Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Review of Two and A Half Men OMG!/Oh My Gosh

Review of Two and A Half Men OMG!/OH MY Gosh

What a Gigantic Bomb! Don’t even waste your time. This show was the depth of the bitterness, of some deranged and depraved minds, a pigsty of disgusting, sick, Mean Spirited, vengeful, small mindedness.

The disrespect shown Sheen’s Character was a cover for what those who shot him down apparently wished upon the living Charlie Sheen.

We can now easily see what kind of abusive behavior Charlie had to deal with while he worked for CBS/Warner.

The creator of this show just shot himself not only in the foot, but he shoved a shotgun down the mouth of the entire remainder of the show. Ethically, it is a dead-show-walking. It is also the last episode I will watch, and I never missed one before.

Sheen in his comments at the start of his Roast had risen above the fray to wish his former colleagues good luck and so forth.

I am not even going to give you examples of the dialog or scenarios, as that it would be like showing you the residue of the sewage beneath, like honoring a sinkhole of biosolids, Bacterial Coliform, animal and human waste, septic fields.

I now understand Charlie’s anger and allegedly, he is not the only actor who experienced abuse at the hands of Charlie’s enemy. Rosanne Barr allegedly indicated that she too was the victim of abuse under that same “Producer,” and so have several others.

This is meant as no insult to Ashton Kutcher, but if Two and a Half Men, sans Sheen, continues it’s unethical rant against Sheen indirectly through his character, and it survives even this half season, I will not again vote for Obama. Oh, wait, I am not again going to vote for him anyway! Yea!

Some say the show drew 28 million viewers. Was the audience a mix of the curious and Over exuberant Sheen and Soup Nazi male hating Uber-Anti-womanizing, Feminist extremists, or a group of critics? Well, will the anti-Sheen crowd keep it afloat? Don't know yet, but I doubt it.

However, it is no surprise to me prove that a nation which drops Charlie and elected G W Bush and Obama as presidents and sends a group of fascists into congress and the Governor’s house in several Mid-western states and obviously some Southern and Northwestern states and their legislators, that they hold much in common with Germany in the 1920’s -1940’s, and have as little common sense or intelligence as a dried avocado skin.

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