Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Taking Back 31 Million Jobs Now!

Taking Back 31 Million Jobs Now!

This Christmas weekend I made a vow to gain back the 31 million jobs lost by American workers since 1984.
After watching/hearing speeches of JFK, FDR and Senator Bernie Sanders Amazing Speech DEC 02 2010 we have begun a campaign to call all 50 Senators and the president to pass a bill and a Constitutional Amendment. Below please see both. We are beginning by calling all 50 US  Senators twice before the 2012 election as well as the final candidates for the presidency as well as our own congresspeople. Will you please join us?

The Bill:
Place Excise Taxes on all jobs which are outsourced both by America Companies as well upon any and all contractors which outsource for some America Companies including companies in nearby offshore sites which falsely claim that their goods are made in USA. This bill will also require American companies which hire workers in these offshore and overseas places to pay, in addition to these taxes, all laborers hired will be paid at least the current American a minimum wage as well.

The bill will also raise the minimum wage to $17.50 per hour In the USA and for those companies who layoff workers as a result of the new minimum wage, they will be charged with conspiracy, interfering  with and attempting to disrupt the American Market place, the economy and the balance of profit and income for all, thus creating class discrimination, price fixing, doing harm to the people of this nation thus weakening said nation therefore making it vulnerable to attack by  encouraging its enemies and conspiring to commit economic terrorism against the American workers and their families thus these conspirators will be in violation of the Patriot Act and the Racketeering law under the Ricco Act .

Most American investors know that any compensation package for CEO’s, which exceeds 25 times that of their average employee, a figure standardized after WWII and still valid in Sweden. Further compensation above that figure is, in essence, considered by most players and long term investors to be stealing from those investors by the anti-Christian practice of greed by Wall Street economic terrorists/criminals. These economic terrorists/criminals, have been up to now, for the far greater part,  protected from paying for their crimes against the nation and its people by politicians as greedy as those they are protecting. That is because most federal elected officials benefit from insider trading alerts and that is how people making a seeming moderate income retire from congress as multi-millionaires.

The policies and secret regulations of many corporate boards of directors are also considered by many to be a violation of the anti-Racketeering conspiratorial practices as defined by the RICCO ACT. Those boards often hire as director’s people dedicated to a predatory activity of serving the needs not of the investors, but the executives who in conspiracy are trading opportunities to drastically raise their incomes of such executives to criminal economic heights as one hands washes the other. This has caused CEO compensation to grow from that of 25 times the average employee compensation in 1945, to 500-1100 times that figure by the late 1990’s to now as much as thousands to tens of thousands of times average employee compensation.

The Constitutional Amendments
1)- One which denies to corporations the ranking of people hood.
2)- There is no logic to increasing a percentage of a corporate executive’s income. Percentage allows executive pay to increase in accordance with the success of the company and in harmony with that of workers and protects investors.

Therefore, Executive compensation packages should be reverted to and fixed at 25 times the rate of the company’s average US Citizen employee.
Write me to join this fight. My email address can be found on my website. All who know that site are welcome.

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