murderous attitude, his support of near zero interest earned on savings, which have ripped income from the middle class, and his allowing the Oil industry to drain  them, together with his covert attempts to destroy Social Security and Medicare, as well as his ignoring the use of the 14th Amendment, 4th article, is beyond hypocrisy. I now believe him to be a psychotic, sociopath, a man who orders murders but has never served his nation in arms. People who have not done so should not be allowed to hold public office.  What bothers me most about what I think he is and what I thought he was before his election, at which point after I found several of his comments including that he would "probably" rehire Blackwater, was a concern, but what choice had we? Had McCain taken on a legitimate VP, I might have changed my mind, but even that is doubtful. This time I will not settle, I will vote third party.
        Now, he is going to send us an Orwellian gift of 30,000 drones spying upon us? It all smells too much of George Orwell's, Nineteen Eighty Four. Too many things which some call “coincidence”, are occurring. Coincidence is a thing in which neither any of my heroes, such as Albert Einstein, nor I believe. Crushing the middle classes, seems the goal of this administration. Maybe the goal is even worse than that. I am afraid fascism has taken hold here with a willing congress, senate and president, no matter who he is.
        I have always respected you, but I will vote now for any third party candidate who appears to believe in MY God, and who works to indict the bankers and brokers, the builders and appraisers who knowingly set a trap for unqualified home buyers. I will only vote now, for someone which I believe will go go after the conspiratorial Tea Party under the Rico Act. By my research they are highly qualified to charged with such Conspiracy and Racketeering, and treason, but not one of the senate seem to want to report this glaring truth to the AG or the FBI. 
        Do none have the courage to do what is right? "The New World Order" is a concept out of the mouth of Adolph Hitler, out of the Mind of Satan, through the intervention of Cheney, who may be another Anti-Christ. The Cheney, Paul Ryan, Obama, philosophy is a Satanic vision of America, with a throw-away working class, and 250 million souls wiped out in the process, mostly through lack of income, lack of health care, and the remainder who will be forced into civil war or eradicated ala death camps/concentration camps.
In 1974, I had a nightmarish dream that has stayed fresh in my mind. A dream in which bumper - to -  bumper, Nazi tanks were rolling down my street and everywhere where people who survived drones, lack of food, water and medical care, still  remained. Following that, America became poisonous landscape peopled by sickly, slave labor, a nation of prisons, mercenary bounty hunters, and toxic air, water and land, encompassing a series of manufacturing states, while the self-appointed "elite" moved to South America, Dubai and places where the toxic manufacturing by-products will not effect them.
        While most of the enlightened, free world, maintains cradle to grave healthcare and free college for students, here, in the once “home of the brave and land of the free", those we elected sit by an do nothing, and  the students, our children, are bled to financial ruin while they are still matriculating. Obama's signing of the threatening NDAA, and his filthy Executive Order The National Defense Resources Preparedness Act, sets him apart as an evil being, and no American. Further I think the same of any who voted for it. His mad desires to ruin the lives of Americans and his zeal for torture makes him a sheer, despicable, craven Coward. He is no better and maybe worse than his opponents.  Professor Peter Bagnolo. Former Democrat, now Independent

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