Friday, May 6, 2011

"You tell them I am Coming and all Hell is following after me." Wyatt Earp

  • We are now in the shadow, the wake of the Resurrection. People all over the world are now suffering because Jesus was ignored and because humans continue to assault, the earth, water and air and each other. There are several consequences to this idiocy: Continuous rebellion by the very planet its self, as we have witnessed this last few years; Tsunami, earth quakes, floods, hurricanes, tornado's etc. 

    I am an architect/artist and an anthropologist by education with undergraduate & graduate degrees in all three and more, including Ford Foundation Fellowships in all of my majors. It is from that education that I post these realities. Gravity seems to be the force holding the structures together, they and Dark Matter and Dark Energy seem to be the support systems which allow a creation like our universe to exist seemingly dangling without visible supports and yet all of the structures we can see within the universe have architecturally engineered supports similar to those I discuss here.  (PS: Isn't it odd that atheists only believe in what they can see and feel, yet they believe in invisible Dark Matter and Dark Energy?)

    Almost all structures in our universe have similar construction whether planets or buildings. They are constructed with supports or else they would collapse upon themselves. If you remove Post and Lintel, or columns, or Trusses from an ancient building, it would collapse. If you remove weight baring steel and concrete columns from modern buildings they will collapse by their own weight   The Earth is constructed of rock and metals and heavy liquids. If you have ever done deep cave observation, you can see the rock construction which allows the caves to exist, take it away and it collapses.   

    For generations humans have been removing metals, minerals, oil, stone and more from the earth, but never so deep nor as often and in such great quantity as the last 60 years. Now, the earth is beginning to react to the burden since much of its infrastructure is crumbling from the removal of its trusses, post and lintel's, columns and other weight baring support systems. It can only get worse because Corporations will never stop removing the structural supports because they are too greedy and there are too many consumers to support. Thus whether the governments destroy populations ala genocide, or the planet will.  

    It is my opinion that by natural causes or the massive interferences of warring nations Humankind will make itself extinct and that extinction will not be made with the Blessings of the Creator. Look around your world. Look at world leaders of most nations. Burn the images of their faces into your mind because after you have tread life's pathways, after you have lived the number of lives The Creator has set for you, you will still remember those faces, though you will never see them again in person, you will see them again when you reach that place of calm, peace and love, your Shangri-La, you will see them watching you, hating you from Hell and that is the last time you will ever see them, but they will see what they have lost for power, greed and genocide. 

    They have done what they have done for short term wealth and power here, while before them FDR did what he did for the good of you the people.   Very few politicians, very few of those who call themselves religious leaders will be with you, they will be those in Hell watching you. 

    Recall what Dante' said, "There are more Red hats in Hell, than you can ever imagine..."

    Click on the above image to enlarge and take you to the gallery site showing a much larger painting of Hell.
    CREATION SERIES: HELL AWAITS: The Creator of the Universe Constructs Hell, the Place for those Vile, Avarice/Greed addicted Corporate Mass Murderers, who plot to reduce Earth's Population by 92% through wars, the spreading of toxins, poisoned Medications food, and water and Mass Spraying, all the things I mention above.

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