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Sixty-Six years after America led by FDR defeated the fascism/Nazi Mass murderers, whose genocide policies exceeded any in world history, fascism rears its ugly head again led by many of the same forces, a combination of people filled with envy, avarice, racist underpinnings, which hatred of the working classes, unions, minorities, Jews, Catholics, Liberals, Progressives, the elderly, Professors, the well educated, the highly intelligent- (who are hated because they can see through the false front of “debt/deficit” fraud.) The fascist-like congressmen and governor's hit-list of those above which they are trying to drive into bankruptcy is far too much like Adolph Hitler's own list of "enemies" for coincidence. 

Basically these fascist-like domestic terrorists are trying to terrorize the elderly, the weak and the poor and sick people,. In essence they hate and envy virtually everyone.

They call Social Security and Medicare Socialist programs because everyone has to support and invest in them. They ignore the reality that humans are Social animals and that they all, if they have any intellect working at all, know that they benefit from those investments, and share them, like: Road building, fire departments, police departments, water purification, schools, libraries, hospitals, the army, air force, marines, navy, coast guard, national guard and many other such vital systems.

Fascists want those systems but they want a surf/royalty economic system in which there is a small self-appointed elite (about 4% of the population), which keeps a large personal/dictatorial state militia, of mercenaries (The Prime reason companies like Blackwater were funded by Bush). To accomplish their goal, they would follow Hitler’s plan of world domination and population reduction.

The entirety of the debt is the constant wars, at the rate of $1 trillion dollars a year. In 2001 we predicted that the debt would exceed $19.3 trillion by 2011 and would send the market into a crash from the DOW high of 14,198 in November of 2000 to 7500 by October 15th of 2008 and down to 6400 by February/March of 2009. 

In my estimate of that era Bush would blow the Clinton $5.9 Trillion Surplus by giving pals No-Bid contracts instead of heeding the advice of Secretary of the Treasury Paul O’Neil and FED chair Alan Greenspan’s plan to place $3.9 Trillion into Social Security. By that action it is certainly easy to see that the Right wanted to bust Social Security as far back as their desire to attack Iraq and steal the oil, long before the 2000 election. One fine clue is that prior to their first No-Bid billion-dollar contract from Bush, Blackwater had never grossed more than $100,000.

The deficit has neither anything to do with Social Security or Medicare which are funded through contributions by workers and corporations, but which growth is dependent upon a number of factors. One, which is overlooked, is that many employers cheat in an effort to place the entire investment upon employees by offering those employees lower gross salaries from the very beginning of their employment. That is hard to get away with when dealing with a union. Moreover, the near zero interest earned on savings is another way of draining the working classes so they cannot profit from their savings, and diminishing the interest earned by Social Security and personal savings.

Back to employers cheating on Social Security; this means that the employees are paying the entire 12.4% from their salaries to Social Security taxes. They do not see the lower starting salary on their pay stubs, they see only see a 6.2% tax on their salary, but the truth is that their salaries would be higher if their employers did not cheat them of the other 6.2% to Social Security. Truth is that some corporations actually reduce salaries further to cover their own Social Security. In that case employees are paying for their own, as well as the Social Security of their employers.

The Right tells many of its not very bright followers that all pensions for teachers and professors, as well as Social Security and Medicare, are “entitlements” to which teachers and professors in Illinois and elsewhere didn’t even contribute to fund, which is a malignant, malicious, slandering, canard, by the Right.

The reality is that the current fascist conspiracy is painting targets on the backs of all public workers, all retirees and unions, just as did Hitler and yet only those of us who have lived through and studied fascism are calling a spade a spade. However, of late I am thinking that the fascist influences, whether they are smart enough to realize it or not, are, by wanting to do away with unions, pensions, health care, Social Security, Medicare, are in essence sounding increasingly like genocide-mongers of Hitler’s day. Back then, they sent those they wanted to wipe out; the invalids, the slow, intellectually challenged, those crippled (whether they were veterans or not), Jews, Catholics, blacks, union workers, etc. to Concentration death camps such as Treblinka, Auschwitz-Birkenau, Dachau, Chelmno, Sobibor, Belzek and Majdanek. Once there the Nazi's told their prisoners that the people they were going to be showered and disinfected. But the men, women, children and elderly were instead slaughtered, sprayed with neurotoxic pesticides similar to the carcinogenic pesticides/herbicides, the ignorant spread on their lawns.
Today the intellectually challenged "Tea Party" who show themselves to be allergic to truth, appear to want to follow the lead of Malthus, Margaret Sanger, Ayn Rand, the Bilderbergs and Hitler and butcher 90% of the world Population that was the goal of Hitler’s New World Order and the essence between the lines of Mein Kampf. They have wet dreams about world consisting of a handful of self-appointed “Elite-Royalty” a few million mercenaries to protect them and a few tens of million unpaid workers, (most of which would be sterilized) to make the things the “elite” crave.

The wiping out of the population would occur in several stages. First by being rid of lifelines like pensions, Medicare, Social Security unions, and by outsourcing labor, people will die younger by disease and starvation/undernourishment. More then will be pesticide sprayed to death under the guise of spraying for mosquitoes, and spraying poisons into the water, and food supplies, using inoculations to maim and kill, allowing natural disasters like Katrina to go without resolution and devaluing the dollar, thus making even the upper middle classes bankrupt. 

By destroying the power of PI and wrongful death lawsuits, and passing laws to protect incompetent protect doctors and drug companies from such suites, they make transparent their plan never to prosecute such monsters.

Carefully woven into place was Bush Sr. plan of limiting cash withdrawals to under $10k per day to trap cash so that when they devalue it bankrupting most people and then after confiscation of remaining cash, if some were successful in withdrawing their cash and sequestering it away, it could be reevaluated along with the money of the rich and that would not do for the greedy which covet even the little the lesser estates possesses. 

They thought this would be easier than creating a new currency because establishing it world wide would take too long. Also the Patriot Act and Military Commissions Act of 2006 would make anyone who protested strongly enough a Terrorist who could simply be assassinated as was bin Laden.

Outsourcing jobs created almost 30 million Americans unemployed or underemployed. Notice that this president merely ignored the price of gasoline/oil never once mentioning it until a few weeks ago when he was push for an answer. Likewise he never mentions that the outsourcing of jobs is simple to fix, simply tax the blazes out the outsourcing corporations and their contractors, union scale plus 15% for each job lost.

Obama is not as stupid as he looks or sounds, he is simply far more devious than he looks or sounds. He may be smarter than Bush, but he is just as evil, and maybe more so. To those who have the educational and intellectual resources, this is all too, too, transparent, but to those whose brains don’t function well, these ideas are “Conspiracy Theories”. The phrase “Conspiracy Theory” is a dead giveaway to a person of little to no education in classical prescient reality of connecting the dots or reading between the lines. A Quick analytical mind allows those with education and intellect to see and know things others were neither trained to do, or even if trained, lack the gift of perception. 

Seeing through the plans of others is a gift, which the vast majority of humans lack. That is why some people are far better at games like chess, or Kriegspiel (German for war game) is a chess variant invented by Henry Michael Temple in 1899[1] and based upon the original Kriegsspiel developed by Georg von Rassewitz in 1812) and stock market investing, at profiling, at almost any intellectual endeavor.

At the end of the planning by the self-appointed “elite” (who are among the most inbred, incompetent people on the planet) because of their inherited money and their inbred mental deficiencies not with standing, they have the advantage, just as they did in Nazi Germany they throughout the period between WW I and WW II.

However, this time around things are a bit different. Back then in the midst of the Depression, people were tough and hard working. They had little to nothing, but were ambitious and willing to work. 

Nowadays, bloated with materialism, ringtone chasing, shopping mall addicted, self-centered, narcissistic, selfishness, there are few with the drive, toughness and moral courage to succeed as did those less educated, humble yet the salt of the earth individuals thus the chances among the rich to produce another prophet like FDR and Winston Churchill are slim to none. Moreover, moral courage, trustworthiness, integrity, immunity to being bought/bribed, a self-sacrificing nature and sense of true justice is among the rarest commodities on the planet.

Simply put, “Tea Party” BS, whether they are bright enough to know it or not, they are displaying themselves to the world as appearing to be the stepchildren of the Third Reich.

Just to prove in simple language how foolish they are and how much the hate the enlightened, I will pose a simplicity. If the fascists get everything they desire, breaking the unions, pensions, Social Security, Medicare, laying-off millions of public workers, diminishing the incomes of 125 million workers, who will have any discretionary spending money to buy goods and services? There will be such a disastrous Depression that two thirds of the world population will simply die off of starvation, disease, and revolution and how will that solve the debt problem?

“But Wait, there is more,” that last paragraph IS their goal, their conspiracy. So, go ahead now Conspiracy Theory Callers, can now take their pea brains, those little heads, which have all the diameter/circumference and content of a ping pong ball, call this a “Conspiracy Theory” and display your IQ of less than that of a dried out avocado for all the world to see.

PS: There is however one thought that I cannot shake and here it is: I can understand the greedy, selfish, among the rich coveting every penny the middle and upper middle class possesses, though that greed, that avarice, according to Jesus is enough to put them into Hell for all eternity.

But who in creation are the spiteful fools which though not rich, in fact, among are lower middle to lower class, who are supporting an end to Social Security, Medicare, pensions, unions? Are they cutting off their own noses to spite their own faces, a sure sign of mental deficiency? I think not, I think they are people who have always been unemployed either because they are without skills of any sort, or are just lazy and have nothing and are simply bound straight for Hell because of their massive ENVY, a thing God hates as much as He hates avarice.

NOTES: What exactly IS fascism?

1)- An authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization

2)- (in general use) Extreme right-wing, authoritarian, or intolerant views or practice.

• Open terrorist rule by the most reactionary, militarist, chauvinistic section of big capital. It is a form of government sometimes chosen by capitalists, not a different economic system. More

• A political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.

A political concept, in which the state is considered paramount, and individual freedoms and human rights are of minor importance.

• A political system that emphasizes extreme nationalism (and often, racism), as well as conformity of opinion. A fascist country is usually governed by a totalitarian dictatorship, and terror tactics are used to silence dissenters.

• (Fascist) Fascists subscribed to a philosophy of governmental dictatorship that merges the interests of the state, armed forces, and big business. Fascism was associated with the dictatorship of Italian leader Benito Mussolini between 1922 and 1943 and also often applied to Nazi Germany.

• A social and political ideology with the primary guiding principle that the state or nation is the highest priority, rather than personal or individual freedoms.

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