Friday, April 13, 2012

Is God Really Ticked-off? Read This!

Is God Really Ticked-off? Read This!

There is no doubt in my mind that HE is, however, if you prefer a less theological reason for this article, as an architect, I can give you one, Re:
The Earth is an architectural structure. It has "Load bearing Beams and walls" connecting structural/infrastructural stone foundations, and a maze of myriad stone, oil, gold, silver, mineral and lava beams, pools, lakes, rivers, caverns and other enclosures most of which hold it together.

Never – the - less, it has a certain degree of flexibility. However, humans have been removing parts of its supportive; roughly pillar – like, rock for centuries thus depleting much of the structural integrity (Though indeed much of the “supportive, roughly pillar – like, rock” are not Roman or Greek in design, most of them instead are twisted and gnarly). Many of the walls separate underground lakes, rivers and other deposits, mineral and otherwise. When some of those partitions are broken things mix and overflow, some of those things once mixed with other create major toxic spills into water supplies, partitioning walls and more.

Now, if you removed the structural Load bearing, supporting, architectural load bearing beams and other solidity fastening elements, which are the holding strength of any building, the result would be similar, remove enough of it and you will have an eventual collapse. Trauma begets inflammation, and inflammation begets eventual destruction. Rock and the other components of the solidity of the Earth do not become inflamed, but removal of many structural assets, places a growing strain upon what load bearing structures remain and eventually, on this planet that will result in degeneration of solidity, quickening earth quakes, volcanic eruptions, sink holes, floods, Tsunamis and other such phenomenon, ending in cracking and decimation of the entire structure of the planet. With all the loss of structural integrity any structure will feel the stress of a loss of back-up support and in so doing, even such a huge creation as a planet will weaken and crash, and what a crash it will be, as the network becomes drained of its solidity.

I do not think the world will end with angels attacking, it will end through the now quickening process of humans attacking the infrastructure of the planet, stupid, greedy bastards, whose souls will wither during the coming end of their reign.

However, let me make one thing perfectly clear, I am begging the Almighty to send down those legions of Angels, because I WANT to see a New Passover. I want to see all of those who have harmed so many, facing the Almighty! Especially those who hate the things God has created, those who devastate, destroy the earth, creatures, waters, land and air, through Fraking, pesticides, herbicides, solvents, murderous pharmaceuticals-(Makers of Legalized Addictive, suicidal drugs) ,  illegal drugs, cheap poisonous foods, clothing and more, and do so out of vile avarice, for the sake of their pernicious, evil, their invasive, all coveting, greed.

God has written somewhere the names of some of those whose faces I should place on my painting. Every now and then when I am praying, I get an insite, and most of them are people which I have never heard of before. You know what I mean about my painting. I have painted their portraits into Michelangelo's Last Judgement. Oh, and the vast majority of a political group in our House of Representatives, whose disrespectful use of the name of early American Rebels, their fate is assured, and it is not at all a pretty end. But the worst ending is being saved for The members of three organizations, whose evil leader makes Adolph Hitler, their spiritual father who is worshipped by a long lived, demoniac, who is the sign of the Beast.

Keep my comparison in mind as you read the intriguing article which URL is below. However, I have no non-theological, constructural explanation for what is happening on the SUN. That is scary! Keep my comparison in mind as you read this intriguing article. However, I have no non-theological, constructional explanation for what is happening on the SUN. other than it is 4 billion to 15 - 20 billion years old, which is a lonnnnnnnng time for any self-fed furnace to run, wouldn't you think? Aside from that, apply the title of this review of the article lead to by the aforementioned URL below.


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