Monday, November 29, 2010


Shades Of George Orwell/Eric Arthur Blair (25 June 1903 – 21 January 1950)!

They got us in the midst of our lives. There is only one reason for their attempts at trying to keep us at home. When they begin the kill-off of 90+% of Americans, which began during Katrina, they saw how easy it could be. If there is a life threatening disaster, do nothing. if there is no disaster create one. This is the plot into which Bilderberg's and Little Boys Billionaires clubs have committed billions, they want everyone to be where they can fall into the killing fields. It will come with plagues right out of a box and planned, American made "terrorist" attacks, endless wars and a draft. Or if they keep enough people homeless, insurance - less, and broke, everyone will join their Judas plan to start the kill-offs and your doctor will be one of them! Allowing legalized addictive drug companies to advertise was a telling early step. The plan. drain the wealth of 90+% of the citizens and kill them off.
They saw how easily, most neurotics/hypochondriacs were convinced to ask their doctors if these killing wrecking drugs were "right for you," and thereby made doctors their pimps/pushers. Americans took to the drugs and that gave the self-declared “Elitists” the increased power, confidence and motivation to lop off 95% of human beings, while God watched.
They saw how easy it was to convince people that silly diseases exist as grave threats to their lives and welfare, (when in reality they are nothing more than mere human annoyances) and they convince people that the drugs are worth the gamble to take drugs that could maim, deform or kill them. The attempts to pass laws to block PI and Wrongful Death claims against doctors, hospitals and drug companies and the spread of pesticide spraying will allow them to poison you daily as they are doing in many cities and towns. These are the signs of the beginning of the end.
Forcing people out of work, making their insurance too expensive, makes cannon fodder of all who enter the military because there is not other work available. Bankrupting almost everyone and stealing the Treasury dry as did Bush and their “Contractors” and Mercenaries is the way of making them all wealthy enough to make it through the World DePopulation Program
They came to this conclusion because it is becoming impossible for the planet to feed, employ and care for six billion people, so they decided, both parties give or take a few who they will conveniently bump-off, to frame and otherwise destroy, in small to larger parts, genocide di' Homo sapiens sapiens, excluding themselves of course. They are not bothering to even save the best and the brightest because so delusional are they that they believe themselves to be the best and the brightest

Their "medicines" will become increasingly toxic, addictive and mind deconstructive, as will the water supplies and the air we breath. Special drugs to ward off the poisons will be available only for "leaders" and doctors who are now a part of this Hitler/Sanger inspired plot. They want the planet "pure" again; those who wrecked it want it pure again.
They passed a eminent domain act that allows for a richer person to claim and develop over your home and land so the taxes will be greater, a step toward making more and more people homeless and physically, mentally stressed out.

They have people convinced that putting their small children on drugs for behavior is a “good thing” to do, and they will destroy those children with those drugs as everyone avoids their parenting to earn more money, deserts their loved ones for the Unholy Grail of Wealth, blessed wealth. When their plans have shown success it will embolden them and they will poison the water supplies with poisons which diminish rapidly, so they can be renewed, once they have ensured their own private water supplies. That is what they and the oil companies have done with the $19.3 trillion debt they stole from you. And this president, a Democrat is one of them. He has said not one word about the draining price of gasoline, while in Venezuela gas sells at the pump for Twelve cents per gallon ($00.12 per gallon) and sold for five cents per gallon ($00.05 a gallon) in Iraq. They destroyed Iraq to jack up the price of oil, knowing that most people are too stressed out to question their motives and the real cost of oil which is after refining and delivery remains, because of automation 2.3 - 3 cents a gallon ($00.02 - $00.03 a gallon including delivery.

The second shoe of the Depleted Dollar Economy finally will collapse again and the banks will close and the FDIC will have no cash to give you. You will be broke and poor, unless you have billions in savings.

My friends run, run to smaller, smarter nations, to places far from the center of this planet, conceived by Satanic politicians and Billionaires, they want YOU ALL DEAD! The higher population density cities will go first, then the next highest, with the rural and forested areas last to go.

They have slowly, beginning with HGW Bush, passed laws to pin your cash to banks so you could not take it out quickly without being suspected of terrorism or drug dealing, and with most of you still believing that the Gov will guarantee your accounts against losses. They lie; the TREASURY is BROKE! There is no money to even guarantee you each a stick of gum!

Pull your money and hide it, of course they may also change the currency or simply create inflation as they always do to diminish your wealth, or do away with it and steal your valuables.

The wars and rebellions described by HG Wells and George Orwell will become reality, as will the words of Harlan Ellison, Robert A. Heinlein, Huxley, Vonnegut and Burgess and the prophetic books that served as entertainment but which were really warnings and the one most missed was a short speech by President, general Dwight D. Eisenhower, “Beware the Military Industrial Complex.” Reread Nineteen Eighty-four, A Clockwork Orange, Slaughterhouse-Five, Fahrenheit 451, Brave New World. Worse still forget it and let your Pusher/Pimp criminal physician lull you into drug hell. Or move to another world, Down Under, Italy, Russia, but alas, Sweden, eventually no place will be safe and you’ll need money which the USA is ready to devalue so a few millions won’t even buy you a good pizza.

That is what your family won if they were so trivial, so greedy, and so needy, in the eyes of The Bush, Cheney/Obama crowd, Bilderbergs and Little Boys Billionaires Club.

It is all but over and everyone you ever trusted will be a part of the treason, until his or her turn to become the hunted is at hand.

The escape? Oh, I know the escape but we cannot take it yet, we have too many unwilling people to save and protect and I have been assured that this horror which will never go away is the plot to kill 95+% of Humankind off, in the fatal words of GW Bush, “This is a new kind of war..." one that will, like Orwell’s war in 1984 last forever, or at least until the riff-raff are all gone, and the riff-raff are YOU!

Especially if you have an IQ above 150, are Progressive or Liberal, and are incorruptible. If you are these things you are high on their list for a Senator Paul David Wellstone & Family, or JFK Jr. airplane crash, or simply a raid on your home, a planting of drugs and having to shoot you before you can speak, or poisoning your water, or bribing your doctor and chances are his price is very low unless he is one of those rare ones who are Progressive and is actually in possession of a working conscience.

"Surely Goodness and Mercy Shall Follow Me all the days of my life,
And I shall dwell in the house of the Lord Forever"

However, first we have to endure the above...but maybe not, maybe a few of us can save the rest... some of us know how... but will we play that card? I won't, but I already have, have you? Do you know what that card is? Ask and you shall receive, sacrifice and you shall have, give and you shall gain, have compassion and you shall receive compassion, love and you shall be loved, by and for those who are dedicated to The One God, Whose name differs in every nation and religion but still remains the One Only True god, embracing all whose view is pure and without guile.
May God love and keep you all, even those among you so pompous as to deny Him.

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Professor Emeritus PETE BAGNOLO said...

And here is the best part, they think they are worthy and right, and they the worst war criminals in the history of the universe.

By denying the God that Is, they take from His hand, in their delusional minds, your lives, lives which only the Immortal Giver has the Right to create and take.