Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I have several suggestions for the President and congress.  

STEP 1 Energy is expended 24/7/365 in homes and businesses and only a few hours a day in autos. We need to jump start the new construction and remodeling markets and put people to work. More workers, more investments and expenditures, more tax dollars, will create a better economy for all.  

STEP 2 Therefore why not create a Federal Bill requiring all new construction to consist of 8” walls instead of the current 3/3/4” and inside of those 8” walls, instead of the current R-13/R-17 insulation in walls and R-20 in ceilings, mandate using R-30 in walls and R-50-R-65 in ceilings. This will create huge energy savings. In addition, mandate grants/tax credits to buyers for that and for Geothermal HVAC, along with metal roof combinations.

These improvements would reduce oil-based power by a considerable percentage over the years and would virtually eliminate power costs for those using them. In fact, most Electric companies pay those with such systems in place for their creation of excess electrical surplus/credits. Create additional Tax credits to buyers for remodeling older homes coming as close as possible to those energy savers shown above and be rid of the wasteful use of Forced Air HVAC. Combine that with grants/tax credits for refitting to new the HVAC systems above and the use of SpacePacs AC in older buildings and the economy will be off and running.

My plan to pass the bill mandating R-30 Insulation in walls and R-50-R-65 in ceilings and combinations of Geothermal/Solar Shingles HVAC plus is needed additional areas covered by metal roofs in new construction and remodeling and offering tax credits and other financial incentives, would create millions of Jobs, and taxing Outsourcing Union scale Plus 15% would produce large incomes, and between 7.5- to 11 million new jobs for the middle and lower classes. Energy is expended 24/7/365 in homes and businesses and only a few hours a day in autos. We need to jump start the housing and remodeling markets and put people to work. More workers, more investments and expenditures, more tax dollars, a better economy for all. To most politicians spending is only unaffordable when the money is for the Middle and lower classes; it is always affordable when the money is going to the already rich or for wars.

Giving the “Bail-Out to the wealthy is like throwing the drowning poor and middle class, anchors, by diminishing their markets. The war has cost us $19.3 Trillion and the Health care plan $845 Billion, which would you rather have? The solution? End the wars and put 1/3rd of that money into Medicare and Social Security and we will save $9.4 trillion. These ideas are equivalent to dam building in the 1930’s, which brought electricity to the 97% of rural homes, which at that time had none.  

STEP 3 Tax outsourcing corporations union scale plus 15% for each job sent off shore, including a retroactive Windfall Profits Tax. This time around, why not bail out the working families, which have a net worth of under $450,000? If we grant these people about $25,000 each, they would spend or invest it and that would heat-up the economy.

I said give not lend. Right now middle to lower class families is receiving almost no interest income on their savings. The total would be less than $1 trillion  

STEP 4 Follow that up by giving those with gross net worth of under $750,000, $25,000. Combine the loans and grants with tax credits and other grants as shown below. These things plus that shown below will pump hundreds of billions into the marketplace solidifying many jobs and creating new ones. People would spend or invest that money and it would stimulate the economy.

One condition is that aside from paying off debts, the money cannot be used to place themselves in debt themselves s further by buying luxuries and using the money as a down payment.  

STEP 5 Raise interest rates. Raising interest rates on savings would unlock trillions in cash to all market places. It would allow those who have savings to utilize interest earned to buy and invest. A soaring interest rate would far less effect on building construction or big-ticket sales than healthy interest rates on savings. It is said that there is more than $5 trillion in savings, earning little interest. Some people have withdrawn hundreds of thousands of dollars from banks, put the money into auction shopping for art and jewelry overseas. Higher interest rates on savings combined with the above would have the market booming before the 2012 elections.

STEP 6 Create a State Operated and owned Bank such as the Bank of North Dakota which has had none of the problems of the rest of the economy. Do so in every state in the union! See This URL for Further Information.

Think of the trillions thrown away and the myriad lives wasted on ludicrous wars now twice as long as WW II, the expenditure of $1 million per day per man at arms plus support, armament and ordinance, for 150,000 troops, comes to about $1.8 trillion a year and in a short time America would be well on the road to recovery. That is twice what a Medicare addition of the entire population would cost over ten years and still more than Medicare would cost if the entire population were added to it for the next 20 years. How many students would that educate? It would educate all of the students now living in the USA, through college and graduate school at Harvard or Princeton. These changes would become a beacon for the world. Money doing good instead of evil, ala Teddy and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, what a novel idea. Jimmy Carter once capped oil at $8-$10 a gallon and hit the profiteering oil companies with a Windfall Profits tax. That was the best idea since the invention of the Banana Split.

FDR in his 13 years as president carried out more, by leaps and bounds, of the Philosophies of the man Jesus and the Sermon on The Mount than any national leader in the history of Planet Earth. The rest of the national or world leaders took various turns doing various kinds and degrees of evil. Try doing some good for the world for a change Mr. President and congress. All of us, both black and white, who voted for the present President, wanted a Big Change. What we got was probably a about what we would have gotten from McCain. These architectural and energy saving ideas to create virtual energy free homes would strongly reduce the import of oil and would eventually drop energy use to a virtual Zero. They would also result in millions of new jobs.

The President of the AFL-CIO Richard Trumka offers a prophetic view, one of which Jesus might be proud, in saying, "The best way to fix the deficit is to create 10 million jobs now — the number of jobs needed to close our jobs deficit. This will require large amounts of public investment in the short term, which should be paid for in future years by taxing Wall Street. In addition to creating jobs for Main Street this tax will also curb short-term speculation and other Wall Street abuses that caused this recession."

Instead of the above, so far, TV shows and politicians are presenting as experts the self-same people who did not see this coming and who are responsible for the current mess.

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