Tuesday, November 19, 2013


The Minimum wage in several nations in Europe (Norway, Denmark and Sweden) is not a law, but instead an agreement between their high minded national industries and the workers (unions) have set wages at $19.00 per hour and the government provides through tax use, complete health sans deductibles, all at no other cost as well as a college education  free of costs to all students . The elected officials, CEO's, workers and retirees of Sweden, unlike their avarice filled counterparts in the USA, all share the same health care and educational programs. The healthcare plan of the US President, Senate and many appointed White House consulting staff have the best health care on the planet, all of which is anti-constitutional. But, hell, as Bush pointed out, "What is the Constitution? It is just a piece of paper..." 
Those are the sort of comments that send people straight to Hades.

The average CEO of the top 50 Swedish companies makes $1.8 millions per year, which is about 25 times that of the average employee.That was the rate of pay in FDR's era. However, in the US the average CEO of the top 50 corporations is more than $25 million and many reach $40 - $50 million, if bonuses are included, per year, which is about 500 - 1000 times that of the average employee.

The elected officials, CEO's, workers and retirees in America DO NOT share the same health and educational plans. The cost for the workers is a hugely higher percent of their income than that of the elected officials and CEO's.

Many talented Americans who are qualified, are thinking of moving to nations like Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, etc. where workers are treated with respect and are sought after. Those considering moving with which I have spoken say they are doing so for the their children’s future and because of the hostility of many elected officials and corporations, and especially of banks and bankers and the ease at which Wall Streeter’s, bankers and war criminals steal and slaughter with impunity from Americans ands other nations and because they feel that their children will be safer and have a better, more peaceful life, just as our ancestors moved from Italy to America during the US Civil 140 years ago for the same reasons.

America is fast becoming what Germany was in the 1920's - 1940's. We have prayed for another FDR, but our prayers were not fulfilled.

I have sat on boards of directors and watched as corporations allowed boards to give incredibly high salaries and bonuses to CEO's which were not only not earned but stolen from shareholders, because boards and CEO's allow their executives to swap places sitting on each others boards their conspiratorial breaking of the RICO ACT is ignored. If it were not, most CEO's and board members would be in jail as well as fined. Fining alone for corporations and executives is a minimal and acceptable cost to them, because most of the time the corporation pays, thus the board members and executives steal from both the shareholders and employees, also with impunity. This has to stop.

The reality as shown by many studies of IQ, creativity and evidence of a working consciense, is that American CEO's are far down the list of High IQ's and/or creativity, and that working concience. There ranks ahead of them, among many others, the following: Professors, scientists, Doctors, Priests, ministers and rabbi's, Professional football coaches, the IQ and creativity of the CEO's of industries of Sweden, Denmark and Norway, professional authors, movie producers, Shakespearean actors, several frogs, and a good many avocados, my left shoehorn, several dead peony flowers, and many others.

When Jimmy Cater was president when the Gas/Oil companies attempted to raise prices from $7.00 per barrel to $25.00 per barrel, he hit them with a Windfall Profit tax and capped oil at $8.00 - $10.00 a barrel. After the election in 2008 the price of gas dropped from about $5.00 per gallon to in December 2008 to $1.44 out of fear that Obama, then newly elected, would emulate Carter.

He did nothing and the oil companies  started testing the waters by raising the prices a bit then backing down until they were certain he was really no Democrat. Once finally convinced that he was on their side, they went hog wild. Moreover, interest on savings, always the most popular and helpful source of the middle class discretionary income has been intentionally dried up, and is allowing the bankers to keep that $350 - $545 billions a year, in addition to the $850 billions a month the FED is giving them since Obama’s election is draining even those among the upper middle class, whose pensions (in Illinois and elsewhere) are under attack by corporations and even Democrats.)

America may soon be lost forever along with FDR’s Invention of the Middle Classs.

Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo

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